Toys That Start With Letter “P” (STEM Show and Tell)

Toys are an important part of your child's learning and development.

They help them to learn the basic skills like counting, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc.

Plus, they are entertaining and give the child a chance to expand many areas of their development including their creativity, motor skills and knowledge and understanding. 

STEM Toys That Start With P

Toys that start with a P are great for kids as they can easily grasp these concepts.

These toys also make it easy for you to teach your students new things.

For example, if you want to teach your kids about the alphabet, you can use a toy that starts with an "A". 

However, a lot of people can draw blanks when trying to find an educational toy that begins with 'P' - so if you are stuck trying to find a STEM toy that starts with P to introduce your students to, then we have got you covered. 

Here are some different STEM toys that all begin with the letter 'P'. 

How You Can Use These Toys

While we have already touched on this topic slightly, let's take a closer look at STEM toys and how you can use them to help educate your children and aid with their development. 

STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

So, STEM toys are toys that are based on these topics and help steer your kids towards learning through play.

They can range in topics from building, coding, chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, and more! 

Picking up some STEM toys that begin with P can also help teach your kids about language too.

You can go through the alphabet and pick up toys that begin with P, teaching your students phrases and keywords that also share the same letter and are related to the topic you are covering through this STEM toy. 

So, let's start going through a lot of different STEM toys that all start with the letter P.

These toys will vary in recommended ages to cover as many classes and children as possible, so let's dive in! 

STEM Toys That Start With P


Click N' Play Ball Pit Balls for Kids, 200 Pack - Plastic Refill Balls, Phthalate & BPA Free, Reusable Storage Bag with Zipper, Gift for Toddlers and Kids for Ball Pit, Bright Colors

These colorful, plastic pit balls may seem like a very simple toy but they can be very educational in a lot of different ways.

Although your students may enjoy jumping and rolling around in ball pits, those pit balls can be used to help improve their thinking skills when related to themes of science and the greater world. 

For younger children, you can use pit balls as a tool to help them with their counting and learning their colors.

They act as active objects that your students can use to help them visualize counting and you can also ask them to group together certain colors, then count how many of each color there are.

This will not only help them with their counting skills, but also prepare them for collecting data in the future. 

Pit balls can also be used with older children by using them to represent atoms and particles.

You can use these pit balls to physically show the difference between solids, liquids, and gasses, or to represent the atomic composition of elements like helium or oxygen.

Overall, they are very simple to use and to keep yet they have so much range when it comes to teaching your students about STEM topics. 

Terms and Keywords

  • Particles: the small objects that act like the building blocks of life.
  • Protons: the positively charged parts of an atom.
  • Positive Charge: the defining feature of a proton. 
  • Pairs: when counting, pairing up into twos can make things easier. 


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Sneak & Peek Periscope, Wide Viewing & LED Lights, Ages 4+

Periscopes are devices used to observe objects or obstacles, using light reflection and mirrors.

While they are more commonly found on underwater transportation like submarines, you can also find toy versions of periscopes that can come in handy when teaching your students about light and mirrors.

This means that by incorporating periscopes into your lessons, you can invent fun activities to try out with your students to help them understand how we are able to see.

It demonstrates how important light is, helps them understand how our eyes work, and how we can use tools like mirrors to manipulate light in awkward situations. 

Periscopes are a great way to demonstrate this. Using them allows your students to actually see how light reflects, and you can challenge them to different tasks using their periscopes.

Thus, they can be a great STEM tool to help teach them the physics of our world.

Terms and Keywords

  • Physics: the theme of the lesson when talking about light and mirrors. 
  • Pupil: the part of our eye that lets in light so we can see. 
  • Polish: ask your students why polished items shine so bright?


HOGOKIDS Girls Castle Princess Building Toys - Girl Dream House 5-in-1 Pink Castle & Carriage Playsets STEM Building Blocks Set Fantasy Gifts for Kids Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old (998 PCS)

Kids love building and bringing their imagination to life through piling together blocks and blocks to make lots of different creations.

This is also a great way to get them to start thinking of engineering as there are a lot of important factors to consider when building your own house - or should we say, princess castle?

This princess castle building set allows your kids to design and redesign their own princess castle and encourages them to think about all the different possibilities there are when designing buildings.

You can also use it to pose certain scenarios and problems to your students and ask them to redesign the castle to suit each princess's needs.

Not only that, but it also helps develop their fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

The final product then can serve as a backdrop for their creative play, making this STEM toy super versatile and sure to capture all of your kids' attention. 

Terms and Keywords

  • Parapet: a part of a wall that stops people from falling over.
  • Pavilion: a decorative building that could be a part of your students' princess castle.


DqsWko Double-Sided Pull Back carsr. Friction Cars for Kids ,Vibration inertial car. Toy Pull Back car. Big tire Four-Wheel Drive Toy car for Boys and Girls(4pcs)

When teaching your students about the laws of motion, push and go cars can be really handy when it comes to play and demonstrations.

These toys are sturdy little things that can run great with just a little push.

They come with removable rubber tires that reveal thin, plastic, hard wheels underneath so you can demonstrate

to your students the difference between rubber tires and hard wheels on different types of surfaces.

You can use them to demonstrate how kinetic energy works and how friction can reduce speed and movement.

For example, you can compare running these toy cars across different kinds of materials and surfaces, such as wood, carpet, or water.

This way, you can physically demonstrate the effects of friction to your students so they can see how kinetic and gravitational potential energy works - all through a couple of push and go toy cars! 

So, if you want to use some STEM toys in your next physics lesson, push and go toy cars are a great way to teach about energy, friction and movement.

Terms and Keywords

  • Plane: the scientific term for a surface in these motion experiments.
  • Product: the result of their experiment's findings.
  • Push: the term used when forcing an object forward. 


Proof! Math Game - The Fast Paced Game of Mental Math Magic - Teachers’ Choice Award Winning Educational Game, Ages 9+

This card game is a fun and exciting one to play in small groups, plus it's super educational as it all revolves around mathematics.

This means that this is a STEM toy that you students can enjoy and also help them improve their intelligence and problem solving.

The game works by laying out nine cards on the table. Each one will have a number ranging from 0 to 100.

The goal is to make an equation in your mind using those cards.

Once you have your answer, you shout out the result and then show your proof - by writing out the equation.

If your equation is correct, you get to keep your cards and more cards are then drawn and laid out on the table.

The goal is to have the most cards at the end by doing the most math.

It's a great brain training exercise that encourages your students to add, divide, multiply, and subtract all in their mind.

Plus, it's competitive and can even be enjoyed solo - so no matter how many students you have, everyone can enjoy this mathematical card game!

Terms and Keyword

  • Plus: the act of adding two numbers together.
  • Proof: showing how you got your answer through writing the equation. 


Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks - Made in The USA

If you are teaching your students about the elements and the Periodic Table, then this set of building blocks can be super handy.

They are high quality wooden blocks and each side features an element of the Periodic Table.

You can use them as quick fire tools to get your students spouting out the names of the elements with ease and help them become more and more familiar with each of the elements.

You can also use them to combine together and ask your students to draw the compounds and give them a name.

For example, bring together the two blocks of Sodium and Chlorine, then have your students draw the compound and write its formal name.

You can then tell them how Sodium Chloride is also another name for table salt and that these two elements combined together are what we use in cooking.

You can try this exercise out with a lot of different combinations, plus it helps your students visualize the periodic table clearly.

Terms and Keywords

  • Periodic Table: the display of all the chemical elements all on one grid.
  • Phosphorus: the chemical element with the symbol of P.
  • Particles: parts of an atom that makes up a chemical element.
  • Protons: a part of an atom that features a positive charge.


Learning Resources Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set - 45 Pieces, Ages 3+ Preschool Science Kit, STEM Toys, Science Experiments for Kids, Preschool Learning Toys

Of course, one of the best STEM toys out there is a chemistry kit and this one from Learning Resources covers all the basics, making it a great introductory toy to the sciences. 

This kit has all the primary equipment you need - test tubes, safety goggles, funnels and droppers so your students can play with mixing different liquids and materials.

This makes it not only a fun and creative STEM toy, but also great for working on your student's motor skill and problem solving skills.

You can give them lots of different liquids and materials and ask them to use their Primary Science Chemistry kits to mix together certain liquids, then write down their findings.

It's a versatile toy that can be used to introduce your students to experimentation and how to write down their reports.

You can also ask them to make predictions beforehand - like what will happen if you mix ketchup and soda together - and then explain why they think that and if it matched their results.

So, the Primary Science Chemistry kit is a must have for any science classroom!

Terms and Keywords

  • Prediction: what your students think will happen beforehand.
  • Pure: the state of a liquid before it is combined with something else.


Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)

When it's time to start teaching your students about the Solar System and all the planets that we share our neighborhood with, then this puzzle from Melissa & Doug is a great way to aid in that lesson.

This jigsaw puzzle not only helps your students fine tune their motor skills and problem solving skills, but it also teaches them about the appearance and names of the most important bodies in our solar system.

It even includes the Sun and Moon - two very important bodies that are vital to how our world works.

It also features labels with the name of each planet, so your students can learn those too while enjoying this science-based puzzle!

Terms and Keywords

  • Planets: celestial bodies that orbit a star.
  • Pluto: the smallest planet in our Solar System that scientists debate over a lot. 


So there you have it - some of the best STEM toys for kids that all begin with the letter P! 

We hope that this list has helped you find some cool ways to get your students engaged in learning through play.

As you can see there are a lot on offer ranging from puzzles to card games to chemistry kits.

It's very easy to include toys into your lessons and each one can help you out in fun and interesting ways. 

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