Top 20 Musical Toys for Babies Under 6 Months

Last Update: May 31st, 2022

As soon as babies are brought to their homes, babies can start playing with musical toys. Research has repeatedly shown that musical toys improve the overall development of infants. This should not come as a surprise as auditory is one of the senses that are immediately present, even to newborns.
In fact, they are already listening while inside the womb! Integrating music into the day-to-day activities of babies not only boosts brain development but it can also serve as a good way to bond with your baby. So, to help you with that, here are the top 20 musical toys for babies under 6 months.

1. Audible Plush Toys

Audible Plush Toys are good starter toys for your baby because newborns usually find comfort objects and stick to them. Plush toys are soft, gentle, and wouldn’t hurt your little one in case he/she accidentally drops them on his/her face or other parts of the body.
This adorable toy also plays gentle music that’s perfect for soothing your baby to sleep. As your child grows older and understands more cause and effect, he/she can be the one to press the buttons that make the toy sing.

2. Alilo Bunny Rattle

Alilo Bunny is a smart rattle that plays children’s songs, soothing music, animal and object sounds, identifies colors, and tells stories. It also has those two cute ears that light up and can be used as a teether.
Although its shape is best for gripping, it’s very durable and can withstand different kinds of fall and pressure.
The Alilo Bunny is a great toy to teach your child the many different types of music, from mellow to exciting ones. It also is a great way to introduce your child to sounds made by various animals and objects.

3. Rattle

Rattles are probably every child’s first toy – and for a good reason. Rattles make babies realize the existence of their hands and that those hands are actually connected to them. These toys make babies realize that they can make that calm, jingling sound as long as they move their hands.
This is one of the very first and one of the most crucial developmental milestones of babies under 6 months. Rattles come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have the grips that enable babies to hold them.
They all have those little bells or balls inside a circular container that creates that gentle tingling sound when moved.

4. Drums

Drums encourage babies to use their motor skills so they can hear that punchy and boomy sound coming from the instrument. It’s recommended for children who have already mastered eye-hand coordination.
It’s because there’s a danger for babies to accidentally hit their face or other parts of their bodies with the stick. When mastered, babies will begin to learn about loud and soft sounds and how the force they make contributes to them.

5. Take Along Baby Einstein iPod-inspired Toy

Babies are naturally impatient creatures. They get bored easily, demanding a lot of your attention and time. This iPod-inspired toy is meant to appease your little one while on the go, during car rides, or pedia visits through music.
This will play their favorite familiar sounds while visiting an unfamiliar place. Plus, it has that colorful handle so your child can practice holding things.

6. Piano for Babies

When it comes to musical instruments, it’s never too early to introduce your baby to them. The piano is one of the earliest instruments that’s easily understandable and equally fascinating.
Babies will be amazed at the different sounds that a piano can produce. It also aids in honing their fine motor skills because they need to use their fingers to press on the narrow keys.
The colorful keys also entertain your baby, who is just beginning to notice the different attributes of the objects around him/her. Most pianos for babies also have saved music that you can play to keep your baby entertained.

7. Xylophone

The xylophone is another musical instrument that you can introduce to your little one for as early as 6 months. Like other percussion instruments, it improves hand-eye coordination and refines motor skills.
Babies become fascinated with the different notes created when they hit different colorful tiles. Since this one is a manual instrument, it teaches the child about making sounds instead of just hearing them. This uniquely stimulates babies’ brains.

8. Cellphone-inspired Musical Toy

In this digital age where having a mobile phone is a must for adults, babies and toddlers tend to be curious about the mentioned gadget. However, studies show that limiting screen time for kids and especially for babies can benefit them in the long run.
You can try this cellphone-inspired musical toy as a great alternative. Each number corresponds to different music or sometimes a voice greeting hello or goodbye. Children love baby versions of adult things, so this toy is perfect for your little one.

9. Wooden Instrument Set

A percussion set is a musical toy that will grow with your baby. At first, your child will hit everything with the same force. But as soon as he/she gets to practice, he/she will find the variety quite amusing. This will teach your baby that different kinds of music can be made through various instruments.
And who knows, this might begin a passion for music that your child will have for his/her lifetime. Introducing this to your child can unlock creative doors that will be essential as they grow older.

10. Baby Guitars

Guitars for babies are probably one of the toys that require manipulation so you can get it to work. Studies show that toys like these make babies more vocal as parents tend to use more voice, unlike electronic toys.
This results in babies communicating effectively and at an early age. Aside from that, only guitars can teach your child the unique strumming action. Be sure to demonstrate how to play this musical instrument as this is less intuitive and is more complex.

11. Audible Crawl Toy

A good way to encourage your little one to crawl and move around is to introduce your child to a toy that does so. But to capture his/her attention, that toy should be making colorful lights and sounds or music that they’re already familiar with.
This audible crawl toy improves gross motor skills and encourages babies to explore independently and discover the world through sounds. Be sure to set this up in a flat and safe space to avoid untoward incidents!

12. Crib Mobile with Music

There’s a reason why crib mobiles are the very first audible toys that your newborn is safe to have. It’s very easy to operate, just wind it down a few times, and your baby will be amused for quite some time.
It teaches babies to use their eyes to follow the motion and pay attention to the gentle sound that the mobile makes. As soon as your baby develops gross motor skills, he/she will begin to reach for the objects hanging in the mobile and start to inspect them, and eventually play with them.

13. Laugh and Learn: Love to Play Puppy

This audible plush puppy will soon be your little one’s new best friend! It’s soft, cuddly, and responds to your baby’s touch. It also identifies different body parts whenever your baby touches them, making learning a fun activity.
It plays different kinds of music, which will teach your baby different tunes and rhymes.

14. Flute

These colorful wind instruments are distinctive toys for your little ones. When you blow on it, it creates music and produces different sounds when you cover specific holes with your fingers. Flutes are usually minimalist in design and are easy to store and carry.
They also don’t require a battery to operate. Additionally, the music coming from flutes is gentle and soft to the ears so that you wouldn’t worry about hearing damage.
As your child gets older, he/she (and you too!) can begin practicing specific songs or tunes, making it an enjoyable bonding experience for your family.

15. Audible Story Books

Books are great first toys for kids. Books will teach your little ones as early as possible. It is a habit that will hopefully continue as they grow older. Even better are audible story books. They are interactive and sing songs as soon as you turn the pages.
They tell different stories and make special sounds accordingly. Babies as young as 6 months can start playing with these and can immediately be introduced to different kinds of sounds and coloring pages that are sure to capture them.

16. Whistle

You might be surprised that this object, which might be lazily stuffed somewhere in your home, can provide a lot of entertainment for your baby! Whistles are straightforward instruments that produce sound when you blow them.
Your baby will be amazed at how loud the sounds can be coming from this little object. He or she will surely love to try making these sounds too! It usually is inexpensive, accessible, and pretty durable.

17. Triangle

Triangles are another musical instrument you can safely introduce to your baby at 6 months. It promotes early music education and can be a good parent-child bonding. It’s very easy to play – just strike the instrument to produce that clear, beautiful timber.
The Triangle is also an excellent way to introduce your child to contrasting loud and soft sounds, demonstrating that the force you give directly affects it.

18. Animal Wind Chimes

Animal wind chimes are toys that are usually hung on babies’ strollers, cribs, or car seats. It produces different sounds when you pull the animals.
It’s a great toy to bring when you are on the road or are doing a quick errand with your little one. This is because it provides entertainment to your babies through the sounds that they make. It’s a great toy to teach simple cause and effect – pull the toy, and a sound comes out.

19. Tambourine

Child tambourines are one of the favorites of parents and educators who are practicing the Montessori approach. Its soft jingles delight babies and older kids alike. Music can be made by tapping the instrument using the palms of your hands.
And the instrument is guaranteed durable and light, perfect for young ones whose motor skills are still developing. Babies don’t always have the vocabulary to express themselves. Introducing musical instruments to them allows them to express their feelings and release any pent-up energy.

20. Maracas

Maracas are instruments that can be introduced to your babies as soon as they know how to hold things. It’s easy to grip and play, and babies learn that their movements are rewarded with gentle, soft sounds. They are usually colorful, so they also stimulate visual cues, aside from stimulating the hearing senses.


Music is found to enhance brain functions in babies and older children. Singing, playing instruments, or listening to music all contribute to stimulating the brain and thus improve brain structure.
As parents or educators, it is always best to choose toys that can provide that brain stimulation for babies. Music can be a fun way to keep your babies entertained while they are learning too.

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