Top 50 Cut and Paste Activities for Preschoolers This 2022

Last Update: May 23rd, 2022

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Cutting and pasting as a form of activity for toddlers has a lot of benefits. For starters, it helps them develop their fine motor skills and aids in improving their hand-eye coordination. In this digital world where everything is instant, it also builds focus and attention. 

Using scissors improves hand strength for children and helps them master the tool, which can help them use it safely and more effectively later on. Furthermore, cutting and pasting is such a fun activity, especially if parents and educators keep it varied and exciting each time. 

Here are the top 50 cut and paste activities for preschoolers this 2022 that your kids should try!

1.More Than 80 Preschool Activities to Practice Scissor Skills, Coloring, and Pasting

This cut and paste activity book is big enough for the little hands of your little one who is just practicing his fine motor skills. 

It involves basic shapes and day-to-day objects that will ensure fun for hours! In addition to that, your little one can also color the glued pieces with different hues!

2. Preschool Cutting and Pasting

Kids are endlessly fascinated with vehicles, so this activity is perfect because they get to cut and glue their own truck! 

Using this activity book, kids can cut the shapes and glue them together using the guide. It is complete with other accessories like a hose, ladder, and even vehicle sirens.

3. Skills for Kids Over 50 Things to Make

This workbook has over 50 cut and paste activities for your little one! This will surely keep them busy and engaged for hours, from the most basic shapes to the more complex objects! Your little preschooler can also practice coloring once done with the cutting and pasting.

4. A Fun Cutting Practice Activity 

Using the guide on what a bear should look like, kids can cut the different shapes corresponding to its body parts and arrange them to create their own image of a bear! 

This fun activity will enable the child to make silly and weird shapes while figuring out the bear’s body parts correctly. It is fun, engaging, and teaches the child many valuable things.

5. Big Skills for Little Hands Cut & Paste Preschool Workbook

This one got it all! Big Skills for Little Hands contains shapes, alphabets, numbers, pictures, and other puzzles to enhance your child’s development. First, it practices eye-hand coordination and precision through cutting and pasting activities. 

In addition to that, it also has letters and numbers that your child can practice naming. Lastly, there are also cut-and-paste puzzles that will boost kids’ cognitive development by practicing their spatial awareness.

6. My First Scissor Skills Workbook

This activity is better intended for younger ones. This involves the basic cutting of simple shapes such as stars, hearts, and diamonds and matching them to the outline on the page. 

This is a great starter activity for toddlers that are just starting to learn how to cut different shapes and are just beginning to match similar ones together. By starting with this, your little one’s fine motor skills are bound to improve by leaps!

7. Valentine’s Day Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is a cut-and-paste activity that’s perfect for your little one this February. This is composed of heart shapes and other animals that will surely be perfect for this love month! There are also chocolate cut-outs that your child can paste inside a gift box!

 8. Cutting and Pasting 

This activity book for preschoolers involves day-to-day objects that they can cut and paste to form a complete picture. It enhances hand-eye coordination, teaches cutting and pasting through practice, and builds fine motor skills. 

An example activity would be to cut vehicles like taxis and paste them on the road to drive. Your child will surely enjoy pretend-play through this exciting workbook!

9. Preschool Cut, Paste, and Play Mega Fun Learning Pad 

This activity book is unique because it also involves cutting patterns on papers that make 3D paper toys! It practices sorting, matching, patterns, logic, and fine motor skills. Through recognition of shapes, this will practice how your child solves simple problems.

10. Learn Scissor Skills! (Includes Safety Scissors!) 

With over 26 activities that your child can do, this activity book will practice your child’s scissor skills. It has different objects with intricate shapes to get those hand muscles ready and accurate. 

11. Halloween Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool

Although Halloween is a few months from now, your preschooler can begin cutting out the pages of this workbook with a Halloween theme. It involves cats, pumpkins, spooky houses, and other ghost-like figures. It’s spooky but definitely engaging and fun!

12. Sequencing: Cut and Paste Activities 

Teaching patterns and sequences is vital for preschoolers because it prepares them for Math and improves their ability to make logical connections on different objects. It teaches them how to make and develop a hypothesis. 

Cut and paste is an exciting way to teach patterns! Simply cut the items and paste them so that they create a form. Your little one will find this lesson fun, challenging and unforgettable!

13. Cute Animal Paper Craft Activities to Color, Cut Out, and Glue

Let’s go to the zoo – but only through this cut and paste activity! This workbook includes cute animal friends that you can cut, assemble and paste. The list contains some pandas, giraffes, bears, and lions, but those are not the only ones. You can also color the animals once done.

14. Cut Out Cute Full-Color Images of Animals, Vehicles, and Plants 

You can cut out pictures of people, animals, vehicles, and plants in this activity. This one is perfect for both young kids and older ones. The cut-outs involve some large patterns perfect for those tiny hands and some small ones that will challenge those fine motor skills.

15. Easter Scissor Skills Activity Book for Kids

Bunnies, eggs, and everything Easter-related are what this workbook is about! It’s the perfect activity for your bored toddler during Easter as she can practice her scissor skills and paste abilities. She can also decorate and color these cute little eggs as a bonus!

16. School Zone – Cut & Paste Skills Workbook 


This workbook aims to prepare your little one for school. It includes cutting and pasting, matching the things that go together, and completing the parts of a picture. Aside from eye-hand coordination, it also enhances focus and readiness in young kids.

17. Valentine’s Day Cut And Paste Workbooks for Kids Ages 4-8 


Another Valentine’s Day activity, but it’s more intended for older kids this time. This activity book includes cutting and pasting letters to form words. It requires kids to identify the alphabet and know word formation. It also includes logic-enhancing activities such as which among the objects don’t belong and assembling cut-outs together to form a pattern.

18. Beach Fun Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool 


Bring the beach fun to your home with this beach-themed cut and paste workbook. It includes the toys and objects that you usually find on the beach, and it also has some puzzles for your little one to enjoy. 

Get those crayons ready, too, because the pages are all black and white and are available for coloring!

19. Cut and Paste Vehicles Activity Book for Kids


With over 50 outlines that your toddler can cut and paste, this activity book is the ultimate Cut and Paste Vehicle workbook. 

It includes your typical car, construction vehicles, trains, airplanes, air balloons, boats, helicopters, and rockets! This is an exciting workbook that will surely entice your child to practice his scissor skills.

20. Mermaid Paper Doll Coloring, Cut and Paste 


This magical workbook will be well-loved by your little daughter. It includes mermaids and other magical sea creatures that will surely leave her in awe. You can cut, paste and dress these mystical beings, then color them to your liking!

21. Dinosaur Scissor Skills Workbook for Preschool Kids  


Dinosaurs are one of the creatures that children love! So if your child is curious and interested in them too, this activity book is for him! This workbook includes over 30 dinosaur kinds that you can practice cutting and pasting. We bet he’ll love naming them too!

22. Scissor Skills Let’s Cut and Color 


This one is not your ordinary workbook because it involves fun with animals, shapes, toys, and so much more! 

The cute and fun objects are inside a black outline that your child can use as a guide in cutting. After that, he can practice pasting and coloring them. This is an enjoyable way to build focus and improve motor skills!

 23. 25 Cut-Out Activities for Kids Ages 4-8 


This is the perfect cut-out activity for your little one who loves crafts! This includes 25 cut-out activities that your little one can follow. 

It even has templates to create fantastic origami animals, put on a clothespin puppet show, and make your own jigsaw puzzle. It’s definitely excellent and entertaining!

24. Scissor Skills for Little Girls 


This preschool cutting and coloring activity book includes objects and toys that little girls usually love! It includes princesses, unicorns, butterflies, castles, and rainbows. This workbook also is a chance to unleash your daughter’s creativity because she can color them afterward.

25. Kindergarten Math Cut and Paste Activities


This excellent cut and paste activity involves lots of Math to prepare your little one for school. It includes counting and cutting numbers from 1 to 100, addition and subtraction, identifying the time, shapes, money, and place value. 

It’s a good starter workbook that can introduce your child to Math but won’t overwhelm him.

26. Cut and Paste: Science


Prepare your little Scientist for Science and Technology with this Cut and Paste workbook. This teacher-created resource ensures that your little one will learn important and exciting things. 

It contains topics about the parts of a plant, parts of the body, the solar system, and other cool pages that will guarantee a fun learning experience! Make sure that your kid can read already before offering this, though!

27. Garbage Fun Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool


Kids these days are endlessly fascinated with garbage trucks! I am not sure if it’s about their mechanical parts that can be controlled by the driver or their various forms and shapes. But either way, your toddler will find this Garbage Fun workbook fun and amusing!

28. Scissor Skills Book for Kids: Fun with Food 


Different kinds of food are in here for your kid to cut – from ice creams to pasta, to pizza, and to fruits and vegetables. You can also paste them on a plate or arrange them according to food groups! It’s a fun way to cut and paste while learning other valuable lessons.

Kids from ages 3 to 5 will find this scissor skills book enticing in every way because it includes food! 

29. Camping Fun Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool 


Your last camping trip might be over, but it doesn’t mean that all the fun is gone! With this activity book, your toddler can cut objects related to camping! 

That includes camper bags, telescopes, compasses, logs, tents, campfires, and even s’mores! They can then arrange them into the perfect camping setting and paste them together. Don’t forget to make the pictures colorful once done!

30. Cut and Glue Activity Book: Scissors Skill Color & Cut out and Glue 


Cut and glue the different body parts of animals to make them complete! This cut and glue activity book includes more than 10 pages of cute animals that your little one can practice cutting and pasting. Aside from that, completing the picture also enhances their problem-solving skills and hones their logic.

31. Monster Trucks Scissors Skills Coloring Book for Kids 4-8 


This activity book is adrenaline-filled and exciting for your little boy! He will surely enjoy cutting, pasting, and coloring these monster trucks that are strong, huge, and powerful in every way! 

With over 20 pages filled with compelling images, we bet you this workbook will soon be his favorite.

32. Christmas Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool 


We just finished December, but it’s never too early to prepare for next Christmas! Your little one will enjoy decorating with you with this straightforward activity book. 

It includes reindeers, snowmen, Santa Claus, Christmas socks, and tons of gifts! Get your green and red crayons ready, too, because you can color all the beautiful pages too!

33. Spidey and His Amazing Friends Scissor Skills Coloring & Activity Book 


This one is another activity book that’s unique, exciting, and fun! This includes Spidey and His Amazing Friends that you can cut, color and paste. 

If your child loves Spiderman, he will surely enjoy practicing his fine motor skills on this workbook. This is also a great chance to tell him the stories of the other incredible and unique characters!

34. Practice Cutting Farm Animals Shapes & Lines 


Sheep, Cows, Horses, Chickens, and Pigs are the main characters in this farm-themed workbook! It includes cutting the animals and other farm-related stuff such as barns and tractors and pasting them together. 

It’s fun and will surely heighten your child’s interest in the different animals on the farm!

35. Color, Cut, & Create Space


A rocket ship may be one of the most amazing things for kids. No wonder so many are fascinated about it! This workbook includes rocket ships and space-related things, including satellites, the moon, stars, and comets. 

36. Construction Vehicles Scissor Skills 


Construction vehicles are a hit among children! They love seeing excavators, tractors, trucks, cranes, and other mechanisms that awe and inspire them. This workbook is perfect to practice their cutting, pasting, and coloring abilities while also keeping them amused and engaged.

37. Winter Season: A Fun Cutting Practice Workbook 


Practice your child’s ability to cut and paste using this Winter-themed workbook. This book contains the familiar objects that we see during the winter season. There are the snowman, sleds, and different snow shapes to get those hand muscles working!

38. Trace the Letters, Coloring the Object, Cut and Paste to Match the Numbers 


Multiple activities in one workbook! This one is best for your little one, who loves challenges and staying busy. It has letter tracings, coloring the object, and cutting and pasting shapes to match the numbers. This will expose your child to Math, phonics, and other fine motor skills.

39. Octonauts Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool 


Welcome to the world of Octonauts! If your kid is into this series, he will immensely enjoy cutting and pasting the characters of this fandom. The characters here include Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Shellington, and some of the Vegimals! All the cut-outs are adorable and fun to play with!

40. Monster & Cut 


This scissor skill activity book has monsters of different kinds! From the one-eyed ones to the ones with impossible shapes, this will not only practice hand-eye coordination but will also boost your child’s creativity and imagination.

41. Cut and Glue: Activity Book for Kids


Easy and simple – these are the two words that best describe this cut and glue activity book for kids. It involves elementary animal shapes that the child can cut, assemble and paste. It includes basic shapes such as circles, oblong, and triangles

It’s a fun way to practice cutting and pasting, but more than that, it’s also a great way to learn about putting cut-outs together to form one complete picture.

42. Cut & Paste Math 


This activity book is better suited for older kids as this involves identifying the shape of the objects in the book. This requires the child to be able to read the figures, then cut and match them to the ones that it corresponds to. 

This is an enjoyable and engaging way to learn about shapes in a way that’s easy to recall and remember.

43. Fun with Sea Creatures Cutting Practice Workbook


Let’s explore the sea with this scissor skills book! Fascinating sea creatures can be found in this workbook for your toddler to cut and paste. At the same time, familiar ones such as crabs, shells, dolphins, and fish can also be cut and pasted!

44. Summer Scissor Skills Activity Book for Kids 


The best part of the year is the theme of this activity book for kids. Set up your own summer day with the objects in this workbook. 

This includes shades, sand, a summer chair, and a smoothie to help you get through the humid weather. This is an excellent way to get your child excited for your upcoming beach trip!

45. Fun at the Park Cutting Practice Workbook 


Recreate your fun day at the park with this cutting practice workbook. It’s a great way to practice the fine motor skills of your child while also helping her remember the things that she saw on your fun day. This activity book includes trees of different sizes and shapes, bikes, birds, and the sun!

46. St Patrick’s Day Cut and Paste Workbook for Preschool


Coins, shamrocks, and leprechauns are being cut and pasted on this workbook for preschools. It’s perfect for when the holiday is around the corner, and kids like to participate on a particular day. As a bonus, the pages are black and white and require coloring!

47.  Fun Thanksgiving, Autumn and Fall Cut and Paste Activity Book for Kids


With this activity book for kids ages 2 to 5, they can cut anything that’s thanksgiving and autumn-related! 

This includes yellow leaves, pumpkins, and other specialties we serve during thanksgiving. The pasting activity involves grouping and sorting all those shapes and objects they cut. This is a nice way to learn about object classifications such as food, plants, and fruits.

48. Fun with Letters Cutting Practice Workbook 


This is an entertaining and creative way to learn more about the alphabet! Instead of the usual, which involves looking at the alphabet and identifying them one by one, this consists in cutting the alphabet outlines. 

By doing this, the child gets more familiar with the alphabet as he/she experiences actually cutting them. They can also put the cut letters together to form simple words as they grow older.

49. Cut and Paste Workbook for Girls 


Surprise your daughter with this cut and paste workbook, specially designed for girls. This includes princesses and castles that your little one can cut and paste together to form complete pictures. 

This enhances image recognition, problem-solving abilities, and comprehension. Preschoolers can also learn to match the images through trial and error. Starting with simple ones like this provides challenges for younger kids without putting too much pressure or overwhelming them.

50. Learn Scissor Skills with Dragons 


Your child’s imagination will be fed exceptionally with this preschooler cut and paste activity. With over 50 dragons of different shapes and colors, discover the magical world of these fire-breathing creatures!


Cutting and pasting are essential activities for preschoolers because they improve fine motor skills. Eye and hand coordination practices the muscles of the hand and teaches kids the concept of finality for cutting and the concept of stickiness and permanence for pasting. 

There are a lot of activities that kids can enjoy while practicing these valuable skills, and these may vary from the simplest ones to more complex ones for older kids.

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