Best Chemistry Set For Kids (And Adults!)

Chemistry sets are a great way to inspire budding young scientists by offering an engaging and educational way to learn about a wide variety of topics related to chemistry and science as a whole.

Whilst children are usually the target market for these kinds of chemistry sets, adults are also able to easily have tons of fun with a chemistry set, whether it is on their own or with their children!

The best of these kinds of chemistry sets seamlessly blend the educational side with the entertaining side.

They also tend to have enough variety to appeal to a wide range of both kids and adults. With this in mind, we are going to be looking at the absolute best chemistry sets that people of all ages can enjoy, from school children to their parents and teachers!

We are going to look at both the educational value and the entertainment factors, and also consider how well they come together to create a chemistry set that is as versatile as it is fun. Let’s get started. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set - Mega Science Kit with 45 Easy Experiments- Make a Volcano and Launch a Rocket, STEM Projects for Kids Ages 8-12, Science Toys (Amazon Exclusive)

We’re kicking off this list with a series of chemistry sets that we are going to see a fair amount of on this list!

The long-lasting publication that is National Geographic is known for making some of the best science-related toys on the market, and their chemistry sets are no exception.

This particular chemistry set offers a lot of content in one easy-to-use package, with a total of forty-five chemistry experiments available with just one set.

Some of the experiments that are possible with this chemistry set are as follows: making bubbly, loud, or fizzy volcanic eruptions with your very own molded and painted volcano (the eruptions come in a plethora of rainbow colors too!); creating pop crystal fireworks; using C02 to launch a rocket, using pop crystals to explode balloons and more thanks to the bonus experiment guide!

There is a lot of frothing, bubbling, and fizzing to be had with this particular set that will give kids hands-on experience with the STEM educational framework (standing for science, technology, engineering, and math) whilst offering tons of fun at the same time.

Easy to use and with enough experiments available to keep children engaged for hours at a time, this chemistry set is one of the best that can easily be enjoyed by adults too.


Science Kits for Kids Scientist Lab Experiment Chemistry Kit Toys for Kids Over 32 Science Lab Experiments

As the name would suggest, this particular chemistry set is aimed at kids, but it is certainly one that adults can enjoy too thanks to the wide variety of available experiments.

Due to the chemical materials that come with this chemistry set, adult supervision is highly advised! The material is non-toxic, but it is still best to provide kids with some supervision.

This chemistry set contains a fair amount of equipment, including six measuring cups, two droppers, two sampling spoons, a test tube set, a pair of goggles, those aforementioned chemical materials, and more.

As is to be expected with a kit like this, there are some very useful manuals to help you navigate through the various experiments and equipment.

It may seem like a complex process due to the sheer amount of possible experiments, but it is all child-friendly. 

Over twenty-three chemistry and science experiments are available with this set, including creating rainbow-colored snow, volcanic eruptions, and even color-changing cabbage experiments!

The non-toxic chemical materials that are included in this set are baking soda, water-absorbent resin, sodium acetate crystals, citric acid, calcium lactate, and effervescent tablets.

With a wide range of variety and simple yet fun experiments that are sure to entertain and educate all ages, the Toyard Science Kit is one of the most versatile and accessible chemistry sets available. 


MEL Chemistry: Real Teen Chemistry Sets & Experiments from MEL Science. Award Winning Advanced Teen Chemistry Sets & Real Chemistry Experiments.

This chemistry set is a little different in that it is a subscription box rather than just one set.

This allows for a huge range of content as the subscription is a monthly service that offers two to three different experiments every month on a specific topic with enough chemical reagents to allow each experiment to be performed twice.

The subscription can be canceled, paused, or reactivated at any time and comes with a completely free starter kit that has seventy-one items included.

With that much equipment, you are sure to have all the essential equipment needed to conduct various chemistry experiments!

Not only that, but you also receive a free VR- headset with free, immersive VR lessons (more than seventy of them) that demonstrate substances and processes on a molecular level.

These are optional,, but they are a great, modern way to mix up the way in which kids learn with these sets.

As well as the VR lessons, there is also the option of free, live lessons that are undertaken with a professional science teacher who will explain the science behind your experiments.

This offers a chance for kids to get some answers from a professional too, as the teacher will be on hand to answer any and all questions that any children (or adults!) might have.

This subscription box is a great choice for someone who is looking to change things up frequently when it comes to the kind of experiments that can be undertaken with their chemistry sets.

Even though there is a month-long wait between sets, there is an opportunity for kids to continuously learn different STEM-based skills.

A few of the experiments available with the MEL Chemistry Science Experiences Subscription Box are growing crystals, using a battery to ignite iron wool, and painting liquid wires with liquid glass and graphite to name just a few.

These are somewhat more mature experiments- hence why the recommended ages for children is age ten and up-so they are sure to be informative and fun for adults as well as kids.

With useful instructions to get stuck in and more than four hundred experiments to conduct, the subscription box service from MEL Science is a different kind of chemistry set, but it is also certainly an option that is worth looking into if you want a chemistry set that offers a huge variety and is guaranteed to aid towards the development of STEM skills in kids. 


This massive chemistry station has around one hundred and ten pieces, which -as you can imagine- has everything you could possibly need for all the available experiments within the SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit.

The name- 30 Magic Scientific Experiments- is something of a dead giveaway in regards to how many experiments are possible with this kit!

The choice of experiments is diverse and a great way to introduce some key scientific processes to kids who have an interest in the subject.

The kit also offers both fun and learning for kids and adults thanks to the wide range of experiments that can be undertaken.

The SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit includes experiments such as creating rainbow fountains, rainbow rain, creating ice gems, and more. The kit includes items such as goggles, test tubes, flasks, beakers, funnels, etc.

There are chemical materials also included in the kit, which are all safe to use and packaged within separate bottles to make sure that the substances do not deteriorate. The instructions for each experiment are written on fifteen instructions cards (in bright colors to keep the kids amused!).

These are incredibly useful as they can be clipped onto the lab station set up to help little ones out whilst they are engaging with the set.

Speaking of the set-up, the mini-lab station is one of the best features of this kit, as it gives kids a safe and incredibly handy area to conduct their chemistry experiments.

The lab’s station is built with thirty-two building blocks that come with the kit, with the building process offering a chance for kids to improve their manual dexterity.

There is a clip attached to the lab station as well that rotates 360 degrees. This clip can be used for the aforementioned instruction cards, as we mentioned.

You’ll be glad to know that the station is also incredibly easy to clean and wipe down after use! Some of these experiments can get a little messy (even more so if your little one has a habit of messiness!), so this is certainly a positive point.

Whilst we are on the subject of messiness, this chemistry kit also comes with a large storage box that can hold all the equipment- including the lab station parts- so that nothing gets lost.

There are quite a few small pieces that come with this kit, such as measuring spoons, magnets, connecting tubs, etc., so it can be easy to lose track of some essential components if you don’t stay organized.

This storage box makes it quick and easy to put away all the tools in the kit without ending up without certain parts. The equipment is also made with safe, durable ABS material as well to ensure maximum safety for kids.

This kit is aimed at a younger market- with the recommended age being ages three and up-but it can easily be an incredibly fun experience to get involved in for adults, particularly if they have kids who are interested in developing their STEM-based skills.

The younger age recommendation means that you are sure to have tons of fun with this chemistry kit no matter what age you or your kids are.


Can you guess how many experiments you get with this chemistry set? Another dead giveaway with that title!

The Zrauker Science Kit is another engaging option for both kids and adults that offers a wide range of experiments to build on those all-important STEM skills whilst offering a fun time too.

Some of the experiments that are included with the Zrauker Science Kit include the standard volcano building and rainbow fountains, but this standard nature doesn't make them any less fun for both kids and grown-ups!

This is another kit with relatively simple experiments that would suit a younger age range, with a recommended age of three and up.

The kit comes with non-toxic chemicals that are easy to use and safe. These chemical compounds are stored in bottles which can then be recovered with the lid so that they can be stored and secured after being used.

Replacing the lid means that the chemicals will not deteriorate. This allows you to continue using the chemicals for a while after they have initially been opened, letting the fun and the education continue long after you receive the kit!

Fifty experiments might seem a little overwhelming, particularly for younger children. However, the Zrauker Science Kit has you covered in regard to this as it comes with a professional, scientific guidance book.

The book contains handy step-by-step tutorials for each and every experiment, which keeps things interesting for kids by including color photographs of the processes and concepts for each of the fifty experiments that can be made.

The kit also offers the usual kind of educational benefits that you can expect with a chemistry kit, such as improving resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, setting goals, preparation experience, and more (especially skills that are related to the STEM educational frame).

As well as that, there is always the possibility of building parent and child relationships via these chemistry kits too! The benefits of a chemistry kit reach far and wide, and the Zrauker Science Kit is a great example of this. 


Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500 Science Kit with 28 Guided Experiments 48 Page Science Guide Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner, 13.1' L x 2.6' W x 8.9' H

This particular chemistry set is an award-winning one (winner of the Silver Parent's Choice Award) that offers- yep, you guessed it- twenty-eight guided, classical chemistry experiments.

This is another kit that is more suitable for older children, with a recommended age of ten and up.

The chemistry experience that can be undertaken with the C500 Science Kit is more focused on education than some other inclusions on this list.

Don’t think for a second that this makes them any less fun, though!

You will learn about different chemical reactions- such as the reactions that occur between liquids, solids, and gases and what kind of chemical combinations create the foamiest and fizziest outcomes- but there are also cool experiments that will allow you to write messages with invisible ink, uncover what bases and acids have particularly colorful effects as well as an experiment that will have you engaging with an electrochemical to learn more about various salts and metals.

As you can probably tell, these are all experiments that are a little more advanced- hence the age recommendation of ten and above- so it is probably best to ensure that there is always an adult around to supervise.

One of the most useful features of this kit is the forty-eight-page full-color manual that offers clear and concise instructions for setting up and performing every single experiment.

This guide is also a fantastic learning tool as it doesn’t just instruct, it also informs the user as to what reactions will happen and why these will occur.

All in all, this is certainly a great chemistry kit for both adults and children. It is particularly useful for children who show a strong interest in chemistry and science but aren't quite at the level to move onto a more advanced set yet.

The C500 Chemistry Kit is sure to aid them on their way so that soon they will be able to take that final step to a more advanced level of chemistry. 


419PCS Chemistry Molecular Model Kit Organic & Inorganic Modeling Student Teacher Set with 179 Atoms & 240 Bonds Academic Chemistry Education for University College Professors Brisk Learner Scientist

This particular kit is different from the ones we have already mentioned in this list, as it is not actually a chemistry set that allows you to experiment or that involves chemicals per se.

So why are we putting it on this list, you ask? Well, intrepid reader, the reason behind our logic is that this kit is still a highly fun and very educational set that teaches all sorts of information about chemistry and molecules.

The Chemistry Molecular Model Kit is certainly able to be used by both kids and adults, but the models may be a little complex for younger children to get a firm grasp of. Quite literally!

As the title states, there are 179 atoms and 240 bonds to be created with this kit. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of pieces that could easily get lost (or maybe even swallowed!) by smaller children.

Older children should be fine with the kit, but adult supervision is recommended due to the difficulty that kids might have in arranging the pieces to create the molecule models.

The package includes those 179 atom pieces and the 240 bond pieces that we mentioned earlier.

To be specific, there are 70 hydrogen pieces, 35 carbon pieces, 15 oxygen, and nitrogen atom pieces, 8 sulfur pieces, 12 chlorine pieces, 2 bromine pieces, 2 iodine pieces, 12 phosphorus pieces, and 8 metal pieces.

Regarding the bond model pieces, there are 155 rigid and single medium bond pieces, 25 long-bond double and triple flexible pieces, 30 V-bond pieces (which are used for filling space within the models), and 30 lone electron pairs.

Quite a lot to work with, as you can see! The materials are all non-toxic and eco-friendly too.

All the common molecules and ions can be built with this set, making it an incredibly educational set that teaches the complexities of molecular structure within chemistry.

As we noted, this could be a little complex for younger children, but for older kids who are ready for a challenge and have a strong interest in chemistry, this could be a perfect option.

The sheer amount of content with this Chemistry Molecular Model Kit makes it one of the best chemistry sets available that can be used by both kids and adults.


Science Kit for Kids - 21 Experiments Science Set, Great Gifts for Kids Ages 4-8

As their brand name suggests, Learn & Climb provides learning tools for kids that help them to learn and climb by developing their skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Their Dynamo Science Kit is a great example of this, as it puts an emphasis on several key concepts within the realm of science and chemistry whilst still maintaining an entertaining and engaging format.

Whilst there are twenty-one experiments to be conducted with the Dynamo Science Kit, the set itself has twenty-four pieces included that will have everything that you need to complete your experiments (apart from certain household items such as water or eggs).

There are also non-toxic chemical mixtures - that have been subjected to the highest quality health and safety standards.

The apparatus and ingredients that are included are as follows: a test tube connector; a beaker; a yellow measuring spoon, one funnel with ten paper rounds, one pack of PVA glue, one volcano model, three Petri dishes, one string stick, purple string, baking soda, some foaming agent, purple sweet potato powder, glow powder, one red and one blue coloring agent and two packs of urea (an organic, nitrogenous compound).

That is a fair amount to receive in one kit and should keep both kids and grown-ups occupied with various experiments for hours on end!

With your ingredients and your equipment at the ready, you’ll be able to create projects such as your own lava lamp, creating creative crystals, or the good old-fashioned erupting volcano that is a staple of these kinds of kits.

The Dynamo Science Kit comes with a full-color instruction guide that has easy-to-follow illustrations to allow for younger kids to be able to join in on the fun too.

The recommended age for this particular kit is from age five onwards, and this bright and colorful manual should be a great help for the children on the younger end of that scale.

Along with that manual, each experiment is individually labeled to avoid confusion and there are also online demonstration videos that are intended for both parents and children to offer another method of the learning elements included here.

There is plenty of information and help at hand for each of the experiments, making it super simple to jump into it!

This particularly chemistry set/ science kit is a great option for younger children as well as parents and adults thanks to its informative, kid-friendly guides, easy-to-use equipment, and simple, stress-free experiments.

If you do consider investing in this particular chemistry set, there are a few household items that are not included, as we mentioned.

Here is what you will need to help you with your preparation: lemon juice; water; salt; eggs; sugar; oil; soap; vinegar; one liter of cola; one liter of diet cola; Mentos; a pencil; a paper clip; an empty water bottle; a stapler and a pair of scissors.

Now that you are fully prepared, you should be ready to get your science on with the Dynamo Science Kit!


Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit, 20 Non-Hazardous Experiments Including Safe Slime, Chromatography, Acids, Bases & More, Multi-Color

We’re looking at another chemistry set by Thames & Kronos next with this ooze-focused chemistry kit.

Both kids and adults are sure to love this one, thanks to the wonderful ability to create your own slimy ooze! Face it, grown-ups, you know that you want to be able to do this just as much as the kids do.

This kit may seem perfect for youngsters, but it is actually recommended for use by those with an intermediate skill level.

Sorry, parents, you’re probably going to become the unwilling test subjects and get a little slimed up with this one!

The Ooze Labs Chemistry Station kit is another chemistry set that has been awarded the Parent's Choice Silver Award in the past, as well as being the winner of the National Parenting Product Awards in 2018.

It isn't hard to see why this kit has been praised so highly when you consider exactly what you get as well as what you can make.

Within the box, you will receive fifty-seven pieces of equipment, as well as a mini-lab station that can be built and used to conduct experiments.

These other equipment pieces will include various tools such as flasks, beakers, a Petri dish, and more.

You will also get a complete, sixteen-page color manual- which has scientific explanations included- with full instructions and colorful experiment cards to help kids learn as they go.

As well as some of the more standard chemistry set experiments- such as making test tube rainbows and creating self-inflating balloons- there is plenty of ooze-related chemistry to be had here that is sure to be a winning feature for both you and the kids!

There are all sorts of ooze that you can make with this kit- from glowing slime ooze to oozy bubbles, glow-in-the-dark slime, and more.

This super fun ooze creation content combined with all the other experiments and creations that are possible with this kit makes it one of the best available. 


Playz Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12 with 900+ Science Experiments STEM Activities with Custom App and Exclusive Live 24/7 Support from an AI Scientist

The Playz STEM A+ Chemistry kit is another that offers a lot of content whilst including both educational value and entertainment within a small package.

This kit offers thirty-two experiments alongside a thirty-six-page colorful manual that includes both educational material and fun illustrations to help children learn more about science as they play.

The STEM educational teachings are emphasized within this particular kit as it is designed to challenge your child’s mind and make them think about various scientific processes as well as offer tons of fun too.

Some of the experiments that can be created with this kit include making live foam monsters, writing secret messages with invisible ink, becoming a magician by using chemistry to perform your very own magic tricks, mixing chemicals to create different colors and textures- such as froth and fizz-, growing crystals and even creating a homemade fire extinguisher!

There is so much to do with this chemistry set, and the fun is definitely not reserved for kids alone.

As with some of the other kits we have talked about here, there are a few ingredients needed for the experiments in the Playz Stem A+ Chemistry set that aren’t included within the set itself, as they are household items.

If you are thinking of choosing this chemistry set, here are the ingredients and utensils that you will need from around the house to complete some of the experiments: eggs; flour; lemon juice; water; oil; vinegar; salt; a stapler; a pair of scissors; paper clips; a pencil and water bottles!


Discovery Extreme Chemistry STEM Science Kit, At-Home STEM Kits For Kids, Chemistry Experiments, Chemistry Activities for Birthday Parties, Sleepovers, Science Set For Kids Ages 8, 9, 10

Much like National Geographic, Discovery is a brand that also has its own chemistry set available that is tons of fun for both kids and adults.

This kit is aimed at the slightly older audience, with the recommended age of use being from thirteen years old upwards.

There are between twenty and thirty experiments to take part in with the Discovery Extreme Chemistry STEM Science Kit that focuses on all manner of science and chemistry skills such as base level chemistry, acid science, color science, and more.

As the name heavily implies, the STEM education frame is a big part of the learning aspects of this chemistry set and shapes the way in which the experiments are performed.

A few of the experiments include putting out fires with gas, creating temperature reactions, making liquid ice, and even making slimy worm creatures.

There is so much variety to be had with the experiments at hand, and they all manage to fit themselves neatly within the STEM frame to educate kids on the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math within a fun and engaging chemistry kit.

The Discovery Chemistry kit also comes with a fair amount of equipment and non-toxic chemicals, such as a fuzzy stick, a black light pen, test tubes, a pipette, sodium alginate, baking soda, tartaric acid, calcium chloride, and more!


Playz Edible Candy Making Science Kit for Kids Ages 8-12 Years Old - Food Science Chemistry Kid Science Kit with 40 Experiments to Make Your Own Chocolates, Educational Science Kits for Boy & Girls

Another entry from the Playz series of chemistry sets next, the Edible Candy chemistry set is pretty self-explanatory!

With this chemistry set, you can create over forty different candy and chocolate experiments. We all know that sweet treats have no age limit, so this could be a great way to introduce your kids to both chemistry and food creation. 

The idea of making chocolate and candy is sure to be appealing to children and adults alike.

The colorful manual will help people of all ages navigate their way through the candy-making process, with fifty-six pages intended to help every step of the way.

The kit comes with twenty-seven tools as well as some ingredients to start creating the treats (though some common household supplies that are not included with the kit will also be necessary).

Playz has three other variations of their Edible Candy kits: Exploding Candy; Poop and Unicorn Poop. It is anybody's guess why you would want to make edible poop, of the unicorn variety of otherwise!

The general Edible Candy kit- along with the Exploding Candy kit- are more suited to both kids and adults whilst the themes of the other two Edible-themed kits are likely going to be more of an attractive prospect to children.

No matter which kit you go for, make sure to supervise the kids at all times to avoid any accidents or any over-indulgences when it comes to the chemistry-crafted candy!


Crayola Arctic Color Chemistry Set for Kids, Steam/Stem Activities, Educational Toy, Ages 7, 8, 9, 10

The Crayola Color Chemistry set is a unique take on the traditional chemistry set format, still injecting the scientific elements into it but also including an artistic flair that incorporates the STEAM education tool rather than just STEM (STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

This set includes around fifty possible experiments based around the theme of “winter science” (it is called the “arctic lab” after all!).

Eighteen of these are straight from the box experiments- that have the necessary supplies included- whilst the other thirty-two science experiments/ activities have got thorough instructions that are simple to follow for kids (although adult supervision is- as always- highly recommended).

This is a Crayola product, and so you would be right in assuming that the experiments included are focused on the theme of color. This kit is intended to teach children the science behind color in a fun and informative fashion.

This particular kit is appropriate for children over the age of seven and includes non-toxic materials to allow for colorful fun for the whole family!


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Gross Science Kit - 45 Experiments- Dissect a Brain, Make Glowing Slime Worms, for Kids 8-12, STEM Project Gifts Boys and Girls (Amazon Exclusive)

This kit is pretty self-explanatory! Combine an interest in chemistry and science with a love for all things gross with this particular chemistry set.

This is sure to be a fun option for parents to work on with their kids due to the rather creative and superbly disgusting creations that can be made.

This kit allows you to create all manner of gross things via various chemistry experiments, with forty-five experiments in total that range from test tube vomit to bursting blood vessels to glowing, gooey fungus and beyond.

There are fifteen unsightly creations that can be made with the kit overall (if you have the stomach to make all of them!).

A user-friendly guide is at hand to help both kids and parents through the process, whilst also offering an insight into the actual science and the chemistry behind each nasty experiment.

Fifteen of the experiments can be done from the get-go with the equipment within the box, whilst a bonus booklet is also included that contains instructions on the additional thirty experiments, all of which are easy to conduct using basic household items.

The grossness of this particular kit is sure to be the selling point for some kids, but there is a ton of scientific knowledge to be had behind the nastiness too- such as info on pH science, biology, phosphorescence, and chemical reactions- so even if the kids don't know it, they are definitely learning something whilst they revel in the yuckiness!


WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab - 50+ Fun Experiments and Reactions - Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12 - STEM Projects - Chemistry Set

The WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab is another of the larger chemistry lab sets, with more than fifty experiments available that are all incredibly versatile, with projects that involve a wide range of creative activities such as learning how cakes rise, creating a bubbly lava lamp with a test tube, learning how to create a greenhouse environment, cleaning coins and more!

These experiments teach a wide range of scientific concepts and chemistry-based topics such as emulsion, pH levels, metal reactions (with metals such as zinc and copper), and invisible gases to name just a few.

As with all of these chemistry sets, an instruction booklet with all the information you could possibly need to make this science come to life (with the help of an adult, of course!).

There are twenty-four components available with the WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab, including the following: a test tube rack, a plastic tube, a syringe, a flexible tube, lab gloves, balloons, tweezers, universal indicator strips, pipettes, safety goggles, beakers, and chemical ingredients such as citric acid, copper sulfate, and sodium bicarbonate.

These are just a few of the items that come with this kit, making for a chemistry set that is sure to keep both children and their parents entertained and educated for hours.

This particular kit is recommended for children aged eight and over, but it isn't suitable for children aged three and under due to small parts that could become choking hazards. 

Elena Jones