What’s The Best Tablet For A 2 Year Old?

Keeping a 2-year-old entertained can be difficult. Teaching them information, while keeping them entertained, is even harder!

Zhe toddler years are some of the most important times to help a child develop, and they need a lot of support to combat some new, and scary, things.

Some of these can include learning to read and write! Luckily, 2-year-olds these days have access to a broad range of learning resources which are designed to also keep toddlers entertained and focused.

These resources are easily accessible on kid-friendly tablets! Many tablets these days have audiobooks, word and math games, writing apps, and interesting TV shows and movies that are perfect for a toddler’s development (and to keep them entertained for a couple of hours).

So, to help you decide which tablet would be best suited for your 2-year-old, we’ve researched all of the tablets currently available to buy on the market - and we have concluded that the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids is (at the moment) the best tablet for a toddler!

Carry on reading to find out the features that make it perfect for 2-year-olds. 


Important side-note: This tablet is aimed at 3 years and up. However, a 2-year-old should be able to use it with adult supervision.

The Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is an all-around brilliant choice for a toddler.

It has parental controls, which means that you can limit what your child does on the tablet if you choose to; it has engaging, educational games and videos that will keep your child focused on learning; and it comes in a sturdy, ‘Kid-Proof’ case to protect it from any damage.

As Amazon says, this tablet is ‘designed with kids in mind’.


Probably one of the most important factors for a toddler’s tablet will be storage. They are going to want lots of content to entertain them and help them learn, which will most likely use up a lot of GB.

Luckily, this tablet has a fantastic 32GB of internal storage, which should allow for hundreds of apps, movies, and books.

As well as this, if your toddler does need more storage for their apps, the device has a MicroSD slot available. So, if you put a MicroSD card in, you can have up to 1TB of additional storage!


Another important thing to consider is the screen of the tablet itself. To protect it from damage, the Fire HD 10 Kids tablet’s 10.1” screen has been strengthened with aluminosilicate glass.

This means that it will be less likely to crack, saving both your toddler from hurting themselves and also saving money in the long run.

It has a 1080p display (Full HD), which will ensure that movies and TV shows will be of extremely good quality!


Designed to be energy efficient, this tablet has a battery life of up to 12 hours between charges.

This means that if you are going on long car rides or don’t have access to a charger for a certain amount of time, your toddler won’t be lost for entertainment!

It takes approximately 4 hours to charge it from 0% to 100%, so there isn’t much of a wait time when it has run out of battery too.

Amazon Kids+

This tablet comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon’s selection of exciting and educational content on Amazon Kids+!

While parents are able to add other content to their child’s profile, such as Netflix and Disney+, Amazon Kids+ has more than 20,000 books (including Audible books), songs, TV shows, games, movies, and apps available for your child to enjoy.

Plenty of these are also available in Spanish. Children are bound to love this selection of content that they can browse through - all of which is suitable for younger children.

Something to bear in mind: after the included one-year subscription is up, there will be a monthly subscription fee to this content.

Other Apps

As mentioned above, parents will be able to download other apps of their choice to the tablet, which is normally quite difficult to do on children’s tablets.

A brilliant choice for younger kids, especially two-year-olds, is Kiddopia. Aimed at 2-7 year-olds, Kiddopia teaches toddlers an early-learning curriculum, including alphabet tracing, shapes, colors, addition, and spelling.

As well as this, it has other preschool learning games, such as spot the difference, memory games, and logical reasoning problems.

This is available through Amazon, so you should be able to download it on this tablet, giving your 2-year-old an excellent extra learning tool!

Protection Guarantee

This tablet is included with a fantastic clause - there is a 2-year guarantee, so if it breaks within 2 years of your purchase, you will be able to return it and Amazon will replace it for free.

This is especially important for kids’ tablets, as they don’t often realize how fragile electronic devices can be, so they may throw them around or use them as a toy.

This is why the tablet also comes in a highly protective case to try and prevent any damages.

Parental Controls

With parental controls, you have the ability to set educational goals for your child to achieve, ensuring that they are doing some learning while using the device.

As well as this, you can limit their screen time, set up multiple profiles for different children, and have control over in-app purchases.

While it is important for a toddler to enjoy their tablet and want to spend time on it, these types of parental controls are so important to make sure your child is using it safely.

While all of these qualities are tailored to keep your child entertained and safe, if you don’t think the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids is suitable for your toddler, other great choices include: 


LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School Tablet, Green

This 7” tablet has access to plenty of learning and entertainment apps that will help toddlers prepare for starting education.

It uses its own type of learning technology, called ‘Just-For-Me’ that is designed to keep kids engaged in activities that are relevant to a curriculum they will soon be learning.

It also has a child-friendly browser, so kids will be able to take a look at certain websites that have been pre-approved for their age group.

As with the Amazon tablet, this tablet is intended for children aged 3 and up, so a 2-year-old will need adult supervision when using this. 


The Dragon Touch tablet is also a great choice for a 2-year-old, as it allows parents to filter any harmful content while still allowing a toddler to enjoy up-to-date content.

It has 20 authorized Disney audiobooks pre-installed to keep kids entertained, and this could also be useful for sending children to sleep too!

Parents are able to download a variety of apps, and with a kid-proof case and screen protector, it will be durable for toddlers to play with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Best Tablet For A 2 Year Old

Is It Okay For A 2-Year-Old To Have A Tablet?

Most tablets for children have a minimum age restriction of 3 years and up.

However, some experts have said that it can be helpful to expose children to technology from a young age so that they can be prepared to thrive in a world that caters so much to technology when they grow older. 

It has also been said that children as young as 2 may progress further if they occasionally use a tablet for learning purposes, so long as they are being monitored by a parent to make sure they aren’t accessing anything inappropriate.

How Long Should A 2-Year-Old Be On A Tablet?

Most studies that have researched the effect of screen time on toddlers have recommended that an appropriate amount of time to spend on a tablet should be 2 hours or less a day.

This is because more time spent on tablets can limit their social skills, by reducing the amount of time they spend socializing with others in person.

As well as this, some studies suggest that more screen time can have a negative effect on attention span and concentration.

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