SpiralToys.com has acquired ConstructionKids.com

SpiralToys.com has acquired ConstructionKids.com and we couldn’t be more excited!

The website that was home to the Construction Kids engineering and STEM program lands a new home with STEM toy and education website, SpiralToys.com to continue pushing young engineering education forward.

Founded in 2009, Construction Kids believed that children were born to build. The program was comprised of professionals in the fields of teaching, art, engineering, woodworking, and humanities; with skills both as educators and craftsmen.

The programs were designed to, introduce materials, and teach tool usage that matches the young builders’ cognitive, physical and social development ages.

Spiral Toys hopes to continue the Construction Kids legacy by brining valuable content to parents and young readers that are interested in engineering, kid construction projects, and other STEM activities.

If you’re a parent or young reader interested in a future of engineering, we’ve compiled some great resources for you to check out below:

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Toys & Learning Devices:
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