20 Simple Drawing Ideas for Kids 

Reviewed & Fact Checked  by Vedangana Saini Ph. D, MS

Updated: June 29, 2022

We all know how big or wide every child’s imagination is. We’ve been there. How can kids express what they think and feel without getting bored? Drawing, this is the correct answer for that. Through drawing, kids can creatively express their imagination and draw what comes into their minds and what they see. Plus, drawing is also part of education. 

Every teacher is teaching it in kindergartens. That’s why drawing becomes a part of a kid’s life. Some kids might be good at it, but some kids are not. However, kids can quickly learn and draw many things. 

And here are 20 easy examples of drawings for kids with four categories: Nature, Things we see in cities, Foods, and Animals/Insects.



This is one of the most accessible drawings for kids but is primarily used in arts. A tree symbolizes life, and it can be used in many drawings. Almost all of the kids can draw this tree, starting by drawing a cloud representing the leaves of the tree. 

Next is to draw a thin rectangle that will show the tree’s trunk. After drawing it, color it on how a tree should look. To make it more realistic, add some small curves inside the tree’s leaves. But if the kid is good at drawing, they can make the shape of the trunk have some small bumps or curves, and they can also add some branches along the way.


Mountains are beautiful things in nature. That’s why many kids want to draw this kind of art. When drawing a mountain, it’s better to draw more than one. Even teenagers and adults, always draw a bunch of mountains. 

Drawing a lot of mountains doesn’t mean it will be more challenging. From what we can see in this art, kids can easily use only one shape. To draw mountains, you need to draw a triangle first. If you want 12 mountains, then draw 12 triangles and connect them. 

So, after drawing the triangles, add some details to the mountains. Draw some water waves at the bottom and color them green to represent the grass and trees of the mountain. The snow on the top is optional. 


It is a perfect art and will be drawn mainly by girls. It’s simple yet beautiful, an ideal art for a girl. The first thing you need to draw is the center circle. Secondly, draw a lot of ovals that will surround the circle. Thirdly, add the flower’s stem and put a leaf beside it. After drawing it, put some colors on it to make it more beautiful and colorful. 


It’s incredible, isn’t it? Drawing a volcano is fun because the outcome will be remarkable. Like drawing a mountain, you first need to draw a triangle and change the top corner. Next is to draw the lava that flows down in the volcano. 

It depends on you on how low and how much the lava is. Next is to draw a rectangle facing upwards and add some smoke at the very top to make it look more explosive. Lastly, color it so it would look more realistic. 


A sunset looks relaxing, even in drawings. This looks hard to map out, but it’s pretty easy. First, draw the land with a considerable curve.  Now add the things that will make it beautiful like the houses and the trees. 

Next is, just draw a circle representing the sun and draw some small letters m representing the birds. Here comes the tricky part in coloring this. You need two layers of color to show some fading effect, starting from a lighter shade from the top and darker color from the bottom. This may take a little practice for the kids, but they can quickly draw this kind of art after some time.

Things We See in Cities:


A house is one of the common things that kids draw. It’s simple but holds a lot of meaning. The first step is to draw the house’s base, and the following is the roof. Once you’re done with that part, the next thing would be easy, just draw some squares for the windows and a rectangle for the door. Add some color if you want it to be more presentable.


If you’re given a task to draw the city, don’t worry. Because even the kids can draw this type of art, it’s perfect for them since it’s easy and simple. You only need two different kinds of shapes to draw this. Just draw some rectangles facing upwards and squares for the mirrors. It’s easy, right? 


A car is always present in a city. Every corner or street of cities has cars. Many kids are also using this in terms of drawing. They always draw this because they can see this every time, and it’s not that complicated to draw. 

There are a lot of cars that can be drawn, but this type is the easiest. Not just that, most of the kids see this type of car in a show called “Mr. Bean” that’s why they want to draw this. The steps are easy, just draw the vehicle’s body and add two circles below. 

Add another small circle in both outer circles to look more like a tire. Lastly, draw the light, door, and windows, and you’re done.


A boat is one of the unique things a kid can see because it’s a vehicle floating on the water. They also like making boats out of paper and putting them in the water. Since they enjoy playing with boats, it’s perfect for them to draw this kind of vehicle. 

Drawing a boat is easy for kids since it’s like drawing a banana with a flag on top of it. And to make it more fantastic, add some waves underneath the boat.


Mostly every kid’s dream is to fly to the extent that they want to ride an airplane and go to different places in the world. As a result, most school-age children already draw this because most teachers instruct them to draw their desires. 

This is simple to draw since after drawing the airplane’s body, you just need to add two wings on each side and another three for the tail. Draw some small circles for the windows and add some clouds to make them beautiful for the finishing touches.


French Fries

This food makes most of the kids happy when eating outside their houses, especially in McDonald’s and Jollibee. Due to this reason, many kids are drawing this kind of food. The steps are easy. Just draw an upside-down trapezoid for its body and many rectangles for the fries.


One of the most famous desserts for kids is cupcakes. It’s a smaller version of cakes and has various flavors that the kids would love. 

Most of them drew this because it’s pretty basic in drawing their favorite dessert. You also just need to draw an upside-down trapezoid for its body and draw a rock shape for its cake. To make it more accurate, add some small circles for its toppings.


The flavor or taste of cheese is what most kids like. It’s soft yet so delicious, perfect for kids. A lot of them want to draw this kind of food because it’s so easy to draw. Just draw a rectangle first and a triangle on top, but the end of the triangle should have a curve. To add some final touches, draw some circles and color it yellow to make it look like a slice of cheese. 


I think most of us know why a lot of kids like pineapples. This fruit is famous for kids since this is the house of SpongeBob’s well-known cartoon character, even teenagers or adults know that. 

Consequently, many of them like to draw a pineapple because it reminds them of that cartoon show. To illustrate this, just draw an oval for its body and add some leaves on the top. Wouldn’t it be complete without a spike, right? Just add some triangle shapes without the bottom part and draw them inside the oval.

Most of us like to eat cookies, especially the kids. And for the kids, this dessert is one of the most accessible foods that everyone can draw. You only need one shape to draw a cookie. Just draw a big circle first, add some small circles inside it, and make it darker than the giant circle. By doing that, you will draw a perfect cookie with some chocolate chips inside it.



In sea creatures, a fish is one of the most accessible animals drawn by anyone, even the kids. You just need to draw an eye shape for its body and add the fins. After you’re almost done, just add the scales and the head part to make it more detailed. It’s easy and simple, right? To make it more beautiful, try adding some colors to it. 


It’s creepy, isn’t it? But for most kids, especially boys, spiders are incredible insects. Because the most outstanding image of a kid is when a spider bites them and acquires some powers afterward, just like the famous superhero Spider-man, for this reason, a lot of kids try to draw this insect. 

Upon drawing this, there are only four easy steps to take. The first is to draw a circle for the head, the second is to draw an oval for the body, the third is to add four legs on each side, and the fourth is to add the eye and fangs of the spider. 



If boys have spiders, girls have butterflies. This is one of the most pretty insects they can see for girls because of its gorgeous wings. Due to this particular reason, many kids have already drawn a butterfly. But for starters, you first need to draw the head and body. After that, you can draw the wings and make them as colorful as possible, just like the drawing above.


A bat is one of the most mysterious animals and is rarely seen by kids. Some kids are drawing this kind of bat since they see this in cartoons or tv shows. They are used to drawing this cute type of bat. The kids can quickly draw this. 

Just like butterflies, you first need to draw the head and body of this bat before its wings. After that, add the ears and face of the bat to make it cuter. And remember to always use black or gray colors in coloring the bat.


Being the most common house pet of all animals, many kids love dogs. That’s why a lot of people also like to draw dogs. We all know that there are different types or breeds of dogs, but this dog above is the easiest dog that kids can draw. 

As with any other drawing, you must begin with the head and work your way down to the body. The legs and tail are added following the dog’s head and body drawing. You will be able to draw a cute dog after completing these steps.

Those 20 examples of drawing were a piece of cake, right? These are just simple drawings for kids and a good starting point for them. 

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