The Ultimate Parent’s Guide To Roblox: 30 Best Toys, Gifts And Ideas

Roblox is a renowned online game platform that has captivated audiences. Your little gamer may now enjoy the characters in real life as well, thanks to this great set of role-playing figures and accessories. Because everything is replaceable, the more you collect, the more options your child will have for endless creative play.


Roblox Action Collection - Legends of Roblox Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Meet the creators of some of Roblox's most well-known games.

If you've ever skulked through Litozinnamon's Phantom Forces or Gusmanak's Apocalypse Rising, worked up a sweat in TheGamer101's Sword Fighting Tournament or loleris' Mad Games, or piled up loot in Seranok's Catalog Heaven or Merely's Trade Hangout, you'll understand why they're known as the Roblox Legends.

Six figurines, accessories, a collector's checklist, and an exclusive virtual item code are included in this set. Your child will have a pleasure forming alliances with these six odd and colourful characters in order to embark on a variety of adventures.

Because all of the body parts are interchangeable, kids can build an endless number of heroes and villains for hours of role-playing enjoyment. To continue the adventure, they'll want to gather more of these toys.


Roblox Action Collection - Masters of Roblox Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Starting with this large six pack of well-known characters, your child gamer will want to collect all of the figurines.

Putting together unique characters using the mix-and-match pieces may be a lot of fun. Your youngster will have a lot of fun dressing up these bizarre figures with all of their unusual accessories.

You can build a tasty empire with Restaurant Tycoon's Ultraw. Robotmega in Elemental Battlegrounds allows you to control natural forces.

Whatever your vacation includes, these developers are up to the challenge. This collection includes 6 figures, accessories, a Collector's Checklist, and an Exclusive Virtual Item Code.


Roblox Action Collection - Advent Calendar [Includes 2 Exclusive Virtual Items]

Can you sense the chill in the air? Count down the days till Christmas with a festive surprise each morning. These lovely and frosty items, which include seasonal variations on Roblox animals and objects, are sure to brighten your holiday season.

The Roblox Advent Calendar with 24 doors will make the holiday season even more exciting. Countdown to Christmas by opening a door each day to find new Roblox characters and festive accessories!


Roblox Action Collection - Meme Pack Playset Includes Exclusive Virtual Item for 6 years and up includes figures and accessories

Can you feel the cosmic energy emanating from these top-tier memes? To bring these iconic Roblox references to life, we used forbidden magic, so you may spread the meme-pocalypse wherever you go.

Meganoob, Despacito Spider (from the renowned Robloxian Highschool game), the Clown from Spectrabox's Fantastic Frontier, the Velociraptor from Nitenity Studios' The Labyrinth, or anything else!


Roblox Action Collection - Apocalypse Rising 4x4 Vehicle [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item] unisex

With hundreds of millions of players, Gusmanak and ZolarKeth's Apocalypse Rising is one of Roblox's most popular open-world zombie survival games.

You can bring the action from the screen to your living room with this zombie-busting toy. Take Red on a trip in her motorised bulldog to put a stop to the apocalypse once and for all! One of the characters in the storey is Red.

This set includes "1 Figure, 1 Vehicle, Accessories, Collector's Checklist, and an Exclusive Virtual Item Code." While role-playing the apocalypse, you'll need reliable transportation.

This exciting set contains a sturdy 4 x 4 jeep, figure, and weapon - pieces from all sets can be swapped and altered for limitless amusement. Your gamer will want to collect them all.


JAZWARES BOUTIQUE Apocalypse Rising Bandit Roblox Figure

This Bandit from Apocalypse Rising comes with a weapon and a bag, so you can have hours of role-playing fun.

It also comes with a gaming code to unlock a virtual accessory in the cyber world, much like the previous sets in the series. All of the kits' elements may be mixed and matched for endless creative possibilities.


Roblox Avatar Shop Series Collection - Social Medusa Influencer with Selfie Stick Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Her social media presence is catching fire all over the world!... Now that I think about it, she's just turning it into stone.

The Social Medusa Influencer with Selfie Stick set contains an action figure and a variety of accessories inspired by popular Roblox Avatar Shop items. Each component may be mixed and matched to create your own unique personality!


Roblox Bigfoot Boarder: Airtime Figure Pack

No one has been able to find Bigfoot, which is unsurprising. They've been hunting for him in all the wrong places!

This massive hairy beast is taking snowboarding to new heights, tearing up as much fresh powder as he can and not caring.

To obtain more air on his board, he even built some makeshift wings out of cardboard he found lying around. You're on your way, Bigfoot!

A Big Foot creature with wings riding a skateboard was previously only found in the domain of online gaming, but now your kid fan may acquire a real-life figurine of this odd creature.

As is customary, these characters have a slew of accessories, replacement parts, a collector's checklist, and an online accessory code.


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Bloxy Awards: Film Crew Game-Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The Bloxy Awards are an annual celebration of Roblox's creativity, talent, and passion. You can now set the stage for a star-studded celebration with your very own film crew from Hello Entertainment, the organisers of the 6th Annual Bloxy Awards Theater!

They have the equipment; all they need now is a talented director like you! Combine the components of your figurines with the offered accessories to build your own Roblox character!


Roblox Mystery Figures Series 1 - Celebrity Collection (2-Pack)

This set contains two random mystery box figurines from the Celebrity Collection Series 1. Each figure includes interchangeable accessories and a redeemable ticket for a one-of-a-kind virtual item in the online game.

Each package has a "surprise" for the youngsters to discover. Immerse yourself in the world of celebrity fashion with the most exquisite collectible figures in Roblox history!

A random character, accessories, a collector's checklist, and a code for a unique Roblox virtual item are included with each mystery figure. This bundle contains two mystery figures that were chosen at random. Collect every single one of them!


Roblox Celebrity Collection - LA Hoverboarder + Ghost Forces: Phantom Two Figure Bundle [Includes 2 Exclusive Virtual Items]

Take control of this valiant fox and his phantasmal canine friend to finally annihilate their archenemies, bunnies and squirrels!

You don't have much of a choice when you have a super-charged hoverboard and your very own Spec Alpha Biograft Energy Sword than to either find or construct a way through.

Collect every single one of them! There are a variety of Roblox figurines to collect, mix and combine, and pick from! To bring your virtual games to life, create your own Roblox collection at home!


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Series 7 Mystery Figure 6-Pack [Includes 6 Exclusive Virtual Items]

With these famous Roblox characters, put together the ultimate Roblox toy collection! Each of the 24 new figurines in the Celebrity Collection Series 7 includes a code for an exclusive virtual item that can be redeemed on Roblox. Collect every single one of them!


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Top Runway Model Game Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

DizzyPurple's Top Roblox Runway Model has inspired millions of ambitious fashion designers to display their creations, which range from charming and lovely to frilly and grandiose.

With millions of combinations of amazing accessories and haircuts directly from the Roblox Catalog, you can now create the ultimate style competition in the palm of your hand!

Roblox Model and ShadeOfBlue are two of the characters on exhibit. Two figurines, accessories, a Collector's Checklist, and an Exclusive Virtual Item Code are included in this set.

Your Roblox lover will want to collect all of their favourite characters, including these two runway model sculptures with nine stylish accessories.

They'll have a blast mixing and combining components to make their own fashion masterpieces. They may now extend their Roblox experiences outside the game and into reality!


Roblox Action Collection - Collector's Tool Box and Carry Case that Holds 32 Figures [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item] - Amazon Exclusive

If you're a serious Roblox collector in need of a place to keep all of your action figures, this "tool box" is the answer you've been looking for.

It holds 32 figurines, letting your child to indulge in infinite creative play while also serving as a lovely storage solution. Your next creative Roblox experience is safely stowed away in a robust carrying case, allowing you to step away from the screen and into the real world.

The Roblox Collector's Tool Box can hold up to 32 Roblox figurines, letting you to organise and show off your collection to your friends wherever you go.

This case includes both the Red LAZER Parkour Runner from MasterOfTheElements' LAZER and the Giant Hunter from BuildintoGames' Giant Survival, allowing you to add to your collection!

This set comes with two figures, accessories, a collector's checklist, and a virtual item code.


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Fashion Icons Four Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Have you ever fantasised of presenting a fashion show of your own? You can make your own trendy Robloxians in the palm of your hand with this wonderful variety of components and accessories!

Mix and combine appealing hairstyles with multicoloured wings to create a unique avatar. Add additional fashionable stuff from your whole Roblox inventory to construct even more intriguing avatars.

Make a name for yourself as the most trendy Roblox player! This collection includes 4 figures, accessories, a collector's checklist, and an exclusive virtual ticket.

This celebrity mix-and-match set contains four pairs of multi-colored fairy wings, wigs, and a hat collection, as well as a profusion of crazy accessories.

These toys are a lot of fun because all of the sets are interchangeable. Children may make a limitless number of character combinations by using their imaginations.


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Frost Empress + Fallen Artemis Two Figure Bundle [Includes 2 Exclusive Virtual Items]

In this two-pack combo, Frost Empress and Fallen Artemis are each separately packaged. Among the bizarre accoutrements that each has are a white sceptre, wings, a crossbow, a crown, and a festively wrapped present.

These legendary creatures, like many others in this series, allow endless creative possibilities with their mix-and-match abilities.

Empress of the Frost: Only a pure heart like hers can unleash the true power of the enchanted ice crystal etched into her staff.

As the royal queen of a vast kingdom hidden on the freezing tundra of Robloxia's northern ice-capped territory, she employs her considerable abilities to protect her citizens and animal companions from any threat that may arise.

Artemis, the Fallen, is a divine huntress with magical talents. She was expelled from heaven and now uses her evil bow to block out the light and cause disaster to the Robloxian world.


Roblox Headless Horseman Figure Pack

With a clear face shield that gives him the appearance of not having a head, this Headless Horseman figure is a terrific addition to your Halloween collection!

The hulking guy arrives with an axe and a menacing Jack-o-lantern to throw upon unsuspecting tourists at night.

Long before the days of flat terrain, a royal horseman riding along a dark lane on Halloween... Until, all of a sudden, there's a bang!

A swarm of trick-or-treaters appeared out of nowhere, crashing towards him. The horseman screamed, "Uuhhh!" as his body parts flung about.

Shortly later, he resurfaced, but this time without a head. He's vowed vengeance on the morons who wronged him on that fateful night.


Roblox HomingBeacon: The Whispering Dread Figure Pack

This strange-looking creature is "HomingBeacon," a character from The Whispering Dread, and he has a terrifying visage.

With all of his weird appendages and a swarm of spiders, he's bound to cause a slew of misadventures. As with all of the figures in this series, mixing and matching adds to the fun.

You might know him as one of the creators of the hugely famous Roblox game Zombie Rush, but have you ever seen him in person?

It's a lot more hazardous than you think! From creepy crawly spiders to hordes of zombies, he has ultimate authority over all nocturnal animals. He could rule the entire world if he wanted to with that type of power.


Roblox Imagination Collection - Clawed Companion Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

What do you get if the crane game selects you? Clamper Crony, a.k.a. Clawed Companion, is yours!

Greeno357's plush-packed companion may look to be a machine on the exterior, but believe us when we say they're all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

No matter what adventures lie ahead, they'll supply you with support, direction, and as many quarters as you can carry.


Roblox Imagination Collection - Ud’zal Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Ud'zal is known among the Korblox as the "All-Father." Until the twelve Deathspeakers plotted his assassination, he was the actual master of the undead.

Ud'zal is permanently under the Deathspeakers' control now that he has been revived as a fearsome beast of war. The Redcliff Kingdom's survival is jeopardised only by his presence.


Roblox Action Collection - MeepCity Fisherman Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

From the dock, the fisherman casts his line into the depths of the water. You'll need a "reel" fishing ability in Alexnewtron's massively popular role-playing game MeepCity to capture the big ones.

With his beloved Meep by his side and a box full of bait, he only needs a little patience.

There's one figure, plus accessories, a Collector's Checklist, and an Exclusive Virtual Code. Another oddball character that your child will like.

This strange-looking figure is known as the MeepCity Fisherman. He looks to be dressed in a fisherman's vest and clutching a rod and reel, but he also wears a purple fish helmet over his "normal" sports attire.

His whole body and accoutrements may be switched out for those of the other characters.


Roblox Action Collection - Mr. Bling Bling Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Mr. Bling Bling is your guy when it comes to extreme bling and shine. He likes to flaunt his wealth to any Robloxian with a dazzling grin and a fitted suit woven from the finest gold linens.

Despite his lack of subtlety in his dress choices, you have to agree that he knows how to display his money.

One figure, accessories, a Collector's Checklist, and an Exclusive Virtual Item Code are included in this set. It's no surprise that this high-rolling character is known as "Mr. Bling Bling."

He wears a gold suit, a top hat with a money symbol, a gold neck chain, and a baton with another dollar symbol, all in keeping with his name. Mr. Bling Bling isn't renowned for being delicate.


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Neverland Lagoon Four Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Roblox developers SelDraken and Teiyia are on a clandestine mission to retrieve the mermaids' lost treasures from the evil Buck-Eye the Pirate!

Explore the mysterious depths of Neverland Lagoon, forge new friendships, and experience the incredible adventures of this popular Roblox role-playing game! Characters include SelDraken, Mermaid: Teiyia, Royal Attendant, and Buck-Eye the Pirate.

This collection includes 4 figurines, accessories, a collector's checklist, and an exclusive virtual code. This fascinating adventure bundle is called "Neverland Lagoon," and it will transport you back to your childhood excursions.

It includes swords, pirate chests, beach castles, and other accessories, as well as pirates, mermaids, and fairies. Your youngster will enjoy exploring the hidden mysteries and quests in this playground.


Roblox Action Collection - Operation TNT Playset [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Things are about to get out of hand. With this collector playset, which includes dynamite and a pickaxe, you can set the scene for Roblox's most spectacular mining operation ever.

Cindering's Sharpshooter Mines, Berezaa's Miner's Haven, Defaultio's Mining Tycoon, and Widgeon's Mining INC! all have characters, accessories, and vehicles.

This collection includes 4 figures, accessories, a Collector's Checklist, and an Exclusive Virtual Item Code.

Your young gamer will love creating new adventures with their favourite characters with this building zone kit.

It includes four renowned figures, one construction vehicle with cart, play "dynamite," and other fun extras for hours of role-playing fun. Each package includes a voucher that may be used to play online games.


Roblox Action Collection - Punk Rockers Four Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Prepare for the ultimate blox-and-roll extravaganza! It's time to dust out your old guitar and turn up the volume on your amp, because it's time to melt some newcomers' faces.

To make these punk rockers heroes, mix and combine the instruments and outlandish haircuts. Make additional band members with fresh Roblox toy components from your whole collection.

4 figurines, accessories, a Collector's Checklist, and an Exclusive Virtual Code are included in this set.

This eighteen-piece Punk Rock Band playset is a fantastic addition to any child's toy collection. Isn't it better for him to "act" like he's in a punk rock band than to actually be in one?

The four guys bring a rock-and-roll attitude to the table, as well as a microphone, two guitars, and great drum gear.


These Series 1 action figure boxes come in a set of four. Each one comes with a 2.5-inch mystery figure, accessories, a collector's checklist, and a one-of-a-kind voucher for online gaming accessories.

Pieces from the little toys may be swapped and matched with all of the other figurines in this collection for unlimited entertainment.


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Superstars Four Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

These famous artists are getting ready to go on their most extensive global tour to date!

To create a distinct superstar look and feel, mix and combine your favourite instruments, accessories, and haircuts from this playset or the rest of your Roblox toy collection. Bring your band together, hit the road, and prepare to rock the globe!

What type of band are you going to start? Four figurines, as well as accessories, a collector's checklist, and a unique virtual code, are included in this set.

This four-piece "superstar" set contains, among other things, zany headgear, more "faces," a drum, and a microphone.

With this ensemble of musicians, your tiny figure collector may rock and roll all night long. Prepare to acquire extra sets from this popular toy brand for your youngsters.


Roblox Celebrity Collection - The Plaza Jetskiers Game Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Welcome to The Plaza, where millions of Robloxians go to socialise, play minigames, explore a massive island, and do just about anything else they can think of.

You can now build your own adventures everywhere you go with this jam-packed playset, inspired by Roblox developer Widgeon's iconic game The Plaza!

Catch a few waves with your friends on the beach with Alivia's watercraft or mix & combine beach gear for endless beach enjoyment!

Life will really be a beach after you add these two beautiful statues to your collection.

A lifeguard and a swimmer are included in this pack, as well as a duck flotation device and a jet ski.

Both figurines may be swapped out with one other and with earlier play sets in the series, providing for endless role-playing possibilities.


Roblox Action Collection - Work at a Pizza Place Game Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Your help is desperately needed by Builder Brothers Pizza! Relive Dued1's old Roblox experience by delivering these pizzas on time!

Chef Meet the pizza-making supervisor. His veins are laced with olive oil, his biceps are made of mozzarella, and he is known for his culinary prowess. He is employed as a pizza cook.

When you have hundreds of pizzas to deliver in one night, you need a pro like Pizza Delivery Guy. Nothing beats speeding across town on a scooter while carrying a box of scorching hot pizzas.

Make sure he doesn't eat them while driving to the airport. This pizza restaurant playset is the ideal addition to your child's growing collection.

The baker and delivery guy figurines, as well as accessories such as the scooter and the miniature pizza boxes, will keep you entertained for hours.


Roblox Zombie Attack Large Playset

Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? The rampage is coming home with this action-packed collection of characters from some of Roblox's most popular games, including The Neighborhood of Robloxia, Apocalypse Rising, and Zombie Rush!

Every Roblox fan's collection should have this 21-piece "Zombie Attack" playset. It comes with four incredible figures: two zombies and two survivors, as well as a range of interesting survival gear including weapons, barbed wire, a lamp, and a First Aid kit.

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