100 Science Fair Projects & Idea Generator by Spiral Toys

Need some inspiration for your next science fair project?

No need to look any further. We’ve compiled some of the best winning science fair projects for all grades.

If you’re one to have trouble with decisions, just pick a number between 1 and 100 … and boom there’s your next project!

1. 3D Print a Drone Frame

2. Design and 3D-Print Your Own Robot! | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

3. A Change in the Winds: Studying Bernoulli’s Principle

4. Dust Busters: How No-Plow Farmers Try to Save Our Soil

5. Green Technology: Build an Electronic Soil Moisture Sensor to Conserve Water

6. Growing Great Gardens: Using Human Urine as a Fertilizer

7. How to Harvest Tree Vibrations Energy [Project]

8.Microbial fuel cells: food waste as a sugar source [Project]

9. Transparent and Flexible Energy Harvesting Device using Bi-Layer Graphene [Project]

10. Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer through Competitive Lateral-flow Assays and Deep Learning. [Project]

11. Will educating about organ donation have impact on intent for organ donation? [Project]

12. A natural anti-bacterial solution using rainwater and persimmon calyx [Project]

13. Improving speaking ability after hearing loss with bone conduction and diaphragm voice-training techniques [Project]

14. Noninvasive Blood Glucose Concentration Monitoring via Interferometry and Thermal Technology [Project]

15. Oral Health Advisor with a sensor, mobile cloud application, and machine learning [Project]

16. Water Recycling: The Effects of Soapnut Grey Water on the Environment [Project]

17. Making the road safer with Computer Vision Algorithms [Project]

18. Averrhoa Bilimbi – A Natural Coagulant For Rubber Latex [Project]

19. A convolutional neural network based approach to plant disease diagnosis [Project]

20. Cheap production of nitrogen pesticides and fertilizers through hydrolysis of plant protein [Project]

21. Using Carbon-Coated Sea Shells for the Filtration of Lead-Contaminated Water [Project]

22. Enhance fishermen safety and productivity by use of GPS [Project]

23. Reducing Styrofoam trash AND purifying water [Project]

24. Smart Wound Care for the Future [Project]

25. Increasing Blast and Impact Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings [Project]

26. Combatting drought with orange peels [Project]

27. Analysis of Rocket Guidance Systems to Enhance Space Flight Maneuverability [Project]

28. Simple chemiresistor-based alkane sensor to detect lung cancer from the exhaled breath [Project]

29. Creating a simple diagnostic tool for earlier detection of cardiac disease [Project]

30. Biodegrading Naphthenic Acids using Sand Bioreactors in Bitumen Extraction from Oil Sands [Project]

31. Combating the global food crisis: Diazotroph Bacteria as a Cereal Crop Growth Promoter [Project]

32. A flashlight that runs solely on the heat of the human hand [Project]

33. Computer-aided Discovery of Novel Influenza Endonuclease Inhibitors to Combat Flu Pandemic [Project]

34. Squid-Jet, a bio-inspired underwater vehicle that uses jet propulsion [Project]

35. Can marinating chicken prior to grilling reduce carcinogens? [Project]

36. Determine the mechanism by which cancer cells resist cisplatin [Project]

37. Investigate why the common household mold causes asthma [Project]

38. Moon Helium-3 Energy That Could Be Beamed Back to the Earth [Project]

39. Effect of carbon dioxide on temperature change in the atmosphere [Project]

40. Effect of Human Activity on Water Quality and Stream Pollution [Project]

41. Effect of Human Activity on Benthic Survey and Water Quality Parameters [Project]

42. A Soluble Separation Solution

43. Adsorption: Dyeing Fabrics with Kool-Aid

44. Balloon Morphing: How Gases Contract and Expand

45. Bath Bomb Science | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

46. Big Pieces or Small Pieces: Which React Faster? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

47. Boyle’s Law: Pressure vs. Volume of a Gas at Constant Temperature | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

48. Bring on the Heat! Investigating Exothermic Reaction Rates | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

49. Bubble-ology | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

50. The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

51. ABC’s of Programming: Writing a Simple ‘Alphabetizer’ with JavaScript | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

52. Bits, Bytes, and Bases: Write a JavaScript Binary/Decimal/Hexadecimal Converter | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

53. Build an Electronic Piano with a Raspberry Pi | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

54. Building Personal Medicine Apps to Help Patients | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

55. Can You Crowdsource a Better School Environment? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

56. CD Burning: Take it to the Edge | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

57. Computer Sleuth: Identification by Text Analysis | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

58. Construct a Carnival Buzzer Game with a Raspberry Pi | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

59. Crack the Code: Breaking a Caesar Cipher | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

60. Battle of the Senses: Taste Versus Smell | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

61. Burning Calories: How Much Energy is Stored in Different Types of Food? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

62. Candy Chromatography: What Makes Those Colors? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

63. Chemistry of Baking Ingredients 1: How Much Baking Powder Do Quick Breads Need? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

64. Choice Cheesecakes: Which Baking Method is the Best? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

65. Determining Iodide Content of Salt | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

66. Do Oranges Lose or Gain Vitamin C After Being Picked? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

67. Smarter Farming with Aerial Photo Analysis | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

68. Something’s Fishy About That Fertilizer | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

69. The Big Dig | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

70. Too Much of a Good Thing? Study the Effect of Fertilizers on Algal Growth | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

71. Beach Bum Science: Compression of Wet Sand | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

72. Can Plants Stop Soil Erosion? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

73. Fantastic Fossilization! Discover the Conditions For Creating the Best Cast Fossils | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

74. ‘They’re Not Sticking!’ A Study of Gender Responses to Frustration | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

75. Apparent Motion & Animation | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

76. Are Childproof Containers Really Childproof? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

77. Calling It Quits: What Is the Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

78. Candy Confusion: Can Small Children Mistake Medicine for Candy? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

79. Do People Use Different Passwords for Different Accounts? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

80. Do Preferences Bias Our Choices? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

81. Do the Eyes Have It? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

82. Do You Hear What You See? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

83. A Day in the Life of Your Heart | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

84.Are You Left or Right Sided? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

85. Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You? Discover the Science Behind Afterimages! | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

86. Blood Clotting to the Rescue: How to Stop Too Much Blood from Flowing | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

87. Blood Sugar Balancing Act: How Exercise Tips the Scales | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

88. Breath of Life: Does Exercise Increase Vital Capacity? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

89. Can Your Body Temperature Tell the Time of Day? Find Out with Human Circadian Cycles. | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

90. Measuring Your Taste Threshold | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

91. Measuring Concussion Risk in Football and Other Contact Sports | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

92. Make a Heart Rate Monitor | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

93. Make Your Own Stethoscope | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

94. Old Salty: Does Age Affect the Ability to Detect Salt? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

95. Dog Scents: The Super Nose of Man’s Best Friend | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

96. Dog Smarts: What’s Going On Behind Those Puppy-Dog Eyes? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

97. Dog Toys: What Makes One a Favorite or a Flop to Fido? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

98. Eeew, Dog Breath! Does Active Play Take Your Dog’s Breath Away? | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

99. How Food Supplements Affect Weight Gain of Juvenile Mice | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

100. Correlation Between Relative Pitch and Age, Gender, or Musical Background | Science Project (sciencebuddies.org)

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