About Us

When it comes to purchasing toys for children, there are hundreds and thousands of different options available. While all toys are great for children, choosing STEM or Montessori toys in particular are often the best option. 

This is because they encourage a child to learn as they are playing. STEM toys are great fun and the educational elements do not feel as though they are. Instead, they keep the child interested and encourage them to use their logic and initiative.

STEM toys focus on science, technology, engineering, and math. While they encourage practical learning, they are great fun too. They are typically aimed at older children. Montessori toys are typically aimed at younger children and toddles. They encourage children to create their own games and use their imagination. Experimentation is at the forefront of Montessori toys.

Both types of toys make fantastic gifts for children, and they are toys that more people should be aware of. This is why I decided to set up this site, to make more people aware of how great they are. Hi, my name is Elena Jones, and my full-time job is a teacher. Through teaching, I have discovered that children learn in many different ways, and have seen the positive impact both STEM and Montessori toys have on children. 

Through this site I hope to educate parents and adults about these toys, providing them with useful information on how they can be used, and provide some in depth reviews of different toys to consider too.