Green Kid Crafts: A Monthly Science and Art Kids Subscription Box

The Green Kid Crafts is a sophisticated mechanism that provides children with varying science and art projects every month. Renowned institutions and thought leaders in the field recognize the Green Kid Crafts brand as one of the best subscription boxes the market can offer.

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A box of fun!

Flexible, effective, environmental-friendly, and amazing for child development; a fantastic tool that nurtures critical thinking and creativity at the same time.

This prominence and fame is a product of Green Kids Crafts’ mastery of sharing STEAM-powered activities for kids to ensure physical, mental, social, and emotional development. The innovative company’s subscription boxes have evolved into guiding forces for parents who want the best for their children. They’re particularly helpful for new parents who are still finding their way and role in their children’s early development.

The inventive Green Kid Crafts formula has won numerous awards and has been featured in a variety of prestigious publications. The Green Kid Crafts is an Academic’s Choice Brain Toy Award Winner, is a Parent Choice Foundation Parent’s Choice Recommended toy, a 2012 Totally Awesome Awards Red Tricycle Winner, a PTPA Media Parent-Tested Parent-Approved Winner, a Mom’s Choice Award winner, and Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Toys selectee.

World-famous publications like Real Simple, Redbook, Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, Forbes, Mothering, and USA Today have all featured the Green Kids Craft and its developed novelties as a premier option for parents worldwide.

The Company

Leading a seasoned team, a mom with a mission is at the helm of the company’s pursuit of its mission and vision. Founder Penny Bauder started the journey with the dream of designing creative and meaningful activities that she could enjoy with her kids.

Playing through toy set after toy set, Penny realized that the organization of many crafts seemed wasteful and time-consuming. Through her experiences as a mom, she concocted the perfect formula that combines effective STEAM learning and entertainment.

Penny knew that being a parent is no joke. So with the help of like-minded visionaries and a decorated team of reliable experts, they launched a subscription box service that helps parents worldwide find the best toys for their families.

The Green Kid Crafts Trademark: Fun, Diverse, Educational, and Ecofriendly

One of the Green Kid Crafts’ priorities is to make sure that toys are tailor-made and bespoke for every child’s needs. This prioritization is the reason why the developers behind the subscription boxes prepare two types of service for clients: a Junior Box, best for ages three to five years old, and a Discovery Box that works wonders for kids from five to ten years old.

Needless to say, as STEAM-inspired activities, the toys included in the monthly subscription boxes are genuinely entertaining and diverse. Experts carefully curate each box to balance the combination of activities, adding a touch of art and science to every package.

The Subscription Boxes all contain four to six different activities, carefully pieced together by hand by a vetted warehouse team in San Diego.

The Green Kid Crafts team is also particular about ensuring that they take necessary measures in being an eco friendly, green, and sustainable business. This advocacy follows Penny’s causes as an environmental scientist who once administered research in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box: Packages and Offers

As you place your order, the Green Kid Crafts website will take you through an easy three-step process that will help them customize their service according to your preferences. The system will have you indicate the age group the toys will cater to, the length of your subscription, and a review of the product before you checkout.

Subscription Offers

The Subscription Boxes come in two different offers that cater to different age groups. Developers particularly designed the Junior Box for children aged three to five years old while the Discovery Box that experts assembled for children five to ten years old.

The monthly packages arrive with a unique theme like weather science, botany, or other fun concepts. To guide parents every step of the way, Green Kid Crafts include a 12-paged magazine for parents to use as a resource. The team at Green Kid Crafts hopes that through the guides, parents would feel like they have a partner in discovering the unique quirks of their kids’ child development needs every step of the way.

The second step in the process gives curious customers the option to choose their subscription length from a single month for $29.95 per box, three months for $27.95 per box, six months for $26.95 per box, to a year for $24.95 per box.

The longer the subscription is, the bigger the discount for each box becomes. The Green Kid Crafts Three-Month Subscription Box is their most popular offer while the 12-month offer provides the best value. It might also be worth noting that the one-year subscription comes with a free gift.

Junior Box

Experts handpicked science and art activities for the Junior Box with particular importance on the developmental needs of three to five-year-old children. Professionals put a focus on art and science activities that enhance motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial recognition. These are essential foundations that kids need to improve as they grow and develop.

Discovery Box

The Discovery Boxes, on the other hand, have been play-tested by kids and professionals to make sure they’re fun and educational. The Discovery Box focuses on broadening kids’ imaginations and nurturing their ability to recognize cause and effect, improve their critical thinking abilities, and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

These packages take on various topics like zoology, Rainbow Science, Rainforest Science, Robotics, Insects, and a diverse selection of other subjects that will encourage curiosity and discovery.

Every toy package is carefully stored in stylish green boxes with the trademark Green Kid Crafts handprint logo.

If you prefer personally selecting packages and subjects yourself over the diverse and random nature of the subscription boxes, STEAM packs are available on the website for your inspection and reference as well.

These packs range from Junior Boxes to Discovery boxes that parents can purchase in bulk or several boxes in one transaction.

The Green Kid Crafts Bestsellers: Steam Packs for Kids of All Ages

If you prefer choosing the best STEAM-inspired toy package for your kids yourself, the Green Kid Crafts also offers science and art packs for you and your young learners. They also contain four to six science and art activities and a 12-paged magazine that help parents be part of the journey.

Developers designed the STEAM packs to help develop children’s fascination for the world around them through experiments, creative engineering, scientific exploration, and art activities! Here are some of the bestsellers in the Green Kid Crafts vault:

Volcanoes Craft Box

Green Kid Crafts offers a wide range of toy packages. However, the Volcanoes Craft Box, a STEAM package filled with activities that explore the wonders of the majestic yet enigmatic volcanoes, is the best-rated best seller.

The Volcanoes Craft Box features four different prize-winning creativity and steam science kits that your children can enjoy. The kids will have a blast with kits that include breaking their own geode open, a volcano splatter art kit, an actual DIY exploding volcano, and a crystal-making kit that will dazzle your young volcanologists.

The kit is best for children over two years as it hones critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The STEAM package perfectly captures the combination of science and art, encouraging creation, exploration, and cognitive exercise through long hours of play. The Volcanoes Craft Box is rated five stars on the Green Kid Crafts online shop and has been reviewed to be an excellent product by patrons worldwide.

Mad Science Box

Take your kids through a science adventure that will feed their curiosities and excite them for even more activities to try out. The creatives from Green Kids Craft designed the Mad Science Box to allow your kids’ imaginations to run free as they participate in educational science projects.

This box includes four fun STEAM-powered activities that highlight science and arts like fizzy lamps that introduce the concept of density to kids at a young age, sensory slime monsters for sensory learning, a magnet character that helps teach about how magnets work, and other art and science-related exercises that kids can learn about and enjoy.

The Mad Science Box will work best for children over three years old as it enriches important aspects of growth through small elaborate pieces that develop children’s mental and physical attributes.

This product is rated five stars on the Green Kid Crafts website and has been rated to be an outstanding product overall several times.

Robot Workshop Box

Robots are amazing toys for kids. It enhances playtime and learning by teaching fundamentals in engineering and science and can be an incredible art activity as well. The Robot Workshop Discovery Box features five award-winning STEM kits on science and creativity.

Your future robotics engineer will enjoy designing and creating their Artbot, a robot that can make whimsical swirls, a Magnetbot that can be taught how to navigate through mazes, a Glidebot that can fly through the air, and build habitats for the charming Hexbug Nano pets.

The Robot Workshop Box best develops children over three years old, providing them with robotics-based activities to build critical thinking, design and creation foundations, and problem-solving skills.

This STEAM-inspired product received numerous five-star reviews on the Green Kid Crafts website and is among the bestselling packages in the award-winning company.

Interesting Insects Box

Bugs are always interesting for curious kids. The different shapes and sizes they come in, from butterflies to creepy crawlies, pique the curiosities of kids around the world. The Interesting Insects Box highlights the many complex forms that bugs come in and share lessons with curious children who want to explore the world of insects.

The Interesting Insects Box excites children’s curiosities through creative activities that enrich artistry and cognitive abilities. This toy package includes fun activities like a Chromatography Butterflies Kit, a Hanging Beehive Kit, a DIY Bug Magnifying Jar Kit, a Buggy Tic-Tac-Toe Game, a Waxed Yarn Insect Sculpture Kit, and many others.

These activity kids that experts designed to bolster curiosity and creativity will introduce children to the fascinating world of insects. Several reviews and testimonies have proven that this STEAM package is among the best, rated five stars on the Green Kid Crafts website.

Dinosaur Activity Box For Kids

Studies have proven that children who develop an interest in dinosaurs grow up to have increased cognitive abilities. Enjoy dinosaur and paleontology-inspired STEAM kits with the Dinosaur Activity Box For Kids!

The Dinosaur Activity Box for Kids is a fantastic combination of five award-winning creativity and STEAM toys. Your young paleontologists will be able to enjoy renowned activities like mini dinosaur digs and reconstruction projects, create customized dinosaur habitats, learn the process of fossil development by crafting their own imprints, and hatch and nurture baby dinosaurs from DIY paper mache dino eggs.

Amazing for two-year-olds,  parents rated the Dinosaur Activity Box for Kids five stars out of five on the Green Kid Crafts website.

Conclusion: The Perfect Harmony of Art and Science

The best thing about the Green Kid Crafts subscription is the way experts combine the toys. Its theme, functions, and play mechanics are the perfect blend of creativity and thinking. The toys also give children the best of both worlds when it comes to mental and physical development, giving apt attention to hand-eye coordination and motor skills and cognitive improvement, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.

The way the toy sets are formulated is ingenious, as well. It highlights cohesive topics that will stimulate the passion of children at a young age, exciting them for exploration and discovery as they grow.

Not to mention developers designed all the toys and packages to be eco-friendly and safe, paying homage to the founder’s cause and advocacies as a green and environmental scientist.

The Green Kid Crafts Subscription service is flexible, effective, environmental-friendly, and amazing for child development; a fantastic tool that nurtures critical thinking and creativity at the same time.

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