30 Great Robot Toys For 4 Year Olds (Educational Interactive )

Learning through play is vital for young children; it helps them grow and keeps them engaged in life. It also provides a basis for finding their way in the world and is a very important step in their development.

When it comes to kid’s toys there’s a certain popularity around robots, making the search for robot toys for under 5s such good fun.

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From TV based robots to original and uniquely designed ones to some downright crazy ones, we’ve brought them altogether for you to make robot shopping a tad easier. 


Transformers Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Academy Wedge The Construction-Bot Converting Toy Robot, 6-Inch Collectible Action Figure for Kids Ages 3 and Up

with this kid-sized toy of Optimus Prime children can get interactive by pretending to be the leader of the Autobots from the Transformers series.

Optimus can switch into dino mode and back and is ideal for small hands to operate and change. Kids will have a great time fuelling their imagination taking the Autobot leader out on patrol.

In one easy step kids can convert this rescue toy from vehicle to robot. The toy is also part of a collection so why not purchase some of the other toys for the ultimate adventure.


This entertaining coding skills kit has been designed as a robot. The robot breaks down images into a set of symbols, and encourages users to develop pre-coding skills such as problem-solving,logical thinking and sequencing.

The toy Includes a suction pen, 20 challenge cards and 175 pixel tiles. The suction cup enables children to grab the relevant tiles and add them to the grid and make up to 20 different creations. Ideal for kids 4 years and upwards. 


Thames & Kosmos Kids First Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook

This kit has colorful and large plastic pieces that children can build and make a robot. The building kit is easy for tiny hands to handle.

There are several moving parts, gears and wheels on these cute non-motorized robots. The pieces are large enabling small fingers to grab then easily.

Kids are able to learn first hand about machines and trains and how they work together. In addition to materials there is also a storybook included.


Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Roar and Rescue Bumblebee Figure

This awesome robot toy is modelled on the popular Transformers series. The Bumblebee figure can change from robot into dino mode easily.

The Rescue bot toy turns into a Dinobot Raptor which will intrigue kids and encourage their imagination as they become engrossed in the Autobot team with some of their favorite characters.


Aeromax - AEAASHELMET , Inc. Get Real Gear Youth NASA Astronaut Helmet, White

Stimulate the imagination with this funky robot helmet which high quality construction means kid’s play time can last for many years. The helmet is ideal for Halloween parties or dressing up play.

The helmet easily fits age 3-8 year girls or boys and has been designed with a visor that moves and a rotating antenna.

The plastic design is durable and is ideall for kids from 3-10. The helmet also has the USA flag, colorful decals and the NASA logo on the side. Great for an aspiring astronaut with a love of robots. 


Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Batbot Xtreme

A slightly pricey contribution but you can’t put a price on kid’s happiness. Sometimes, Batman just needs a robot buddy!

This robot is a whopping 2 feet tall and has wings as well as the capability to change voices, throw projectiles, and punch fists.

In addition, it has an internal motorcycle and elevator. this huge robot is also home to Batman’s headquarters right in it’s chest as well as a cockpit that can control the cockpit.

The power pad on the leg is able to pop open the foot and show the batcycle. You can add to the fun by purchasing the other figures and toys in the series. 


Educational Insights Robot Face Race, Fast Paced Color Recognition Matching Game, for 2-4 Players, Award-Winning Fun Family Board Game for Kids Ages 4+

This fun game created by Ivan Moscovich allows players to match robot bodies to robot heads by looking for the right colored eyes ,nose,face, and mouth.

There are over 120 robot heads, 20 robot scoring tokens and a Robot Randomizer. The first player to place their token on the correct face gets to keep their token and the first to 5 wins the game. The game is guaranteed to keep kids occupied for days.

This game is ideal for pre schoolers and helps them develop visual awareness by trying to match up the colors. 


miYou Alphabet Robots Toy for Kids ABC Learning Education Preschool Toys 26 Pieces/Gift Box

Learning the alphabet is one of the first keys to developing children’s language and reading skills. Help boost kid’s alphabet learning with this smart set of robots that change into the letters of the alphabet.

It’s ideal for mastering hand to eye co-ordination. Furthermore, the robots will help children with dexterity and to recongnise letters in the process of switching them back and forth.

The toys are best suited for ages 3 and above. The toy makes a lovely birthday or Xmas gift and comes a beautiful gift box. 


Liberty Imports Electronic Smart Pet Dog Harry - Interactive Puppy Toy Robot Responds to Touch, Walks, Barks, Sings, Dances

This robot puppy is almost 6 inches tall and around 7 inches long. He barks, walks and makes cute doggy sounds. The toy requires 3 x AA batteries.

The puppy also responds to touch and will sing and dance. When placed on smooth surfaces it will also play and chase.It’s the ideal toy for kid’s that love animals.

You only need top touch his head to get him to sing and dance and touch his backside for a surprise response. 


Top Race Programmable Robotic Dog Toy - Remote Control Pet with Touch Function, Voice Control for Kids 5-7 - Rechargeable Smart Animal Toy

Another relectronic robot dog this option is one of the best on the market at present. And it’s all singing and all dancing. The AI technology is very apparent with the toy and offers lifelike movement that is fascinating to watch.

The dog responds to the voice and also has remote control. It can also imitate animal forms and has several voice directives. In addition, it is fully programmable. It also benefits from rechargeable batteries that are long lasting. 


Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi, 3 - 6 years

This early learning robot is excellent for teaching children about how to follow directions, how to incorporate some critical thinking and it also gets them up and active.

This is achieved through three ways of playing. The robot is able to move in different directions and comes with 60 facial expressions that change during play.

In addition, it has light up buttons that provide a visually appealing experience for the kids. 


Transformers Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Medix The Doc-Bot, Action Figure, Ages 3-7 (Amazon Exclusive)

If the Autobots get an injury they need help fast. Kids can provide life saving help with this Doc-Bot figure that’s easily converted.

They can push the siren and the Doc-Bot will change between forms in the same way he does in the Transformers series. Kids will love Joining the big fight against the Decepticons.


Fantastic Coloring Book for Toddler Boys: Preschool Activity Book for Kids Ages 2-4, with Coloring Pages of Toys, Animals, Trucks, Robots, and All ... Things! (Large Coloring Book for Toddlers)

This awesomne coloring book will appeal to kid’s creative side. It has loads of machines, robots and trains. There are pictures on one side of each paper.

The other side has cut out lines which allows kids to create their very own gallery that they can put in their bedroom.


Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot Take Apart Toy, 23-Pieces, Preschool STEM Toy, Gift for Kids Ages 3+

For kids who enjoy to working with their hands this robot is the prefect toy. It encourages an interest in engineering.

Kids can put together the arms of the robot and then practice drilling different colored bolts with a kid friendly screwdriver that’s super easy to use. There are also 15 bolts included and a number of decorative stickers.


Playskool Heroes, Transformers Rescue Bots, Bumblebee Figure (Motorcycle)

Another offering from Transformers this Bumblebee robot can change into a motorcycle easily by being pulled into shape by tiny hands.

Used either as a robot or motorcycle this toy will spark their imagination as they enjoy re-enacting their favorite show. 


Toyvelt Take Apart Stem Learning Kids Toys - Educational Building Blocks Set (286 Pieces) With Electric Drill Toy - Great Gift for Boys and Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 - 12 years old

Building and taking apart is a great way to learn about construction and different objects.

This set includes a toy drill, and over 286 pieces you can take apart and rebuild. It allows kids to build trucks, forklifts, sailboats, helicopters, aliens and more. In addition it has a comprehensive instruction book.


eeBoo: Build A Robot Spinner Puzzle Game, Encourages Imaginative Play, Patience and Social Skills for Children, for 2 to 4 Players, Spin for Parts to Build a Robot, Ages 3 and up

This award winning game is fun and educational. Players just spin and put robot parts within their puzzle. It includes 4 x 9inch square boards and is suitable for 1 to 4 players.

The game provides a good combination of puzzle making with machines, counting tools, and spaces to kep children’s minds active.


Transformers Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Action Figure, Converting Toy Robot, Kids Easter Basket Stuffers or Gifts, Ages 3+

Kids can team up with leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, and enjoy a great adventure. The robot is 10 inches tall and can transform into a huge 17 inch semi truck and is able to hold 4 Rescue Bot vehicles. For extra fun there is a jet mode with 27-inch wings. 


This remote control robot offers gestures sensing and can move backwards, forwards and left and right. It is able to sing 5 songs along with light flashing and dancing.

Guaranteed to delight the kids, it can also respond to up to 50 motion commands and actions via the remote control. In addition it can also successfully detect and avoid any obstacles in its way. 


For the lego lovers out there this great robot lego kit has several models with different functions. You are able to download the app onto a smartphone to prgramme the robot.

Kids can learn essential skills such as coding and can use the robot to play ball, shoot missiles and drive round. Each robot does different things.

Charlie can high five, dance and play the drums whilst Tricky can avoid obstacles, ealak and be built into a crane or buggy. 


This cute doggy robot will make the perfect child companion.It has several functions including talking, walking, singing and telling stories.

When you touch his head he will make funny sounds and can respond to various commands. If left alone the dog will call out for company. Kid’s willl love this great interactive toy. 


This easy to control robot makes a great gift for young children. The robot can swiftly move backward, forward, right and left.

The radio control allows children to communicate with their friends and unlock new games. In addition, the robot has flexible hands and head with bright LED eyes that are visually stuimlating for little ones. 


This super smart robot toy is able to move when touching the sensing area. Kids are able to control thge robot with their voice.

There is a recording option so the robot can record your voice and respond like you, kids will love this features providing amusement and fun. The robot is also a pretty good dancer, giving dancing enthusiasts a run for their money.


Are the kids into dinosaurs as well as robots ? Then here’s the perfect gift. This stylish robot dinosaur can fight and dance to different music.

The remote control can switch between two modes, walk and slide. Interact with the toy’s head and it will wag its tail and shake its head. It also has LED eyes and makes vivid sounds that will be mesmirising for small children. 


Remote Control Car, Toy for 3-8 Year Old Boys, 360° Rotating RC Deformation Robot Car Toy with LED Light, Transform Robot RC Car Age 3 4 5 6 7 8-12 Years Old for Kids, Boys Girls Birthday Gifts (Red)

For the car lovers this awesome transformer will provide hours of fun. Just one push of a button and the toy goes from car to robot. Kids are able to remotely control the car and transforms effortlessly and fast.

It’s super easy to handle and small children are able to control it well. It’s great for helping children develop hand eye coordination. 


TNOIE Dancing Spin Robot Toy Car with Colorful Flashing Lights & Music, Interactive Educational Gift for 3-7 Year Old Boys and Girls (Red)

Are the kids spiderman mad ? Then they’ll love this spiderman robot toy. It’s a cool little dude and and can rotate,flash and bust some moves. 

It can rotate 360 degrees and will entertain the kids for hours. It s compact and transportable ideal for long car journeys or train trips. 


JXZJCY Talking Robot Toys for Kids, Mini Robot Toys Repeats What You Say with Flashing Lights and Touch Control, Children Toys Gifts for Boys and Girls Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - with Button-Cell Batteries

This flexible talking robot has a unique design with 360 rotatable joints. Perfect for heavy handed children the toy is robust and able to handle a battering. Not only is it a great toy it can also be used as a mobile phone or pen holder.

You just need to tap the button and the robot will come to life. Touch the head and he will change color and makes voices. When your kids talk to the robot the eyes will light up and will repeat words in a cute way.

Furthermore, the robot is able to speak in several languages. The toy is a great way to help improve kid’s vocabulary 


hacontate Building Train Robot Toys

This creative toy is fun and educational. It arrives in a beautiful display box. It consists of 76 building blocks and 2 assembly modes.

It can be changed into 5 different cars and joined toegther to create a long train that is burger themed. This toy assists in helping kid’s cognitive development, patience, hand eye coordination as well as dexterity. It’s easy to handle and useful for tiny hands. 


Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It! Robot Factory, Fine Motor Toy, Robot Building Set for Unisex Children Ages 2+

This cute toy can be enjoyed by children as young as 2. The build it yourself toy will help keep toddlers stimulated and develop STEM skills and foster an interest in engineering.

The peices are chunky and easy tohandle and helps kids with their fine motor skills. In addition it’s bright and colorful making it visually appealing. 


FLYINTOYS Kid Robot Toys for Boys Girls,Dancing Singing Walking Talking Sliding Robot with Colorful LED and Spray,Electronic Toys Interactive Early Educational Robot Toys Birthday for Kids

This educational toy has several features. It helps children identify different parts of the body and name them.

It is equipped with 2 wheels and magic lights and is able to navigate successfully. It also has a fun little spray, singing and ejection function. Kid’s will love playing with this toy and delighting their little friends.

So, there we have it. 30 awesome educational robot gifts for the little people on your life. Happy shopping! 

Elena Jones