Best Woodworking & Wood Building Kits For Kids

Engineering skills are very important when it comes to a child’s development because they can help to build skills in other subjects, including maths and science.

As well as this, if a child is able to solve engineering and technical problems in situations such as building kits, they will be able to apply these skills to real-life situations and technologies. This will help them to progress faster in life and in their careers later on.

Woodworking and wood building kits are a brilliant way of developing these skills. The motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving that’s involved with woodwork is the type of learning children need from a young age. 

We have found a variety of model kits for different ages, that will challenge them to think outside the box - and then build it.

Read on to find our selection of the best woodworking and wood building kits for kids!


Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow - DIY Kid Art Craft Outdoor Birdhouse Kit, House Painting Kit for Kids, Hardware Glue Included- 4 Paints, 1 Brush, 7 Wooden Pcs, Chain For Tree Hanging Age 5+

Recommended Age: 5 years and up

This beautifully crafted wooden kit creates a 6-inch tall bird bungalow, complete with a chain for hanging it, nails, glue, and paint pots and brush.

It comes with 7 wooden pieces for children to piece together, though they may need some help using the nails if they are as young as 5.

This project encourages brain stimulation and engineering skills, as well as creative skills and an interest in the environment and protecting nature.

Once this has been built and painted, you will be able to hang it up outside (using the metal chain) to help attract the birds in your area.

The house is easy to clean once it’s been put up too. We would definitely recommend this project if you are looking for a couple of hours of STEM stimulation and a useful finished product afterward!


  • Real-life application - The finished product from this kit has a purpose in the real world, which will provide a home for a bird family. This will teach kids more about engineering, but the environment too. 
  • Different types of woodwork skills - The kit has a mix of nailing pieces of wood together, gluing wood together, and attaching a metal chain to the wood. This variety of skills means that a child won’t get bored completing the same type of task, and they will learn more in the process. 
  • Sturdy materials - The wood is thick and will last well, especially if you build the house with the spaces between the wall and base of the house to allow for airflow and drainage of any water that may get into it.


  • No pictures in instructions - If a child as young as 5 wants to build this, they may struggle to understand all of the instructions, as there aren’t any pictures to help guide them along. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Da Vinci Model Kit - Catapult Kit for Kids, 3D Puzzle Building Toy for Boys and Girls, Wood Building Kit for Kids, A Great STEM Project, Engineering Model Kit (Amazon Exclusive)

Recommended Age: 14 years and up

With laser-cut wooden components, clear instructions, and rubber bands, this model kit is the perfect choice for your child’s latest engineering project.

It comes with three different models to build; a Bombard (cannon), a Catapult, and a Ballista (crossbow)! 

The models are completely operational, so you’ll be able to fly little projectile objects at the included targets. This allows children to practice accuracy and hand-eye coordination, as well as engineering skills.

The instructions do say that you can use wood glue if you need it to hold your construction together, but many users said that it wasn’t necessary.

You also have to be careful about which parts you glue together, as some pieces need to be free so they can fire things!

The projectiles can be fired an impressive 15 feet (and further), so make sure that there aren’t any younger children around who could eat the small parts.

Other than that, if you are looking for a wood building kit that actually works, is sturdy, and is easy to put together, then these working models are a great choice.


  • Three building sets - The choice of project is more stimulating for a child, as they can work on their engineering skills for a longer period of time, as well as choosing what they will actually enjoy making that day. Also, if you have multiple children then they will all be able to make a project. 
  • Working projectiles - These fully functional models come with projectiles to play with and targets to shoot at, so your child will have double the fun after they’ve spent time making it! 
  • Detailed instructions - Each model comes with its own detailed instructions book (so multiple children can work on the models separately), and it also comes with a book that explains Newton’s laws and other physics facts.


  • Thin materials - Some users have said that the laser-cut wood is quite thin, which means that they may be more easily snapped when your child puts them together. 


Kraftic Woodworking Building Kit for Kids and Adults with Off-Road Vehicle, Flatbed Truck and Barn Birdhouse Models

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

This brilliant set comes with three different projects for your child to complete; a car, a truck, and a house!

The kit includes 47 pieces of sanded-down and cut wood to prevent the risk of splinters, an instruction manual, screws, and a screwdriver.

All of the pieces are separated for each project so there’ll be no confusion about which bit goes where. These models are intended to hone hand-eye coordination, sharpen a child’s brain, and improve their fine motor skills.

While this kit is suitable for a child of 3 and up, some of the projects - particularly the car - may need adult assistance, especially with the screws.

The finished projects are intended to be more decorative than toys, and lots of users said that the children painted the wooden models after they were finished building them!


  • Individually wrapped kits - This reduces the risk of the different parts being mixed up between the projects. 
  • Easily put together - Most of the users said how their young children put these models together with very little assistance. This type of independent encouragement will increase their confidence in building STEM projects in the future. 
  • Sanded-down wooden parts - All of the wooden parts have been sanded down before they are put in the kits, so a child runs very little risk of receiving any splinters from the parts.


  • Holes can be slightly off-center - Some users have said that when they were putting together their projects, some of the holes didn’t exactly match up. This is easily remedied, however, as the wood is soft so it is easy to create some new holes that match more clearly.


SparkJump DIY Wood Building Kits for Kids | Kids Wood Projects for Creative Fun | STEM Teaching Woodworking Kit for Kids | Great Gift Idea for Crafts for Boys & Girls (Candy Dispenser, 1-Pack)

Recommended Age: 5 years and up

Check out this tempting candy dispenser wood building kit with natural wood pieces, a plastic mason jar, and a pack of candy!

While this kit will require some adult assistance, they should be able to achieve most of the building themselves. This will help to reinforce their engineering skills and help to progress their motor skills.

The real wood has pre-drilled holes, making it easier for the children to develop their STEM skills without being held back by safety issues.

The obvious bonus to this project is that after it’s completed, your child gets to treat their hard work with candy from the dispenser!

If you’re searching for a fun, exciting, and clearly instructed wood building kit, then this engineering project ticks all of the boxes.


  • Easy to assemble - Many users commented on how easy it was to piece this wood building kit together. This is helped by its larger wooden pieces, so there aren’t many intricate pieces to worry about. 
  • Unusual wood building project - You don’t often see a candy dispenser as a wood building project, so this is great if you are looking for a STEM kit that’s a little bit different! 
  • Additional treats - This kit comes with some candy to pop into the dispenser, so your child will be rewarded for their engineering skills and hard work. This will help to encourage them in these types of projects in the future.


  • Small screws - The screws are on the smaller side to match the size of the project. However, this means that they can be easily misplaced, and will sometimes curve when being used. 


Wooden Ferris Wheel - DIY 3D Puzzle & Educational Creative Crafts Kit - STEM Projects for Kids Ages 8-12-16, Boys & Girls - Construction Toys Set - Model Building Kit for Christmas & Birthday Gifts

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

This wood building Ferris Wheel kit is the perfect model kit for children.

It teaches plenty of real-world engineering application skills, such as building motor and snap circuits. This means that your finished project will be able to whiz around all by itself, which is certainly something to be proud of.

Assembling the small wooden parts will also help to instill hand-eye coordination and dexterity in children.

After it has been built, your child will get the chance to paint their Ferris Wheel, which encourages their creative brain as well as their engineering brain.

All of the tools and materials that are needed to complete the beautiful structure are included in the kit - including the vibrant, non-toxic paint! So if you are after a stimulating STEM project, this might just be the one for you.


  • Fully functional - The finished product will create a working Ferris Wheel which spins around. The child will be able to use engineering and technology skills to build the motor and snap circuits. 
  • Good quality kit - Some users have said that the individual parts are very good quality and don’t break (which is always a possibility with wood building kits), and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. 
  • Option to paint - The included paint set allows the child to practice creative skills as well as technology and engineering skills, so it is extra stimulating.


  • No batteries included - It needs 2xAA batteries to make the wheel rotate, but SmartsToy said that they can’t include this because of shipping.
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