30 Coolest LEGO Minecraft Sets


LEGO Microworld The Nether 21106

After passing through an Obsidian Portal, you'll arrive in The Nether. This location is unlike any other, with Netherrack, gravel, and bedrock. Keep a watch out for lava, flying Ghasts, and Zombie Pigmen prowling the area.

You can now re-create the entire scenario, complete with a doorway, using LEGO bricks. Keep in mind, however. You are doing so at your own peril. As buildable Micromob figures, two Ghasts and a Zombie Pigmen are featured.


LEGO Minecraft 21116 Crafting Box

You can construct, develop, and grow your Minecraft world with the LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box. It includes directions, motivational quotes, Steve, a pickaxe, and more.

Torches, plants, an oven, TNT, ripe wheat, and a periodic chart poster with LEGO Minecraft elements are included, as well as redstone and lapis elements.

This is the perfect present for LEGO and Minecraft fans! Combine it with other biomes from the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world.

Reassemble using the 8-in-1 building instructions or inspired photographs and settings for further LEGO Minecraft activities.


LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine Building Toy, 21166 Zombie Cave with Slime, Steve & Spider Figures, Gift idea for Kids, Boys and Girls Age 7 Plus

Minecraft made using LEGOS The "Abandoned" Mine (21166) brings classic Minecraft action to life in the real world, with kids supporting the game's protagonist in mining, constructing, and exploring while dodging assaults from a variety of dangerous monsters.

You can get your hands on several Minecraft mining adventures. As he searches for coal, iron, and diamond, Steve is ambushed by a horrific zombie, creepy spider, and living slime.

Players must utilize a hand-operated device to attract hostile creatures to the cave entrance, then crash down on them with high-level gravel.


LEGO Minecraft The Bee Farm 21165 Minecraft Building Action Toy with a Beekeeper, Plus Cool Bee and Sheep Figures, New 2021 (238 Pieces),Multicolor

The LEGO Minecraft The Bee Farm (21165) kit has a plethora of role-playing possibilities. Minecraft players and non-players alike may engage in unrestricted, hands-on, imaginative play with the online game's interesting characters and beasts.

In this open-ended game inspired by Minecraft, kids may join the friendly bees as they help the flowers and crops grow and generate honey in the beehive.

A swarm of angry bees swarms in the air zips around in circles, and finally flies loose to attack the sheep and the scared villager.

This customizable set includes imaginative, hands-on features including a flying beekeeper, a town, and eight live bees, so the fun can start right away.


LEGO Minecraft The Blaze Bridge 21154 Building Kit (370 Pieces)

You may enter a world of Minecraft adventures with this LEGO Minecraft 21154.

The Blaze Bridge set comes with a fiery Minecraft Nether environment that contains a bridge, scorching lava, well-known Minecraft characters, and one-of-a-kind items.

Players of the record-breaking video game will love triggering the gravel rockfall and soaring flame skills as they battle hostile monsters to cross the bridge and earn the loot.

A wither skeleton, two blaze figures with spinnable blaze rods, and an Alex Minifigure are all included.


LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113

If you dare, enter The Cave! This set will appeal to Minecraft players as they go on an exciting and dangerous quest for crucial commodities.

Digging with the iron pickaxe and fighting ferocious zombies and spiders will be fun for young builders. When the youngsters have completed battling and digging, they can use the bread chest to refuel their batteries.

This kit may also be combined with other LEGO Minecraft components to create new worlds, allowing the adventures to continue.


LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine 21155 Building Kit (834 Pieces)

Kids may battle the Creeper and husk, smash stone with Minecraft TNT, and store mined gold in a massive Creeper statue that delivers it to a chest when a lever is pushed.

This unusual Minecraft toy also includes a working railway track with a minecart, as well as a realistic shelter with a bed, anvil, oven, chest, and vegetable patch.

It may be combined with other LEGO Minecraft sets to create a unique world that can be played with or shown. Creeper, cow, and bat figurines are featured, as well as Steve, husk, and a blacksmith.


LEGO Minecraft The Desert Outpost 21121

The Desert Outpost is a great place for Minecraft players to hide from deadly creatures. The responsibility of constructing a dwelling, an observation tower, and a defense wall might be assigned to builders.

The tame wolf keeps an eye on the kids while they construct a bed, table, door, staircase, and boat, then sail forth to collect crops to plant inside the outpost's confines.

The build may also be constructed for more LEGO Minecraft fun, allowing for endless innovative possibilities. This kit is a great addition to any LEGO Minecraft collection, as well as a great present for any Minecraft enthusiast.


LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon 21119 Toy for Ages 8 Year Old +

Minecraft fans will have a blast exploring The Dungeon in quest of valuable ores while dodging enemies.

This set comes with three Minifigures, as well as accessories such as an iron pickaxe, chest, three buildable torches, and a wall with a hidden doorway for zombies to sneak up on you.

This kit is an excellent way to begin a LEGO Minecraft collection, as well as a wonderful present for a Minecraft fan.


LEGO Minecraft The End Portal 21124

Minecraft fans will be able to immerse themselves in a range of hands-on experiences involving their favorite characters thanks to The End Portal.

This kit allows kids to role-play encounters with the cave spider and the Enderman, such as going on expeditions to collect valuable ores from the chest and reenacting experiences that lead to the collecting of eyeballs required to activate The End Portal.

This kit is a great addition to any LEGO Minecraft collection, as well as a great present for any Minecraft enthusiast.


LEGO Minecraft 21117 The Ender Dragon

Enter the End at your own peril! Put on your diamond armor and helmet, assemble your weapons, and enter this dayless land that floats across the void beneath the starless sky.

Look for dangerous Endermen hiding in the dark. Use your diamond sword and bow to defeat the foe. Then, to battle, the mighty Ender Dragon, who towers over the regenerating Ender Crystals, summon all of your talents.

After you've killed the dragon, collect the dragon egg to create an exit portal. Make certain you're prepared for the last battle! Reassembling the kit will allow you to build more LEGO Minecraft structures.

Three Endermen, the Ender Dragon, and a Steve Minifigure with different weapons and accessories are included.


LEGO Minecraft 21114 The Farm

You may collect renewable resources with The Farm! Encircle the animals with a fence and channel the flowing water to the crops if you want to live.

Harvesting pumpkins, wheat, sugar cane, and carrots are all recommended. Using the crafting table, create a pumpkin helmet or a jack-o'-lantern.

Keep a lookout after dark for the skeleton with his bow and arrow! Rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations, or combine it with other series sets like 21115 The First Night for a bigger Minecraft adventure!

A skeleton, a cow, and a sheep, as well as a Steve Minifigure with an attachment, are all included.


LEGO Minecraft 21115 The First Night

Make the most of the daylight hours to get through The First Night! Build a bed, oven, and chest for your animals, as well as a house and cage for them, but don't forget to finish before midnight to avoid the hissing Creeper!

Rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations, or combine it with other series sets like 21114 The Farm for a bigger Minecraft adventure!

A creeper and pig, as well as a Steve Minifigure with firearms and other equipment, are included.


LEGO Minecraft The Horse Stable 21171 Building Kit; Fun Minecraft Farm Toy for Kids, Featuring a Skeleton Horseman; New 2021 (241 Pieces)

The Horse Stable (21171) combines the thrill and adventure of the popular online game with the limitless creative potential of LEGO bricks and the joy of caring for horses.

This adaptable LEGO Minecraft set is ideal for individuals who like building, customizing, and letting their imagination run wild.

Opening doors and genuine Minecraft elements like a golden carrot and diamond armor may be found in the stable. There are horses to feed and care for, an obstacle course to construct, and a skeleton horseman to battle!


LEGO Minecraft The Iron Golem 21123

Minecraft fans who enjoy mining, manufacturing, and attempting to create an iron golem will enjoy The Iron Golem.

Smelting iron ingots in the furnace, making iron blocks on the crafting table, and constructing an iron golem to scare a strolling zombie are just a few of the activities that this set has inspired.

This kit is a great addition to any LEGO Minecraft collection, as well as a great present for any Minecraft enthusiast.


LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Abomination 21176 Building Kit Playset; Fun Minecraft Dungeons Exploring Toy for Kids; New 2021 (489 Pieces)

No one is safe in the jungle with LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Abomination (21176). This inventive build-and-play kit includes the must-have monster, as well as a boatload of other wonderful Minecraft characters and features.

Minecraft fans will be overjoyed to be able to play this gigantic brawler. With its massive, movable head, gaping mouth, and crushing arm, the Jungle Abomination is the Minecraft jungle megastar.

To provide a variety of unique ways to play, the kit also includes a Minecraft explorer, archaeologist, enchanted Creeper, skeleton, iron golem, and a buildable, articulated plant with grabbing petals.


LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Tree House 21125

Construct and defend a jungle tree home! Minecraft fans will appreciate joining up with Alex to combat the oncoming hordes in The Jungle Tree House.

Kids may discover new ways to beat the mobs by triggering the secret trapdoor, luring the bursting Creeper onto the floor trap, and then fleeing down the waterfall quickly.

Different forms of play can also be accommodated by changing the settings. The Jungle Tree House is a great addition to any LEGO Minecraft collection, and it also makes a great present for any Minecraft enthusiast.


LEGO Minecraft 21118 The Mine (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Enter The Mine at your own risk! You'll need to put on your iron armor for this dangerous quest.

Grab your pickaxe and enter the mine, keeping an eye out for the dangerous creatures that lurk below. 

Plant TNT and activate the explosive mechanism to blow away the rock face. Then load the valuable ores into the mine cart and accelerate past the Creeper, zombie, and skeleton, using the iron sword to hold them at bay until you're safely above ground. It's all in a day's work for a LEGO Minecraft hero!


LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave 21137 Building Kit (2863 Piece)

Your builder can enjoy all of Minecraft's thrills and adventures with the LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave kit.

Your child may play as Steve and Alex and explore the bat-infested Mountain Cave, ride the minecart elevator, and battle swarms of nasty mobs.

This kit is designed for the enthusiastic, creative players of the popular sandbox video game, and it offers a lot of unique play possibilities. Bring Minecraft to life while taking a break from the screen for a new challenge for Minecraft fans.


LEGO Minecraft The Nether Fortress 21122

You've depleted all of the resources available in the Overworld... Light the obsidian gateway and pass through to access The Nether Fortress!

This intimidating structure is guarded by an army of enraged crowds. Assist Alex in defeating the Blaze, the fortress's protector.

Use your diamond pickaxe to mine glowstone to light your path, but be careful not to set off a lava flow! Construct an access point in the fortress wall, then surprise the Zombie Pigman with your diamond sword.


LEGO Minecraft The Pillager Outpost 21159 Awesome Action Figure Brick Building Playset for Kids Minecraft Gift (303 Pieces)

Pillagers and an Iron Golem are two popular characters in the game, and players may interact with them in action-packed, hands-on experiences.

The new year 2020 crossbow-wielding Pillagers have caught the friendly Iron Golem monster. Kids will need skill, ingenuity, and Minecraft expertise to carry out a successful rescue mission as the brave Knight figure.

The model is separated into three parts, which the students may adjust to make the assignment more personalized. It includes, among other things, a fully equipped tent, two dummies for archery practice, and a TNT explosion mechanism.


LEGO Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152 Building Kit (386 Pieces)

Build a pirate ship with gold accents, a pirate banner, a gangplank, cannons, and a resident parrot.

A Minifigure with pirate skin, a Minecraft dolphin, and a Minecraft turtle with two eggs are included in this LEGO Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure set, which is new for January 2019.

Use the ship's flick-missile weapons to ward off assaulting mobs after placing the zombie in the unique base for a Minecraft zombie-fire effect. You can experience hands-on Minecraft pirate adventures with this LEGO Minecraft pirate ship toy.

To make a tropical pirate base, replace the ship's modular building components, then combine it with other LEGO Minecraft toys to make your own LEGO Minecraft world!


LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Attack 21146 Building Kit (457 Piece)

To keep undesirable Minecraft critters away, build a safe haven with a bed, crafting table, treehouse, furnace, and a secret trapdoor. Make a stone sword after that and prepare to fight the skeleton army.

Fans of the hugely popular video game may get their hands on this Lego Minecraft 21146 the skeleton attack.

By switching out the building components, you can easily customize this model, and you may combine it with other Lego Minecraft kits to create your own unique Lego Minecraft universe.

A red sheep, a skeleton horseman, two Minecraft skeleton miniatures, and a Minecraft steve Minifigure are also included.


LEGO Minecraft The Sky Tower 21173 Fun Floating Islands Building Kit Toy with a Pilot, 2 Flying Phantoms and a Cat; New 2021 (565 Pieces)

The LEGO Minecraft The Sky Tower (21173) is jam-packed with authentic action and several places that Minecraft lovers can rebuild over and over for limitless sky adventures.

Kids take to the skies and employ incredible, actual Minecraft pieces to build a floating blacksmith's home, a soaring tower, and a garden island. Just a few of the game possibilities include growing vegetables and fighting flying phantoms.


LEGO Minecraft The Snow Hideout 21120 Minecraft Toy

Minecraft gamers who wish to go on icy mining expeditions will love the Snow Hideout. Builders can create a snow castle equipped with a door, ice block windows, a netherrack fireplace, and a chimney to keep hostile mobs away.

They may then build a Snow Golem that shoots snowballs at the explosive Creeper that prowls the region at night. The possibilities for off-screen action and adventure are nearly endless.

This kit is an excellent way to begin a LEGO Minecraft collection, as well as a wonderful present for a Minecraft fan.


LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post 21167 Collectible Action-Figure Playset with Minecraft’s Steve and Skeleton Toys, New 2021 (201 Pieces)

Steve, the main character, is working hard to gather precious commodities before going to the trade booth. Children, on the other hand, must help him deal with a barrage of usual Minecraft enthusiasm.

lamas have escaped, an explosion has occurred, a hostile skeleton must be fought, and the trader appears to have nothing to offer! Isn't it true that he doesn't? The youngsters must crank the handle to reveal the hidden items.


LEGO Minecraft The Illager Raid 21160 Building Toy Set Gift for Boys and Girls who Love Minecraft and Kai (562 Pieces)

Players rearrange three Minecraft locations — a desert house with a flat roof, a trading station, and a field with crops – to create an endless number of role-playing scenarios.

The game may be continued indoors by removing the house roof. In addition to friendly Villagers, new-for-January-2020 Pillagers, Vindicator, and a variety of animals and accessories, there's an awesome, biting Ravager to combat.

It features opening and closing jaws and is large enough for a Minecraft figurine to ride on!


LEGO Minecraft The Warped Forest 21168 Hands-on Minecraft Nether Creative Playset; Fun Warped Forest Building Toy Featuring Huntress, Piglin and Hoglin, New 2021 (287 Pieces)

This fun playset has Minecraft characters and aspects that kids will recognize from the popular online game. Players must aid Huntress in negotiating the treacherous environment of The Warped Forest.

Crossing lava rivers, avoiding falling rocks, and fighting hostile gangs are all challenges. The kids used dynamite to set off an explosion, which brought down a tree across the roaring lava flow.

They proceed on their journey to new adventures after crossing the handmade bridge.


LEGO Minecraft The Wither 21126

Young builders may enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures with their favorite characters and goods with The Wither set.

The kids must build a TNT gun and battle the fearsome wither and wither skeletons guarding the underground stronghold.

This program immerses children in the world of Minecraft while also giving opportunities for them to rebuild. The Wither is an excellent addition to any LEGO Minecraft collection, as well as a wonderful present for any Minecraft enthusiast.


LEGO Minecraft The Wool Farm 21153 Building Kit (260 Pieces)

Kids can get their hands on some Minecraft action with this LEGO Minecraft 21153. The Wool Farm construction kit includes a farm environment, two colorful Minecraft sheep, and a newborn sheep.

Shearing sheep, caring for baby sheep and building fascinating structures to beautify the farm are all activities that gamers of the record-breaking video game will love with the Steve Minifigure.

This kit includes three decorative construction instructions as well as additional LEGO bricks for improvised creation.

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