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If you’re searching for the best way to stimulate your child’s development, you should consider using a Pikler triangle. Named after Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler, this type of triangle has been shown to be very effective in helping children learn and grow. 

In this article, we will review five of the best Pikler triangles for your child’s development. We will also elaborate on factors that you should consider before purchasing one. Read below to learn more!

What is a Pikler Triangle?

A Pikler is a climbing triangle designed to give children plenty of opportunities to play and practice their gross motor skills. This structure was created by Dr. Emmi Pikler, a pediatrician. She believed that children will develop their motor development through free movement. 

This toy can be introduced to children as young as 6 months. This is the age when infants usually pull themselves up and begin standing. As your children grow older and stronger, they can use the Pikler to climb up and go down.

Why Should Your Child Have a Pikler Triangle?

Many parents and educators recommend Piklers because of their ability to develop gross motor skills in children. Climbing a Pikler requires a child to use their arms, legs, hands, and feet muscles simultaneously. It also develops hand-eye coordination. The Pikler allows children to develop at their own pace. 

Once you first introduce it to your child, they might just stand on the first ladder or two. But as they gain confidence and realize the safety of this toy, they will begin to challenge themselves and try out new things to do. Giving your child a Pikler enables him or her to understand his or her abilities and strengths.

What Parents Should Look For in a Pikler Triangle?

  1. Safe

Since a Pikler is something your infant or toddler will use, the first thing to ensure is safety. You want to make sure that the triangle is assembled correctly and that there is no chance of the structure collapsing. 

Since children will climb up and go down on this toy, the finish should be perfect, and there should be no rough edges or protruding parts that might cause accidents. High-quality wood should be used too, and the sealants used must be non-toxic and safe for babies.

  1. Easy to Assemble

The ease of assembly is also an essential factor in choosing a Pikler. Piklers should be fully-assembled or at least easy to assemble so that it doesn’t pose additional challenges for parents. Foldable ones are useful for traveling families so that they can easily bring this toy to different places.

  1. Accessories

Because Piklers are used until about 6 years old (some even allow 10 years old), it is recommended that other accessories be added to keep things fun, exciting, and challenging. Slides, ramps, and ropes are some of the accessories that you can supplement this already-useful toy.

The Best Pikler Triangles On The Market

Keeping all those things in mind, we picked the best Pikler triangles from a sea of options. Here are our recommendations:

Lily & River Little Climber

Buy on: Lily & River / Pottery Barn / Etsy

This Pikler triangle from Lily & River is a crowd favorite. It’s a simple climbing triangle that can be folded, so it’s easy to arrange and keep, and it doesn’t take up too much space when your child is not using it. 

This Pikler can also hold up to 90 pounds at a time, so two young kids can play on this together. There are also multiple color options like wooden colors, white-sealed, rainbow, and others. So, this toy can perfectly match your child’s play area. 

This Pikler is already perfect as it is, but you’ll be glad to know that there are several accessories that you can upgrade this with. You can add a slide to the climber so that your child will have absolute delight in gliding down. There is also a dome climbing set for older toddlers and a rocker that can do wonders for your child’s balance.

The Lily and River brand sit in the rarified air of the most popular brands for Pikler triangles. Their most prominent brand happens to be their simplest and most efficient design, recognized as one of the best Pikler triangles in space-saving and storage management, the Lily and River Little Climber.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

Designers specifically developed the Lily and River Little Climber for toddlers. The company particularly had the playtime of two young toddlers in mind as they designed the Pikler triangle to be very easy to fold and store.

The developers used natural birch hardwood and other hardwoods to craft the products and ensure durable components on which two small children can enjoy exploring, climbing, and playing.

If you prefer a bit more adventure and diversity with your Lily and River Little Climber, you can opt for add-ons or extra features such as ladders, rock walls, and slides that can expand your Pikler triangle.

This innovative product boasts a maximum weight limit of 90 lbs, strong enough to handle the activities of two young children. As creators of the Lily and River Little Climber specifically built the model for two kids, this model facilitates activities that enhance children’s ability to communicate and cooperate. Such activities help build the foundations of social and emotional skills on top of the physical maturity the Pikler triangles naturally develop.

As the cherry on top, customers who purchase add-ons and other playroom products can enjoy playroom set discounts that help parents with affordability and budget.


  • Good for Two Small Children
  • Develops Emotional and Social Skills
  • Provides Budgetary Flexibility
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Foldable and Easy to Store


  • Is Better For Younger Children

Sprout Kids Wooden Foldable Climbing Triangle

The best thing about Sprout Kids’ Pikler is that this toy can be used for kids until the age of 10 – truly outstanding! Since it can handle up to 150 pounds, multiple younger kids can play with this simultaneously. It also comes in a beautiful Birchwood finish that your Scandinavian place will surely match. 

Their climbing structure is a bit small, perfect for indoor use. It is also foldable so you can take it away when not in use. Sprout Kids has options to have this delivered assembled or not, so it’s perfect for parents who don’t have the time and tools to build something.

Lastly, there are ramps that you can add-on to this already-useful toy. Buying these additional accessories will surely add fun and enjoyment to your child’s playtime.

Bella Luna Toys Sawdust Triangle

This Pikler from Bella Luna Toys is one of the prettiest climbing triangles in the market! There are rainbow-colored ones, pastel, natural and monochrome Piklers. These Piklers can hold up to 110 pounds, perfect for multiple kids playing altogether. 

We love its attachable slide, which has safety sides to avoid accidents. This attachable slide can be used as a bridge, a ball run, a ramp, or a climbing wall. This Pikler from Bella Luna received an FSC certification for the plywood they use for their toys. 

This ensures that the wood is child-safe, and they only use water-based lacquer for the toys’ finish.

Ewart Woods 3-in-1 Triangle Kids Playhouse

Multifunctional Play house details | Ewart Wood – EWART WOODS Design

This Pikler from Ewart Woods transforms into a playset jungle! It’s a versatile structure that can hold up to 130 pounds, allowing up to 3 younger kids to play on it simultaneously. 

Because of the numerous add-ons that you can buy with this, the playset becomes a challenging space where children will never run out of things to do! It has a rope ladder where kids can practice their grip and improve their arm muscles. It also has a swing that your child can jump on while others are busy climbing. 

It’s genuinely an exciting playset that will give your child multiple hours of interactive playtime alone or with a few playmates. The only downside is that this brand’s structure is larger than usual. It requires a larger space so your child can play safely and without interruption.

Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle

There are various brands that offer Pikler triangles, but Wiwiurka is the best when it comes to providing options! They have an extensive collection of Piklers with different sizes, options, add-ons, and 23 color selections. You’ll be sure to find what you need with Wiwiurka!

Wiwiurka’s Pikler is also foldable, so it’s a great space-saver. The sizes range from small to large, accompanying infants from 9 months old to kids up to 7 years old. Every Pikler is made to order, and parents have been happily reporting that the wait is worth it! Every item is well-made, safe, and has a beautiful finish. 

Some of the accessories you can buy with this climbing triangle are reversible ramps, rock climbing ramps, balance boards, and balance beams. These accessories improve children’s gross motor skills and make playtime more enjoyable and fun!

The Original PlayWilder Triangle

The Best Pikler Triangle Overall

Buy on: Etsy / Play Wilder

There is little to no competition in the market right now for the Original PlayWilder Triangle when it comes to personalization and versatility. This PlayWilder classic draws heavy inspiration from Dr. Pikler’s original design. What sets this product apart from its competition is the customization of the Pikler triangle it gives its customers when they order directly from the website.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

As one of the thought leaders of the industry, PlayWilder has long been a reputable and reliable designer of child development innovations like learning towers and Pikler triangles. Purchasing the Original PlayWilder Triangle through their website allows customers to choose what other features come with their Pikler Triangle.

Options range from ladder ramps, rock walls, a pair of ramps, a pair of walls, one of each feature, or none at all. The price ranges from a discounted price of $199 to $349. PlayWilder used Baltic Birch on all of this Pikler triangle’s components to ensure that the product is sturdy and high-quality.

Like the other best Pikler triangles on offer, the Original PlayWilder Triangle is effective in improving your kids’ playtime experience, creativity, balance control, and motor skill development.

This Pikler triangle can hold up to 150 lbs and is ideal for kids over six months of age. The product is 100% safe and natural, guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals. The Original PlayWilder Triangle is foldable and easy to store. It is easy to assemble and even comes with a manual, just in case you find yourself having any difficulty with assembly.


  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Highly Customizable
  • 100% Safe and Non-Toxic


  • Requires Assembly

Benarita Pikler Triangle Kids Play Wooden Climbing Triangle Ladder

The Best Pikler Triangle for Quality Group Play

Buy on: Ubuy / Home Fun Furniture Life

The Benarita Pikler Triangle Kids Play Wooden Climbing Triangle Ladder is a colossus of a Pikler triangle capable of handling heavy loads. As one of the best heavy-duty Pikler triangles in the market right now, developers designed this particular product for group play. With two or more friends around to play with your kids, the Benarita Pikler Triangle Kids Play Wooden Climbing Triangle Ladder is an amazing developmental toy for nurturing children’s social and emotional skills.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

Providing a rock climbing ramp for kids that your children can use for daily exercise, physical fitness is at the heart of the Benarita Pikler Triangle Kids Play Wooden Climbing Triangle Ladder. Creators developed this ramp to help improve hand-foot coordination and balance.

This Pikler triangle’s components are durable excellent-quality Eucalyptus, making for a sturdy structure that can carry multiple children at once. Allowing children to play together opens opportunities for collaboration, developing your kids’ social and emotional skills.

Despite heavy-duty qualities and top-of-the-line durability, the Benarita Pikler Triangle Kids Play Wooden Climbing Triangle Ladder is easy to store as it is foldable and space-saving. You may store it in a corner, under a bed, or even in the trunk for portability. It is also easy to maintain as stains can be easily cleaned using damp cloths.

This learning tool is best for children ranging from three to seven years old and is capable of holding up to 375 lbs, boasting a weight capacity that is rarely matched in the industry.


  • Excellent Durability
  • Amazing Weight Capacity of 375 lbs
  • Foldable and Easy to Store
  • Portable and Space-Saving
  • Develops Emotional and Social Skills


  • Requires Assembly

Piccalio Mini Climber Pikler Triangle

The Combination of Form and Function

Buy on Piccalio

Both parents and professionals in the child development industry recognize Piccalio as a brand synonymous with gorgeous designs. From their learning towers to their Pikler triangles, this reputable brand produces the finest and most charming child development toys and structures. However, their reputation is not limited to just looks as patrons also know Piccalio products to be excellent in quality, durable, and reliable.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

The renowned brand and its visionaries did not pull any punches in creating the Piccalio Mini Climber Pikler Triangle. True to company standards, the Pikler triangle boasts a refined and elegant design and sturdy constitution that parents have loved to have in their homes.

The Piccalio Mini Climber Pikler Triangle served as children’s safe space where children are encouraged to be physically active through climbing and other important exercises. This product highlights the use of premium Birch plywood to guarantee a robust product for enthusiastic and spirited playtimes.

This Piccalio masterpiece particularly targets developing gross motor skill development, balance, concentration, independence, and grip strength. It can carry weight up to 132 lbs and is best recommended for children whose ages range from six months to six years old.

The Piccalio Mini Climber Pikler Triangle is foldable, space-saving, and easy to store. A perfect fit for parents who like to stay organized and tidy up.


  • Maximum weight is 132 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes with a Rock Climbing Ramp
  • Natural and Non-Toxic


  • Requires Assembly

Tottlr Foldable Safe Kids Pikler Triangle Climber

The Affordable and Safe Option with an Advocacy

Buy on: Amazon / Walmart / Tottlr

Tottlr, a company founded by brothers Nick and John, envisions creating safe and high-quality wooden toys. The dynamic duo wants to create simply-designed products that can inspire creativity and play. Their dream led them to a partnership with Foster Village. Tottlr and Foster Village work together by supplying toys for foster children with the same products customers purchase themselves. Through this noble cause, Tottlr serves two purposes by providing quality products for both customers and children in need.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

Seasoned craftsmen handmake each Tottlr Foldable Safe Kids Pikler Triangle Climber with care and precision from Austin, Texas. The visionaries behind its elegant design use premium E0-Grade White Baltic Birchwood and Maple hardwood. These materials create robust components that can handle the rigors of exciting playtime for hours.

The Pikler triangles come in three different sizes and are foldable and easy to store. The Tottlr Foldable Safe Kids Pikler Triangle Climber features a built-in locking pin function that will ensure security and stability.

Easily capable of handling 90 lbs and recommended for children around six months to two years old, the Tottlr Foldable Safe Kids Pikler Triangle Climber is a toy that can grow with your kids. A toy that they’ll remember fondly as they develop into strong and capable adults.


  • Maximum weight is 90 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Helps a Noble Cause
  • Affordable


  • Is Better for Younger Children

Sprout Kids Wooden Foldable Climbing Triangle

The Best Longlasting Pikler Triangle

Buy on: Sprout Kids / Etsy

Sprout, one of the best brands in the business, guarantees that this Pikler triangle can last ten years. Experts developed the Sprout Kids Wooden Foldable Climbing Triangle to help children grow physically through toys that encourage activities like climbing and other beneficial exercises.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

Sprout is a respected brand name in the industry. When they make a guarantee about longevity and the long-lasting features of their products, the brand delivers. The climbing triangle has the Sprout Kids guarantee of lasting over ten years. This is a promise that both kids and parents certainly appreciate, as the product gives them massive value for their investment.

Manufacturers designed this Pikler triangle with premium materials like Birch plywood and maple wood. Birch and maple wood materials are widely perceived as prime components for the best durability and lifespan.

The Sprout innovation features Click Lock Technology to ensure adults that the Pikler triangle is safe and secure. This functionality strengthens the constitution of the Climbing Triangle, drastically lessening the risks of collapse.

The Sprout Kids masterpiece is foldable and space-saving. This Pikler triangle can hold up to 150 lbs, enough for more than one child for group play. The product is best for children six months old and over and can last for over ten years in the playhouse.


  • Maximum weight is 150 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Effective For Group Play
  • Equipped with a Click-Lock Feature
  • Extra Features Available as Add-Ons


  • Ramp is Purchased as Add-On

CASSARO Jumbo Rainbow Foldable Climbing Triangle

The Best Jumbo Pikler Triangle

Buy on: Amazon / Ubuy / Bed Bath and Beyond

Although it’s the CASSARO Jumbo Rainbow Foldable Climbing Triangle’s size that sets it apart from the competition, this Pikler triangle has more to offer. Widely recognized as one of the premier jumbo varieties in the market, the CASSARO Jumbo Triangle is also sturdy, safe, and fun.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

In many cases, the bigger the product is, the higher the price as well. The CASSARO Pikler triangle, however, boasts a bigger product for a smaller price.

Without a doubt, this CASSARO product’s main charm is its colossal size. But this masterpiece still has more to offer. Satisfied customers and experts have also loved this toy’s affordability, safety, and quality.

Designers painted the bars of the Pikler triangle to be rainbow-colored, making it popular for kids. The design is visually stimulating and exciting for children. Paired with its colorful aesthetic is its sturdy constitution, boasting all-natural wood components that can handle heavy loads.

This CASSARO product is lockable, foldable, and stable; checking all the boxes for an ideal Pikler triangle for your kids. The rainbow climbing triangle is capable of handling 150 lbs and is best for kids 24 months old and above.


  • Maximum weight is 150 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Big and Spacious
  • Safe and Stable
  • Affordable


  • Ramp and Slide Are Add-Ons

WEDANTA Indoor Playground Toddler Pikler Climber Slide

The Best All-In-One Set Pikler Triangle

Buy on: Amazon / Ubuy / Wayfair

At a glance, the WEDANTA Indoor Playground Toddler Pikler Climber Slide may not seem like a Pikler triangle. But upon inspection of its elements, entertaining components, and educational value, parents and experts consider this WEDANTA innovation as spectacular Pikler triangle in its own right. This product’s most prominent feature is the many activities attached to the triangle.

At a glance, the WEDANTA Indoor Playground Toddler Pikler Climber Slide may not seem like a Pikler triangle. But upon inspection of its elements, entertaining components, and educational value, parents and experts consider this WEDANTA innovation as a spectacular Pikler triangle in its own right. This product’s most prominent feature is the many activities attached to the triangle.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

Colorful and visually exciting for children, this product from WEDANTA is a bundle of entertaining and educational activities rolled into one massive PIkler triangle. The promise of this multi-functional child development wonder is age-appropriate activities that do not only encourage physical growth. The Pikler triangle’s features include exercises and fun activities that also help improve creativity, critical thinking, and social and emotional skills.

To ensure a durable and reliable product for you and your children, the designers of this WEDANTA Pikler triangle used natural wood for a sturdier frame. The developers equipped the product with incredible features like monkey bars, a climbing net, suspended handlebars, and a slide. These activities complete an indoor playground that boasts many exercises that your kids can explore.

The size of the Pikler triangle is perfect for kids around two to six years old, able to carry up to 110 lbs. The components are easy to put together and assemble, as well so parents will have no problem with the assembly process.


  • Maximum weight is 110 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Colorflul and Visually Stimulating
  • Safe and Stable
  • Multi-functional


  • Requires Assembly

Dripex Foldable Pikler Triangle Climber with Ramp

The Best Shapeshifting Pikler Triangle

Buy on: Amazon / Dripex Baby / Ubuy

The Dripex Foldable Pikler Triangle Climber with Ramp has one of the most unique designs on the market. Able to shapeshift into eight different shapes, this Dripex masterpiece is among the most flexible developmental toys available. From the classic triangle, this product can give children seven other shapes to explore.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

It’s amazing how a couple of additional joints can raise the quality of a Pikler triangle. With noticeable more joints, this Dripex product is transformable into eight different shapes that all provide a variety of experiences for your kids.

Part of the charm is challenging your kids’ imaginations and finding all eight forms of the toy. Each form will provide a new experience to the kids and help them develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. The toy is a perfect novelty that children can use for playing with parents and other kids.

Developers crafted all the components of this Dripex innovation with natural wood to ensure that the product is eco-friendly and durable. The Pikller triangle is sturdy enough for more a playdate as it is strong enough to host more than one child.

Best for kids from six months to six years old, the triangle climber is capable of handling over 260 lbs. Thanks to the additional joints that designers equipped the Pikler triangle with, this Dripex product is extremely flexible. The flexibility allows the toy to be space-saving and easy to store.


  • Maximum weight is 260 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Amazing for Group Play
  • Multi-functional
  • 8-in-1 Shapeshifting Function


  • Requires Assembly
  • Quite Heavy For Kids To Manipulate On Their Own

Goodevas Wooden Pikler Triangle Ladder for Kids

The Best Indoor-Outdoor Combo Pikler Triangles

Buy on: Amazon / Good Evas

Not all parents prefer their Pikler triangles to be indoors. Some parents subscribe to the thoroughly-researched learning method of development outdoors as a popular tool for learning. Pikler triangles can be effective both inside and outside the home. However, not all Pikler triangles can stand the environment outdoors. The Goodevas Wooden Pikler Triangle Ladder for Kids is among the rare Pikler triangle models that perform outstanding both inside and outside the home.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

This Goodevas classic boasts components that developers crafted from premium hardwood. Goodevas designers take pride in the fact that they strictly stick to natural materials and avoid chemicals. The materials the decorated craftsmen used for the product allow it to be durable and capable of withstanding the rigors and conditions of the outdoors.

The Goodevas website provides options for customers who want some variety in their Pikler triangle packages. Clients may opt for just the triangle ladder or add extra features like climbing nets or sliding boards, or both.

The Goodevas Pikler triangle is the best fit for children around six months to seven years old and is capable of carrying 90 lbs.


  • Maximum weight is 90 lbs
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Perfect for Outdoor Conditions
  • Packages Customizable Upon Website Purchase


  • Requires Assembly

Ewart Woods 3-in-1 Triangle Kids Playhouse

Buy on: Amazon / Ewart Woods

The Best Pikler Triangle for Extra Features

Many patrons recognize the Ewart Woods 3-in-1 Triangle Kids Playhouse as a ‘Pikler Transformer’ because of the many features that your kids can explore through the product. This product from Ewart Woods has accessories like rope ladders, bridges, stairs, and swings that children can explore and enjoy.

Features, Specs, and Pros and Cons

One of this product’s main charms is its ability to handle the weight of three different children. The Ewart Woods Pikler triangle can hold up to 130 lbs and is best for children around three years old and above.

Developers of this Ewart Woods innovation equipped the product with a climbing triangle and three different climbing walls. This product features a rope net wall, a staircase wall, and a wall with clouds, all available for your kids to explore and enjoy. The Ewart Woods product can easily provide kids with hours and hours of fun and learning.

This Pikler triangle is an amazing instrument for developing muscles, balance, confidence, and various other aspects of growth. This model is easy to clean and space-saving, too, so parents will have no trouble keeping the house orderly and neat.


  • Maximum weight is 130 lbs
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Amazing Extra Features and Add-Ons
  • Multi-functional
  • Great for Group Play


  • Requires Assembly


A Pikler Triangle is a climbing structure that a child can use to pull himself up, climb, go down on or even crawl under! 

This toy is highly recommended by parents and educators who support the Montessori way of learning because Piklers significantly improve gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also empowers children and makes them aware of their abilities and strength.

Since there are a lot of Pikler triangles in the market, we summarized the 5 best ones in this article while considering ease of assembly, safety, and aesthetics. We love how these options stand out from the rest and that they are all trusted and respected by parents and educators alike.


Is a Pikler Triangle worth it?

Pikler Triangles are not the cheapest alternative for children’s toys, but they provide excellent value for money. It helps children develop and enhance their motor skills and provides an avenue for imagination and creativity. 

It’s a toy that can be used from infanthood to toddlerhood. Pikler triangles can also provide additional challenges to older children and their playmates with some added accessories. Choosing a Pikler of superb quality is crucial so that your investment in this toy will be well worth it.

What age is a Pikler Triangle for?

Piklers can be used as early as 6 months, and some can use them up to 10 years old. For infants, a Pikler is a terrific structure to practice crawling under. Once they begin standing, this is a robust structure that they can pull themselves on. 

Climbing up and going down are essential skills that children should learn so they’ll be safe while doing so. A Pikler is a great toy to practice just that. Accessories added to the Pikler can provide extra challenges for older kids. They can balance on add-on rockers, climb on walls and slide through ramps.

Are Pikler Triangles dangerous?

Pikler triangles are designed so that children can practice their strengths and abilities without compromising their safety. But adult supervision should always be present, especially for kids who are just starting to use their gross motor skills. 

Keeping a close eye on kids is just as important as encouraging independence. Here are some tips to make playing with a Pikler safe and secure:

  • Ensure to adhere to the weight specifications on the Pikler you bought
  • Make sure that your child’s Pikler is correctly assembled before they try it out
  • Place the Pikler on a soft space such as a carpet or a pad
  • Do not keep the Pikler beside a piece of furniture. You need to make sure that when a child climbs up or goes down, there is no danger in bumping themselves into a piece of furniture.

What size of Pikler Triangle should I get?

Piklers come in various sizes, but we suggest getting one that is 80 cm or taller. Shorter ones can still develop your child’s muscles, but he or she might not be able to use them beyond 2 years old. The size will also depend on the space you have at home because some Piklers are not foldable.

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