SpiralToys.com Acquires OLPGlobalKids.org To Further Foster Youth Leadership and STEM Education

SpiralToys.com has acquired OLPGlobalKids.org.

The online property formally home to the Global Kids Online Leadership Program finds its new place with STEM toy and education website, SpiralToys.com.

OLP Global Kids, a program founded in 2010, was dedicated to integrating a youth development approach and international and public policy issues into youth media programs that built digital literacy, fostered substantive online dialogues, developed resources for educators, and promoted civic participation.

Spiral Toys hopes to continue the OLP Global legacy by nourishing youth leadership through digital content and education focused on STEM concentrations.

We are excited to continue to add more value and opportunity to the next generation of young leaders.

If you’re a young STEM leader or a parent of one looking for great resources we’ve compiled some here:

Spiral Toys Home

Spiral Toys Knowledge Base and STEM Projects

Spiral Toys Educational Toys

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