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Last Updated: June 17, 2022

If you want a new and innovative way to keep your children entertained, look no further than Spimbey. This new modular approach to playsets is quickly gaining popularity for a good reason! 

In this review of Spimbey, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the modular playsets so special – and why you should purchase one for your home.

[UPDATE] – We’ve added some FAQ’s and helpful videos based on reader feedback

Spimbey Modular Playsets - SPIRAL Score


Best Value!

Overall, despite the Spimbey Modular Playset being more expensive than the usual playset, it provides great value for the money. Especially since your child can use it for as long as 10 years. It ticks all the boxes required by parents; those are – convenience, safety, accessibility, durability, and of course, fun factor.

What Are Modular Playsets?

Modular design is a principle that divides one system into smaller parts called modules. These modules can be independently created, modified, replaced, or exchanged with other modules or between different systems. 

The modular design has been getting quite popular lately due to its convenience. From kitchen cabinets to closets and various housing exteriors, this new approach is slowly getting favored by many. 

Spimbey Modular Playdeck

Spimbey, a US company with 30 years of expertise in playsets, has created innovative modular playsets. Their vision is to turn every family’s backyard into a stylish dream outdoor playhouse that everyone can enjoy. They aim to modernize playsets into something fun, safe, and fit into any garden.

Spimbey Modular Playsets


Playsets from Spimbey are composed of eight modules: 

  • Your Main Deck (XXL & Wooden Roof)
  • Playhouse (Major & Minor)
    Swing Set (Trapeze & Deluxe)
  • Monkey Bars
  • Ramp

Together, they make a dreamy playhouse that children will surely love. Each module can also be used individually or as a standalone. 

For instance, you can buy the swing set for starters and connect it with the play deck later on. You can even buy the telescope accessory to complete the wonderful playtime experience!

Spimbey has multiple color options.

Spimbey playsets come in four different colors:

  • blue/gray
  • blue/yellow
  • dark green/green 
  • dark pink/pink

In this way, the parents can choose the color that best matches their backyard. They follow a Swiss minimalistic design that is both pleasant and robust. 

Importance of Safety for Spimbey

One of our favorite details we found in our review of Spimbey is that the playsets are designed with safety as a priority in mind, exceeding international safety standards (code F1148-21 and EN71). 

The finished playsets also allow lots of visibility so that parents or babysitters can always watch the children. There are no corners with zero visibility to avoid accidents entirely. The wood used is sourced, making it sustainable.

They’ve done a great job at thinking through the construction right down the the nuts and bolts.  So far, Spimbey has provided their customers with helpful videos like this one to showcase how to provide maximum safety for your build.

To offer additional safety precautions, Spimbey offers sturdy safety handles for added grip on their tall play sets. This is a must add-on if you’re worried about your little one falling. They offer these additional handles for only $29 each – a cheap insurance policy for any overly cautious parent.

Sturdy Spimbey safety handles

The best part is that they have a lifetime warranty on its Chinese Cedar, ensuring parents that you get the highest quality by investing in Spimbey. 

The woods are treated, made to last really long with minimal care. And they are tested and inspected thoroughly to ensure that there are no rough, sharp, and protruding edges and that every corner has a round shape. 

No harmful chemicals were used to treat the wood. Instead, water-based compounds were used to ensure that the wood has a natural stain, will not rot, will endure various temperatures, and would be resistant to bugs and termites.

If you’re worried about your playset being on an uneven plain, soft ground, or perhaps you live in a fairly windy place, Spimbey also offers useful ground anchors.

Spimbey ground anchors for extra stability

Convenience That Spimbey Offers

This stylish playset also uses smart assembly. Spimbey boasts of an assembly time of fewer than 8 hours. Imagine this intricate-looking playset being available for your children after just a couple of hours! 

Pre-drilled holes make setup really easy.

This is possible because of its modular design and the pre-drilled holes and pre-cut lumber for convenience. This also removes the possibility of error. With their easy-to-follow and comprehensive instructions that come in every order, it’s guaranteed that even people with minimal knowledge of engineering and design can build this sturdy playset. 

Lastly, everything you need to build the playset is already included when you order. Anyone with daily and usual tools can construct it, and there is no need for power equipment or other accessories.

Spimbey Grows with Your Child

Spimbey Modular Playset is recommended for kids from age 3 to 13. That wide 10 years of age range is possible because of the many modules that the playset contains. You can opt to buy the wooden house first when your child expresses his/her interest in hide and seek. 

Then, later on, you can buy the play deck with the lemonade stand and slide as your child gains more motor skills and interest in exploring. If you like to expand your child’s outdoor playset to something bigger, you can opt to buy more modules and assemble them just as easily and quickly. 

This allows Spimbey to grow with your child, not something that he or she will just use for a year or two. There are different activities that children can do with the playsets. They can slide, climb, swing, crawl, wriggle and practice their balance. The playsets allow children to create their own entertainment through imaginative play.

With Spimbey, your child can also invite his or her friends. A complete playset can hold 11 children simultaneously. The playset is made durable and tough to accommodate this number. 

The Cost of Innovation

Now, let’s talk about how the Spimbey modular playset is in terms of cost. A complete playset in XXL size costs $1,725. This is actually one of the biggest in the playset industry. The average custom-wooden playset in the United States with a slide, swings, and play deck is $1,000. 

You can even get one for as low as $500. That puts the cost of Spimbey modular playsets higher than the average. Although the amount difference is significant, we can’t put a price on convenience and safety. 

Most parents would be willing to pay for something higher if that means being confident with where and what their child is playing on. In addition, you can buy the most basic Spimbey module for as low as $479 and just upgrade from there.


Overall, despite the Spimbey Modular Playset being more expensive than the usual playset, it provides great value for the money. Especially since your child can use it for as long as 10 years. It ticks all the boxes required by parents; those are – convenience, safety, accessibility, durability, and of course, fun factor. 

Review of Spimbey Playset Modules

Because Spimbey innovated on their modular playsets through their years of expertise, parents can order one or more components that will fit perfectly and aesthetically in their backyards. This provides years of creative playtime for children up to 13 years old.


How many kids can play on the Spimbey Playset?

11 kids can play together on the complete playset (higher than the industry average), 4 kids can play on the swing set, 5 kids can play on the play deck and 2 on the slide.

What is the maximum weight on allowed on the deck and the swings?

Spimbey doesn't offer a maximum weight but assuming a maximum weight of 100lbs per kid, you can likely assume the playsets can withhold up to 1000lbs.

Do I have to drill holes for the Spimbey Playset?

No. The modular design has pre-drilled holes for easy setup and takedown.

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