37 Must-Have Roblox Toys, Action Figures And Playsets For Fans Of All Ages

Roblox is a franchise that has been around for many years- first released as an online game creation system and gaming platform way back in 2006- that has managed to do what so many franchises have failed to: withstand the test of time and stay entertaining whilst doing so.

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The series has fluctuated in popularity but has never completely died down, becoming more popular than ever in the last couple of years.

With a series that encourages such creativity, it is no surprise that it has spawned an ever-increasing line of toys, including playsets, kits, and action figures.

We are going to be looking at thirty-seven of the most awesome Roblox toys available at the moment and will be including a wide variety of different sets and figures to please Roblox fans of all ages!

The Roblox toys are split into several collections in terms of the themes of the sets and the figures available.

The two most prominent are the Roblox Celebrity Collection- featuring figures and sets that are famous within the world of Roblox- and the Roblox Action Collection- which, as the name suggests, focuses on various action-themed sets and figures inspired by the online game.

There are some other smaller collections as well that we will be looking at, so let’s get started.

The Roblox Celebrity Collection

The Roblox Celebrity Collection is not inspired by real-life celebrities, but you would be forgiven for thinking that based on the title! Instead, the Celebrity Collection is themed around popular original characters from Roblox.

These can be figures of certain characters or playsets inspired by certain games, as well as popular Roblox creators. Let’s have a look at some of the best Roblox toys based on the Celebrity Collection. 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Sharkbite: Duck Boat Vehicle [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The Sharkbite: Duck Boat vehicle is exactly what the title would suggest. The duck boat is...well...a duck boat! The duck boat is sure to be a relaxing spin for the Roblox figure that comes with it.

Well, it would be, if it wasn’t for the shark figure getting ready to take a chomp out of both the duck boat and the Roblox figure.

The figure does come with a tiny bazooka to protect themselves, but if we are being honest, the safety and protection of the adorable duck boat is priority number one in this situation.

This vehicle set is part of the celebrity collection, as it is based on a game within Roblox that was created by a game development group called Abracadabra.

Two of the founders of Abracadabra are Roblox users called Simoon68 and Obblo and their Sharkbite game is the inspiration for this particular toy set. 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Stylz Salon and Spa: Makeup Four Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The Stylz Salon and Spa pack is a great option for kids who love to perform makeovers and stylish sessions with their friends! The pack is inspired by the Stylz Makeover game within Roblox, created by intern and developer RickyTheFishy.

This pack includes four figures- the spa manager Rosie, makeup artist Juliet, VIP Fabienne, and spa customer Ramona-, all of which have parts that can be mixed and matched to create a unique Roblox character.

This set also comes with a range of various accessories- such as a dressing table, a hairbrush, and a mirror that can be placed in the figure’s hands- alongside a collector's checklist. 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Adopt Me: Pet Store Deluxe Playset [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

This playset is based on the Adopt Me role-playing game that is available within Roblox (created by user DreamCraft). The game is one of the most popular on Roblox has, as it has consistently maintained its place near the top of the front page since its release in July 2017.

The game received an update that allowed players to adopt pets, and this game mode is what this playset is based on.

The Pet Store playset includes three Roblox character figures- Holly, Anna, and Doug-, various critters such as dogs, cats, and even dragons- accessories like footballs and dog bones and a dog house with an attachable banana car.

Because, why not? You also get a cute puppy wearing a top hat. Who doesn’t want to play with a puppy wearing a top hat?


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Fantastic Frontier: Gold Corrupted Knight + Two Mystery Figure Bundle [Includes 3 Exclusive Virtual Items]

The Gold Corrupted Knight is a super cool Roblox figure inspired by the survival-based roleplaying game, Fantastic Frontier. Fantastic Frontier exists within the Roblox world and was created by developer Spectrabox.

The once noble golden knight has been corrupted by the dark dimension- known as the Nightmare- which is a place of evil within the Fantastic Frontier game.

Even if you’re not familiar with the Fantastic Frontier Roblox game, the Gold Corrupted Knight is still awesomely eye-catching enough that kids are sure to love it!

The knight also comes with two mystery figures that can be taken from any of the many toys across the Roblox figure series.


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Fashion Icons Four Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

This pack includes four Roblox figures with fashionable outfits and accessories- based around the theme of fairies, with accessories such as wings and flower crowns coming in the pack.

Kids can change the accessories and features of the figures around to unleash their creativity and create their very own fairy figures!

The pack is loosely based on the Queen Mab of the Fae bundle that was published in the Roblox avatar shop in 2017, allowing players to change their in-game avatars to a similar fairy-like outfit.

A redeemable code for the online bundle is available with the Fashion Icons set. 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Fashion Famous Playset [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Based on the Fashion Famous Roblox game created in 2016 by the Fashion Famous group, and user PixelatedCandy, this playset replicates the online fashion game in Roblox that scores players on their choice of outfits, with the player scoring the most winning the game.

The playset offers a variety of different clothing options, accessories, and hairstyles for kids to mix and match with.

There are four Roblox figures that come with this set, so kids can pick and choose which figure to dress up in what outfits to their heart’s content!


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Q-Clash: Zadena Figure + Two Mystery Figure Bundle [Includes 3 Exclusive Virtual Items]

As well as two mystery figures, this bundle action figure set comes with the Roblox character Zadena. Zadena is a character from the Roblox game Q-CLASH!, which is heavily inspired by the Blizzard Entertainment online team-based shooting game Overwatch.

Zadena is a healing character who takes on a bird-like appearance, with a beak, wings, and bird feet.

The Zadena figure also comes with a staff and a small health pack, as well as some redeemable codes to unlock some exclusive virtual items in the game online. 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Neverland Lagoon Four Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Kids can enjoy reclaiming the lost mermaid treasure from the scheming Buck-Eye the Pirate with this next Roblox toy set.

This set is a pack of four Roblox figures that are inspired by the Neverland Lagoon role-playing game, created by user SelDraken on Roblox.

The nautical-themed game online features pirates and mermaids and the physical figure set is no different, with Buck- Eye the Pirate, two mermaids, and a royal attendant being part of the pack.

There are also various accessories within the character pack, such as a sword and treasure chest. 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Celebrity Collection-The Clouds: Flyer + The Golden Bloxy Award Two Figure Bundle [Includes 2 Exclusive Virtual Items]

You get two for one in terms of Roblox figures with this next bundle! The first is the Flyer character from Roblox the game Clouds- a relaxing game that lets players fly through various pastel-colored clouds- which was created by user Wuttah3II (whose original Roblox name was paratroopersoldier).

The other figure is a Golden Bloxy Award, based on the prize that is given out at the annual Bloxy Awards.

The Bloxy Awards are a yearly event that is held by Roblox to recognize some of the achievements from the users and creators within the online game in terms of creativity, the social ability for players, and artistic flair!

This set lets kids have their very own mini Bloxy Award, so it is sure to be a hit with children who play a lot of Roblox and are aware of the Bloxy’s as well as the other games that are available to play within the online platform (such as Clouds). 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Ghost Simulator: Luna + Two Mystery Figure Bundle [Includes 3 Exclusive Virtual Items]

Ghost Simulator is a super popular game that was released in 2018 in Roblox by BloxByte Games, and this particular toy set is a figure that is based on one of the many Ghost Hunters who can be unlocked in the game: Luna.

Luna comes with a floating ghostly pirate companion- whose hovering look is achieved with a clear stand- and accessories such as Luna’s ghost hunting weaponry.

As well as this, the Ghost Simulator: Luna bundle also comes with two mystery figures. 


Roblox Celebrity Collection - Cats...in Space: Sergeant Tabbs Figure Pack + Two Mystery Figure Bundle [Includes 3 Exclusive Virtual Items]

If you have kids that are fans of science fiction and cats (not necessarily in that order), then this next Roblox figure is sure to be a winner.

The Cats...in Space: Sergeant Tabbs figure (which comes with two mystery figures) is based on the Sergeant Tabbs avatar outfit in the avatar shop.

This super cute space kitty comes with various accessories as well as three exclusive virtual item codes and a collector's checklist. 

The Roblox Action Collection

The Action Collection of Roblox toys is similar to the celebrity collection in that it also takes games, avatars, and concepts from creators within the online game and transforms them into physical toys. The main difference here is- as the name heavily suggests- this line of toys tends to be based around the theme of “action” in terms of the games and avatar shop items that are replicated with the figures and playsets. Now that we have an understanding of the Roblox Action Collection, let’s take a look at some of the best toys to come out of this series! 


Roblox Action Collection - Tower Defense Simulator + Two Mystery Figure Bundle [Includes 3 Exclusive Virtual Items]

This figure bundle is based on a hugely popular Roblox game called Tower Defense Simulator by Paradoxum Games (it has had more than a billion views since it was released in June 2019!), which has won some of those aforementioned Bloxy Awards since its inception.

The Tower Defense game centers on teamwork and requires players to upgrade towers and use various kinds of defenses against the hordes of the undead to-you guessed it- defend your towers!

This bundle includes two mystery figures (as do a great deal of the figure bundles) along with a rifleman and a sentry turret.

The choice of figures links well with the in-game content too, with the turret playing an important role in the defense of the player’s tower in the game and the rifleman able to take out zombie stragglers with his sharpshooting skills. 


Roblox Action Collection - Work at a Pizza Place Game Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Working at a pizza place kind of sounds like a little slice (see what we did there?) of heaven, thanks to all that unlimited pizza!

The reality of the situation is likely not what most of us would imagine it to be, but the Work at a Pizza Place job simulation game within Roblox- created by user Dued1- gives players the opportunity to learn more about the pizza parlor process whilst still being a fun gaming experience.

Work at a Pizza Place is even more popular than the Tower Defense Simulator, with more than three billion views in its life span.

It is the oldest Roblox game we have talked about (so far) to have received a corresponding toy set, having been created by Dued1 way back in 2008!

The Work at a Pizza Place game pack includes a diligent Pizza Delivery Driver- complete with a scooter and a ton of pizzas that need delivering - and the Pizza Chef, with one of those comically large chef hats as evidence that he is indeed a chef.

The Work at a Pizza Place game pack is sure to please and entertain kids, but also adults who were Roblox players when the Work at a Pizza Place game was created back in 2008 or just those who are Roblox fans in general!


Roblox Action Collection - The Neighborhood of Robloxia Patrol Car Vehicle [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The Neighborhood of Robloxia is a well-known role-playing game within Roblox- created by an equally well-known model maker called Q_Q.

The game is a life simulator that includes a suburban environment that includes police officers that protect civilians. This vehicle set comes with a Roblox sheriff and a cool police vehicle that is used by the sheriffs of Robloxia with the game.

This toy is sure to be a hit with children who like vehicle-based toys, but also to those who enjoy playing the role of the law keeper within the Neighborhood of Robloxia game. 


Roblox Action Collection - Champions of Roblox Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

This figure pack comes with six characters from the Knights of Redcliff group within Roblox- owned by user Sorcus. In this fantasy fuelled game, the Knights of Redcliff are engaged in a battle with the sinister Korbloxians (all fictional, of course!).

Their battle is the good old-fashioned good versus evil fantasy narrative, and this figure pack lets kids choose their side by offering two characters from the Knights of Redcliff and four from the evil Korbloxians (are Roblox trying to get kids to join the dark side by offering more bad guy characters?

It’s a possibility!). The Knight action figures here are Alar, Knight of the Splintered Skies- a virtuous knight from high above who comes to the earthly realm to protect against evil- and a Redcliff Elite Commander, who leads the elite knights into battle.

The Korbloxian figures included in the pack are as follows: The Overseer- who, as their name suggests, has the power of being all-seeing thanks to their giant eye-, a Korblox Deathspeaker- whose words strike terror into the hearts of their enemies-, a Korblox General- with unmatched fighting skills-, and a Korblox Mage- who uses dark magic to fight.

There are hours of fun to be had with this character pack as kids can wage the battle between good and evil once and for all! Just try not to get caught up in said battle. 


Roblox Action Collection - Jailbreak: Great Escape Playset [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Roblox players around the world are sure to have at least heard of the Jailbreak game within Roblox. Created in 2017 by the group Badimo- led by users badcc and asimo3089-, the open-world action game has a cop and robbers theme that is suitable for kids to enjoy as well as adults.

The game has had over five billion visits since its release,, and it was the first Roblox game ever to reach two million favorites just a year after its release.

With this high level of popularity, it is no surprise that Jailbreak has spawned multiple physical toys sets to go with the digital game.

The first we are going to be looking at is the Great Escape playset comes with tons of cool content for kids of any age to hatch the ultimate escape plan (or foil it if they would rather be on the side of the cops!)

Some accessories included are a hang glider, a quad bike, a police riot shield, handcuffs, and tons more to ensure a super fun playtime!


Roblox Action Collection - Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Next up is the Museum Heist playset based on Jailbreak. This set is sure to be appealing thanks to one of its main features: a helicopter!

Accessories like dynamite, various weapons, and a crowbar are also included, and you can get yourself a cool T. rex skeleton in Roblox online if you redeem the exclusive virtual item code 


Roblox Action Collection - Jailbreak: The Celestial Deluxe Vehicle [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item], for Boys

A must-have for kids who love vehicle toys, the Celestial is an awesome car toy that has a mounted minigun attached to the back.

The car comes with two Roblox figures- both with unique outfits and hats- as well as some extra accessories such as weapons and gold bars. 


Roblox Action Collection - Jailbreak: SWAT Unit Vehicle [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Another cool vehicle toy, this car puts players into the role of the police (rather than the criminals as the Celestial Deluxe vehicle does) with a SWAT vehicle that can be used to track down the bad guys and send them packing back to jail!

Included in this set are two Roblox characters- a Repeat Offender (complete with handcuffs) and SWAT Guy along with other accessories, an exclusive virtual item code, and a collector's checklist. 


Roblox Action Collection - Apocalypse Rising 4x4 Vehicle [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item] unisex

Another super popular Roblox game, Apocalypse Rising is an action, open-world survival horror game built by user Gusmanak and scripted by user ZolarKeth.

Apocalypse Rising is the most visited zombie horror game on the Roblox platform, with almost three hundred million visits.

The zombie video game genre is presented in a way that isn’t too scary for kids in Apocalypse Rising, so it isn’t that surprising that- much like Jailbreak- a series of toys has spawned since its creation.

The Apocalypse Rising 4X4 vehicle is the perfect example of one of these toys, as it is clearly a part of the horror series but isn’t too intense or frightening for children.

The set includes a Rising 4X4- a vehicle that can be obtained in the game- and a Roblox figure of the Apocalypse Rising character Red alongside some accessories and a collector's checklist. 


Roblox Action Collection - Zombie Attack Playset [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The zombie attack playset is an awesome toy set for fans of the Apocalypse Rising game on Roblox, and that goes for adults as well as kids!

This set lets the user act out a zombie apocalypse with four Roblox figures, survival-themed accessories- like first aid kits and toxic waste barrels- and even some perfect horror movie set furnishings such as a watchtower, barbed wire barricades, and a huge yellow hazard sign warning of encroaching zombies.

The four characters that come with this playset include two zombies- Zombie Rushers- and two civilians- an Apocalypse Rising Survivor and the Mayor of the Neighborhood of Robloxia.


Roblox Action Collection - Apocalypse Rising 2 Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Apocalypse Rising got itself a sequel in 2017- developed by Dualpoint Interactive, a group created by the Roblox users who made the original game, ZolarKeth, and Gusmanak- and there are toy sets for the second game too, such as this six-figure character pack.

This set would work well with the Apocalypse Rising playset that we talked about above- the Zombie Attack playset- to add a larger cast to the horror scenario that can be acted out with both kids and adults!


Roblox Action Collection - Masters of Roblox Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The Masters of Roblox six-figure toy pack is a little different from some of the other figure packs in that they are models of some of the best-known creators within Roblox rather than characters from games.

This is a great way to introduce kids to creators and allow them to admire these figures in the same way that they might admire a fictional character.

It may also encourage kids to start learning new skills to get into the world of game development with the hope that one day, they too could become a Roblox action figure!

The creators who are immortalized in toy form in this pack are as follows: tktech- known for owning the group TK Studio and for creating the game Design It!-; Ultraw- creator of several Roblox games such as Pizza Factory Tycoon, Restaurant Tycoon 1 and 2, Sushi Factory Tycoon and Clone Tycoon 1 and 2-; Den_S- a creator known for Water Park World, Pool Tycoon 4 and Theme Park Tycoon 2, accumulating more than one hundred million place visits since starting Roblox-; ChickenEngineer- who is responsible for games such as DragonVS, Dinosaur Simulator, Attack on Kaiju and Monster Madness Survival-; Robloxmecha- whose Roblox game creations include Titan Simulator, Zombie Attack, Blox Fruits and Elemental Battlegrounds-; and last but not least, TwentyTwoPilots, who is credited with making a series of Roblox driving games called the Ultimate Driving series.

Many of these creators have been acknowledged for their work with Bloxy awards in the past, and so their inclusion as toys could act as a positive message for children about striving for success and embracing their passions. If not, the toys are still pretty cool and lots of fun nonetheless! 


Roblox Action Collection - Legends of Roblox Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Much like the Masters figure pack, the Legends pack also focuses on six creators who have made a name for themselves within the world of Roblox.

Let’s take a look at the creators who are included as toys in this pack! First up, we have Seranok- known for creating the sandbox game Catalog Heaven along with his brother Merely- who comes with two accessories: a Rocket Jumper and a Golden Chalice of Fame.

His brother Merely also gets a figure included in this pack. He also gets a skateboard as an accessory. Next is a user by the name of TheGamer101 (which is actually one account for two twin brothers from Ireland!).

TheGamer101 account is best known for creating the Sword Fighting Tournament withing Roblox. The figure comes with a sword and a rather fancy hat.

A creator who we have already mentioned once on this list- Apocalypse Rising creator Gusmanak- has a figure in this set that comes decked out in golden armor, which seems suitable seeing as they are one of the most elite game developers within the Roblox world.

Creator litozinnamon- best known for his Call of Duty: World of War inspired game Call of Robloxia 5- Roblox at War- has a figure that comes with a Bluster Buster sword.

Lastly, creator loleris- a Lithuanian Roblox game developer who owns the group MAD STUDIO and is known for games Mad Paintball and Mad Games- gets a figure with some cool sunglasses and a sword. 


Roblox Action Collection - Collector's Tool Box and Carry Case that Holds 32 Figures [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item] - Amazon Exclusive

This next installment on our list of the best Roblox toys isn’t exactly a toy in standard terms.

It is more of an incredibly useful tool to not only help kids keep track of their Roblox, but to also give parents that peace of mind that they aren’t going to end up with random bits of Roblox scattered everywhere around the house.

The Collector’s Tool Box is a wonderfully handy carrying case that not only keeps Roblox figures well stored and organized, but the toolbox also allows for them to be taken anywhere.

Whether it is on vacation or just into another room in the house, this case makes moving Roblox figures a ridiculously easy process.

The case holds up to thirty-two Roblox figures, and it also includes two new figures to add to the collection: the Giant Hunter from the Giant Survival Roblox Game by user BuildIntoGames and the Red LAZER Parkour Runner from the game LAZER by user MasterOfTheElements.


Roblox Action Collection - Meme Pack Playset Includes Exclusive Virtual Item for 6 years and up includes figures and accessories

This playset is sure to go down well with those who are fans of only the highest quality Internet meme content!

The Meme Pack playset features various memes that emerged from the world of Roblox and successfully turns them into toys that can be enjoyed in the real world!

Some of the memes included are MegaNoobPal- a muscular shoulder accessory created by user thunder1222- the “Despacito Spider”- a UGC hat created by user tarabyte which went viral due to a screenshot from the game Robloxian Highschool- and much, much more!

This is certainly a playset that will bring a few laughs to both kids and adults of all ages. 


Roblox Action Collection - Tower Battles: ZED Vehicle [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

This vehicle set originates from the game Tower Battles, a tower defense game in Roblox created by user Planet3arth.

The futuristic ZED vehicle is an awesome toy to please kids of all ages thanks to its science-fiction design and open driving seat so that players can place the Roblox figure that comes with the ZED into the driver’s seat so that they can take the ZED for a spin.

As well as the Roblox figure, the ZED Vehicle set also comes with some cool sci-fi weapons. 


Roblox Action Collection - Q-Clash Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

We discussed a Roblox figure set earlier that includes a character from the popular Roblox game Q-CLASH!- from user duckarmor- and this particular set is also based on this game.

Rather than just the one character, though, you get six! The characters that come in this pack are offense characters Cyborg, Ghost, and Decker, P.I as well as the defense characters Rascal, Reaper, and Sir Knight.

Pair this pack with the Zadena character pack, and you will be only one character away from completing the entire Q-CLASH! set.


Roblox Action Collection - Brainbot 3000 Figure Pack + Two Mystery Figure Bundle [Includes 3 Exclusive Virtual Items]

The Brainbot 3000 is a must-have for kids who are fans of robots, science fiction, and everything in between. The toy is inspired by the Brainbot 300 bundle available within the Roblox game.

Bundles are full sets of body meshes- which include arms, legs, and a torso- that are sold to create a singular avatar for a player.

Brainbot 3000 has been available to buy as a bundle for a player’s avatar since January 2019 and as of summer 2021, it has been favorited by players more than 3,000 times.

With those numbers, it isn't that surprising that this popular bot buddy has its own toy! Brainbot 300 comes equipped with a gravitational radiation hammer as well as two mystery figures, some extra accessories, a collector's checklist, and three virtual exclusive item codes!


Roblox Action Collection - Citizens of Roblox Six Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

Being a giant robot is cool and all, but sometimes, you need to take a moment to recognize the talents of the regular people in the street, and that is exactly what the Citizens of Roblox six-figure pack does!

These figures are inspired by games within Roblox, but they all have a decidedly normal nature to them. The characters that the figures are inspired by do not have superpowers, they are not giant robots or talking space cats.

They are just people, and they make for surprisingly cool Roblox toys! The games that the Roblox citizens hail from include Hospital Roleplay- by HiddoYT-; RoCitizens- by Firebrand1-; Redwood Prison- by RoyStanford’s-; and Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands- by a creator we have already discussed by the name of TwentyTwoPilots.

Some of these game titles are dead giveaways as to some of the professions of these citizens, but with people from all walks of life represented with these figures- from doctors to musicians to firefighters- the Citizens of Roblox pack is sure to add some characters to playtime who can be tons of fun without being extraordinary!

The Roblox Imagination Collection

This is a series of Roblox toys that is also rather self-explanatory with its title. The Imagination Collection features toys, figures, and playsets that are sure to spark the flame of imagination for kids of all ages. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring and creative toys available in the Imagination Collection. 


Roblox Imagination Collection - Noob Attack - Mech Mobility Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The Noob Attack mech is another action figure that is based on a bundle that is available in the Roblox avatar shop, allowing players to use this mech skin!

The joke surrounding the Noob Attack mech is that- as the name suggests- a new player (or a “noob”) who has managed to get hold of a powerful mech suit.

The design of the mech was created by a fan- known as Whimy- from the 2018 Rthro Design Contest,, and it is no surprise that the design won the competition and is now in toy form.

Whether you are an experienced Roblox player, or a noob yourself, this mech toy is sure to bring hours of fun for the kids. 


Roblox Imagination Collection - Ud’zal Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The big bad from the Redcliff Kingdom game that we talked about earlier, the Ud’zal figure is based on the character who is said to be the “All-Father” of the evil Korblox.

Ud’zal has an awesome design, with a giant weapon, a glowing blue torso, and a pile of skulls as an accessory. Ud’zal is definitely not a toy for the faint-hearted!


Roblox Imagination Collection - Clawed Companion Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

If you are looking for a cuter and more cuddly option than that last one, the Clawed Companion is a fantastic choice!

Designed by Roblox user Greeno357, this walking claw machine comes complete with teddy bears inside the machine itself as well as a kitty cat plush accessory. 


Roblox Imagination Collection - Gang O' Fries Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

This next option has such a creative design that you really can’t help but give a round of applause to the designer, Roblox user Mxhmoud.

The Gang O’Fries figure is basically just that: a gang of fries encased in a fast-food fry holder. It also has hamburger headphones, arms, legs, and boxing gloves as well as a little ketchup pot that comes with it.

The individual faces on the fries- each with its own expression- make this figure all the more fantastic. This is one pack of french fries you probably want to steer clear of. Who are we kidding, we would probably eat them anyway. 

The Roblox Avatar Shop Series Collection

Another self-explanatory series, these collectibles are all toys versions of items that can be found on the avatar shop within the Roblox game, where players can find unique items to use for their avatars in order to customize their in-game character. We have already seen a few of these on this list, but the toys that fall under this series are designed from the most popular creations to be found on the avatar shop. Let’s take a look! 


Roblox Avatar Shop Series Collection - Rare Complicated Unicorn Gangster Panda Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The random nature of this figure is likely what made it one of the more popular avatar shop items! This is one panda you don’t want to mess with (it’s probably best that you don’t mess with pandas anyway.

Endangered species, remember?) thanks to its dual life as a gangster bear. This cute yet corrupted anti-hero panda comes with some adorable unicorn accessories, like a unicorn backpack, a unicorn tail, and a unicorn floaty.

You never know when this dangerous panda might feel like a dip in the pool! There are also some not-so-adorable gangster-related accessories- like some knuckle dusters.

Mix and match the gangster panda’s accessories to create the perfect combination of cutesy and deadly. 


Roblox Avatar Shop Series Collection - Corrupted Time Lord Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

The Corrupted Time Lord is an avatar item-themed toy with a science fiction style. It comes with some interesting accessories, including clocks, weapons, and even a pair of wings and a tail.

This one is certainly not as cute as the gangster panda,, but you could certainly make some fascinating Roblox characters by mixing up the pieces with this Corrupted Time Lord!


Roblox Avatar Shop Series Collection - Future Tense Figure Pack [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item]

This final avatar shop series pack combines the best of three totally different but very cool characters. The toy bot is one part wizard, one part ninja, and one part time-traveling android.

What’s not to like? As with all the Roblox figures, you can mix and match the different parts and accessories to make the toy more of one rather than the other, depending on personal preferences.

No matter which one your kids choose, they are sure to be entertained thanks to this ability to switch up the parts of the Future Tense figure to create something truly unique. 

Elena Jones