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Last Update: May 22nd, 2022

Stacking is a deceptively fun and important activity – especially for babies. In fact, stacking is a valuable and vital exercise that opens children to a varied amount of benefits that range from physical to emotional rewards.

Children’s development starts in the womb. Once they are born into the world, their body and mind continue to develop. From their first year in the world to up to three years of age, it’s important that children are equipped with toys that will hone and sharpen their physical, mental, emotional, and social skills.

Stacking toys help this cause greatly as aside from providing physical exercises that are best for children one to three years old like activities that improve dexterity and motor skills, it also boosts their spatial awareness and ability to think critically. Stacking, to kids, can also be an exercise of trial and error, which helps improve their patience and introduce them to the important concept of failure.

Blocks are the most basic toys. To some adult eyes, the typical block may seem dull but they’re actually anything but boring. Blocks are actually considered to be universally entertaining as even a number of adults today enjoy the flexibility of blocks as a toy or object of entertainment.

This article will introduce you to some of the best stacking toys, like blocks, on the market to help you and the kids develop problem-solving skills, and hand and wrist control. Finding the best toys for your kids isn’t easy.

Stacking Peg Board Set Toy | JUMBO PACK

The undeniable effectiveness of the Stacking Peg Board Set Toy | JUMBO PACK has been recognized by doctors and child development professionals alike. This stacking set re-envisioned the typical stacking toys that prominently come in the form of blocks.

Using pegs that tightly securely and securely lock into each other, the Stacking Peg Board Set Toy | JUMBO PACK has proven itself as an instrument of learning that benefits children and their development. This stacking toy set has been frequently used in occupational therapy and is a common fixture in clinics, classrooms, and playrooms at school.

The way this innovation works is that it provides children with the same thrill and excitement of any stacking game but with the added eccentricity of brightly-colored pegs and the satisfying popping of the pieces as they lock. The entire experience is fun and educational at the same time as the kids can build all sorts of structures as they stack the pegs on top of each other.

The toy was specially made with the intent to improve preschoolers’ hand-eye coordination, strengthen their visual perception, sharpen their fine motor skills, and recognize patterns.

The entire package consists of 60 pegs that come in six different colors and one board. Each piece was specifically made to be easy for children to grasp and handle to make stacking just challenging enough so that the young minds don’t become too frustrated.

Tecjoe Montessori Toys Wooden Stacking Toys for Kids

These days, stacking isn’t limited to just blocks. From pegs to cutely embellished Tetris pieces, the stacking activity has reached amazing heights. Tecjoe Montessori Toys Wooden Stacking Toys for Kids takes the art of stacking toys a bit further by making innovative changes to the foundation where the stacking happens and the shape of the materials that constitute the blocks.

To push the learning experience further, the arced base of the stacking set makes for a more challenging playtime as its boat-shaped foundation makes stacking each block harder. It can be a great challenge for kids ranging from a year to six years old as this game was designed to improve kids’ concentration, logic, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and social skills between friends and parents.

The stacking toy package has a total of 24 blocks that have three of each of the available shapes. The shapes that come with the stacking toy are Tetrises, cuboids, cubes, and many more. The blocks also come in eight different colors that feature a cute design.

WODI Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy Early Educational Sorting Nesting Building Blocks Matching Games 

Keeping children engaged in learning and playtime can be a task for many parents. WODI Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy Early Educational Sorting Nesting Building Blocks Matching Games provides a practical and efficient solution to this problem – give them the same activity but in a different form.

This way, they learn very similar skills through a new and unique experience. This toy package follows the trend of using shapes that can step in as innovative alternatives to the traditional Montessori Block.

WODI Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy Early Educational Sorting Nesting Building Blocks Matching Games provide children with a variety of choices for their stacking activities like seven arches, seven square arches, six circle nesting blocks, and seven wooden peg dolls. All of these pieces are stackable and are painted in exciting colors.

Aside from being classic stacking toys, they can also be used in creating all sorts of structures through a combination of the pieces. Such activities can help children nurture their imagination and improve their hand-eye coordination.

30Pcs Building Blocks Stacking Educational Toys

Kids can create all sorts of structures when they’re given a variety of shapes to use for playtime. With uniquely-shaped blocks and bright colors to match, the 30Pcs Building Blocks Stacking Educational Toys is a versatile choice for your kids’ playtime essentials.

With specially-crafted shapes that can capture your children’s attention, the 30Pcs Building Blocks Stacking Educational Toys makes use of 30 stacking blocks that come in five different colors, five unique shapes, and five sizes. The guiding manual alone can show kids over 60 different ways to design their stacks. This activity can enrich your kids’ imaginations and take their creativity to greater heights.

The 30Pcs Building Blocks Stacking Educational Toys also develops the mental and physical facets of a child’s growth, giving kids amazing exercises that sharpen their thinking skills, refine their fine motor skills, enhance their problem-solving skills, and nurture their hand-eye coordination.

The stacking set is packaged in a stylish blue bag for easy access. True to the Montessori learning philosophy, this bag can be used to teach children the good habit of putting the toys back where they belong.

FRONOR Dinosaurs Montessori Building Blocks 

Combining the elements of the timeless activity of stacking and the entertaining element of dinosaurs, the FRONOR Dinosaurs Montessori Building Blocks is an extremely engaging and unique stacking toy.

This building block set makes use of dinosaur-shaped blocks that fit amazingly together. They also come in different colors and shapes of kids’ favorite dino species. There are 10 colorful dinosaurs in this stacking package and a half-moon wooden base. The wooden base was crafted in a boat-shaped design to make the stacking activity more challenging for the kids.

This dinosaur stacking toy is designed to improve their color perception and enhance their color knowledge. The dinosaur blocks can also be used as pieces for imaginary play. As a stacking activity, it also delivers exercises that improve spatial recognition, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

Amazon Basics Wooden Shape Sorter and Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy Set

Adding a sorting element to the stacking activity adds a dimension of the organization to the already beneficial exercise. The AmazonBasics Wooden Shape Sorter and Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy Set has a dual function of a shape sorting toy and a rainbow stacker toy.

The AmazonBasics Wooden Shape Sorter and Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy Set are packaged in a portable bucket that has the shape-sorting feature right on the lid. 10 colorful blocks that come in five different shapes are stored within the box for children to play with wherever and whenever they’d like. The box also helps the Montessori exercise of having kids put back all the toys to where they belong.

The material used to create the Amazon Basics Wooden Shape Sorter and Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy Set is FSC-certified wood and some plastic to strengthen its constitution. Safe and reliable, kids can benefit from this toy as soon as they’re a year old.

Amazon Basics Kids Interactive 5-Game Math Set

Perfect for kids belonging to a more advanced age bracket, the AmazonBasics Kids Interactive 5-Game Math Set provides parents and children with highly intelligent yet entertaining toys.

Packaging a geometric pegboard, a sorting board, fraction cubes, number tiles that go from 1-10, and an activity clock together, the AmazonBasics Kids Interactive 5-Game Math Set is a celebration of toys that contribute to a child’s development.

The toys are all mathematically-inclined and are presented creatively to ensure that kids stay engaged and entertained as they learn. Each toy is made out of durable rubberwood and is safe for children of all ages. The AmazonBasics Kids Interactive 5-Game Math Set is best for children over four years old and can develop their motor skills, ability to retain their memory, and mathematical and strategic capacities.

CRUISTORE Cardboard Nesting and Stacking Blocks Set

What’s special about the CRUISTORE Cardboard Nesting and Stacking Blocks Set is that it’s jam-packed with information that children can grasp and learn. This toy is an excellent way to introduce concepts about letters, numbers, plants, and animals to your kids as they organize and stack the blocks however they like.

There are 10 blocks in this stacking toy set. Four sides of each block are designed with informational graphics that range from letters to plants so children can learn about various concepts as they go about their stacking activities.

Each of the blocks is made out of excellent quality corrugated paper and each pattern is color-printed, safe, and eco-friendly so it’s safe for your children’s use. The product abides by the standards of the CE and CPSIA Standards and was tested and certified by International Accredited Labs.

Aside from improving kids’ hand-eye coordination, imagination, and motor skills, the CRUISTORE Cardboard Nesting and Stacking Blocks Set is also designed to entertain and inspire children. It’s also an added value that the stacking toy set is portable as boxes can be packed into a bigger box.

Toddlers and Babies Dinosaur Sorting and Stacking Toys Blocks

The Toddlers and Babies Dinosaur Sorting and Stacking Toys Blocks is a multifunctional stacking toy that comes with adorable dinosaur figures that can be housed within each of the beautifully decorated blocks.

This stacking toy package is an excellent early education learning material for growing toddlers as its colors and textures can make for a wonderful sensory experience. The colorful blocks can be stacked on top of each other to make a tall tower and nest each of the baby dinosaurs on each level.

In total, this package includes six boxes numbered from one to six and painted in cute dinosaur patterns and six dinosaur figures with corresponding numbers from one to six so the kids can mix and match. 

The toy is best for children about one year old as it can introduce them to foundational concepts like sizes, numbers, counting, colors, and of course, dinosaurs. The stacking toy is a fun way to educate kids about many important learning points while exercising their physical skills through classic stacking activities.

Silicone Stacking Rainbow

A strong and effective instrument for improving hand-eye coordination and creative thinking is the Silicone Stacking Rainbow which works as a stacking toy and lego-esque learning instrument that children can use to create a variety of shapes and structures. Children can either stack each piece to create a complete rainbow or combine each piece to form unique shapes, giving them many options for playtime.

The toy is made out of food-grade silicone, a material that has a special texture that can make for an interesting sensory experience. The toy is, of course, safe for children and has no smells, no paint, is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and smooth to the touch.  It’s recommendable for children at a young age as its constitution can make it an incredibly effective teething toy as well.

Children can build bridges, and tunnels, and combine the shapes to create shapes that resemble cows, bears, and roosters, too! The toy helps develop children’s ability to recognize color, exercise motor skills, and strengthen their critical-thinking schools.

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