Transform ‘Everyday Hassles’ Into Learning—and Earning—Opportunities!
A Piggy Bank With Super Powers

Wiggy might look like the most adorable piggy bank you’ve ever seen, but don’t be fooled! This new interactive toy is a learning tool with the power to create brighter futures by teaching kids the importance of earning and saving money.

Wiggy Helps Kids

Learn Financial Literacy
Gain Responsibility
Understand the Benefits of Work and Cooperation
Wiggy Helps Kids

Using the Wiggy App, you set goals or tasks and assign value to each.
Wiggy receives these tasks and notifies your child.
Once each task is complete, you transfer the reward to your child’s Wiggy Card instantly.

Wiggy Motivates!

Kids often see chores, good grades, homework, even tooth brushing, as dreaded everyday hassles. But with the Wiggy App, kids browse and choose items to save for. Then, they get to watch these ‘dreaded’ tasks grow their Wiggy account closer and closer to their savings goal!

What’s the Wiggy Card?

In short, the Wiggy Card is real money! It functions as a digital wallet and prepaid debit card designed just for kids. And for parents who’d rather not use real currency, Wiggy also includes an alternative points system that’s just as easy to use.

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