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When the pandemic first hit us back in 2020, parents were faced with new challenges. Overnight, they became teachers and home office employees. However, the biggest challenge that most parents faced was probably how to keep the kids entertained and get them to do physical activities while stuck at home. Thankfully, Florida-based company Brainrich Kids has the perfect solution to that problem!

According to their website, the idea behind these home play gyms is simple. “Rainy weather, extreme heat, wildfires, or COVID shouldn’t steal our kids’ happy childhood!” Since physical activity directly affects a child’s cognitive development, home play gyms are the perfect solution. Another great thing about it is that it can greatly benefit parents who have kids who are part of the autism spectrum. These gyms provide the capacity for active kids to burn tons of energy while being in a safe environment. 

The idea behind the Brainrich Kids isn’t entirely unique, though. Swedish walls have been around for many decades and are popular in Eastern Europe for kids and adults alike. In fact, Brainrich Kids’ founder, Yegor Nadvornyy, had an indoor gym when he was younger, and was his inspiration for starting this family-owned business. 

There are different kinds of home play gyms, but Brainrich Kids is one of the best. The company specifically works with a manufacturer in Russia that has had a long history of producing the highest quality play gyms and has been awarded TÜV NORD certification and certified in ISO 9001. Each component is lead-free, made of food-grade plastic and non-toxic paint. Oh, and did I mention that the steel frame is designed to hold 220 lb of weight and has an anti-slip coating? Pretty cool, I’d say!  Although the gyms aren’t exactly cheap, you’re sure to get your money’s worth, and they are expected to last at least five years.

Depending on what you’re aiming for, there are three different versions of the BrainRich Kids play gym, but some models also have ‘Max’ and ‘Basement’ versions. You may browse their collection by clicking on this link. They also sell add-ons so you can always start with the most basic version and expand as your kids get more and more ready to try more activities.

Model T2

The Model T2 is the simplest BrainRich Kids play gym. It has a:

  • rope ladder to strengthen the core and develop overall coordination and balance
  • gymnastics ring for all kinds of exercises
  • trapeze to improve grip strength
  • climbing rope to significantly improve hands, arms, core, and back muscles.

It also comes with stimulating massage steps that have a considerable effect on the child’s neurological health.

The minimum height for this is 7’7” but is expandable up to 9’1”. The pull-up bars are also adjustable; you can move them up or down to adjust to your child’s height. There is also the option to either install them on opposite sides or open up the other bar sideways. This version comes in two colors and is priced at $499.

Spider V2

The Spider V2 model is an elevated version of the Model T2, making it the perfect play gym, especially if you’ve got more than one kid! It comes with a:

  • gymnastic rings specifically made for kids
  • trapeze that helps develop grip strength
  • climbing rope for building balance, coordination, and a strong core
  • rope ladder for enhancing dexterity skills, balance, and coordination
  • climbing net that’s also great for strength, balance, and coordination

What’s great about this is that you can customize the gyms by purchasing add-ons like a sensory swing or a sensory yoga hammock. The Spider V2 model is priced at $875 and comes in two colors: orange and light grey.

There are two other versions of the Spider V2: the Max version and the Basement Version. The Spider V2 Max is basically a Spider V2 but with an added monkey bar and climbing net. It is priced at $1,250 and also comes in two colors.

The Spider V2 Basement version is a shorter version that only needs a ceiling height of 6’10”. It’s exactly the same as the Spider V2, but since this is a basement version, it is one step shorter on the ladder. This version costs $875 and also comes in two colors.

Model W2

While the other versions are mounted to the ceiling, the Model W2 is mounted to the wall instead. This play gym is the modern version of the Swedish wall. This is perfect for ceilings that are 10 ft. or higher. The Model W2 is priced at $550 and comes in two colors: light grey and orange. The only downside to this version is that it is not adjustable by design. It is made up of: 

  • monkey bars for swinging around and improving grip strength
  • wall bars that can be used for gymnastics
  • climbing net that’s great for developing strength, balance, and coordination
  • trapeze to enhance grip strength
  • rope ladder to strengthen the core and develop overall coordination and balance

On the other hand, the Model W2 Max is an even bigger version with one more set of wall-mounted monkey bars. If you’ve got the standard version but want to upgrade, you just need to purchase additional monkey bars that are also available on their website.

In conclusion, the Brainrich Kids Home Play Gym is a good investment, especially at a time like this. It may be quite pricey, but it lasts a long time and is good at keeping your kids active even while at home. Plus, the more active your kids are during the day, the more worn out they get. Thus, the earlier and better they sleep at night!

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Brainrich Kids Home Play Gym is a good investment, especially at a time like this. It may be quite pricey, but it lasts a long time and is good at keeping your kids active even while at home.

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