12 Awesome STEM Subscription Boxes For Kids

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In recent years, education systems across the world have been embracing STEM education methods through all ages. Activities are designed to be hands-on whilst sparking kids’ curiosity and creativity, encouraging teamwork, and creating new ways to problem-solve.

But what is STEM education?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

As developments in STEM fields continue at a rapid rate, there’s never been a better time to increase kids’ engagement in these areas.

Not only do children learning STEM develop an understanding of a wide range of topics, but they also grow as human beings able to work with others, solve problems, and think differently about the world around them.

So, how do you get your kids involved in STEM? For many, this is a daunting prospect as creating regular and varied activities can be a challenge, even for those working in education.

The challenging nature of the task goes some way to explaining why STEM subscription boxes are continuing to increase in number, variety, and popularity.

With varied subscription packages available, some focus on specific areas of STEM whilst others aim to cover all four topics.

There is now a mind-boggling number of options, which can make finding the right STEM subscription for your kids a time-consuming and frustrating process.

We have sampled a wide range of the boxes on the market (so you don’t have to) and whittled it down to a selection of twelve awesome boxes. 

Read on as we take a look at some of the best STEM subscription boxes for kids, helping you find the right box for your child. 


KiwiCo Crate

KiwiCo has built up a strong following and diverse customer base thanks to their high-quality, diverse, and action-packed subscription boxes.

The company offers boxes from babies and toddlers (0-24 months) up to fourteen years plus. Each age-specific box comes under its unique line names, such as Kiwi Crate (ages 5-8) or Atlas Crate (ages 6-11).

Each box comes with a project, inspiration booklet, explore! Magazine and access to an online resource with activity suggestions. 

The boxes aim to cover each discipline of STEM study, which provides a well-rounded and engaging box for kids.


  • All Ages - KiwiCo offer a wide range of boxes for kids from babies to fourteen years plus
  • Topics - Covering all four disciplines of STEM
  • Variety - Varied themes for each box keeps the kids engaged
  • Content - Jam-packed with content, projects, booklet, magazine, and further suggested activities


  • Durability - Some materials may not be so durable as to be used multiple times


Green Kids Craft

Green Kids craft provides a box that is loaded with diverse and challenging content. The company has a strong focus on the environment, which is shown by their planting of a tree each time an order is placed.

They offer three tiers of subscription for different age groups and the option of a literary upgrade that includes a book related to the monthly theme.

For kids who love nature and being creative, this is the box for them. Numerous eco-friendly projects focus on natural habitats and ecosystems. 

The included STEM magazine is full of activities, puzzles, and additional resources for further activities. Each box comes with between four and eight activities, offering diversity and value.


  • Environmentally Conscious - A tree is planted for each order
  • Environmentally Focused - Focus on green projects and environmental activism
  • STEM Magazine - Activities, puzzles, and additional resources 
  • Activities - Each box comes with between four and eight activities
  • Literary Upgrade - Optional upgrade to subscription provides a theme related book each month


  • Plastics - Despite their eco-friendly focus, some boxes still contain plastics


MEL Science

MEL Science provides a fantastic gateway to STEM for kids aged 5 to 9 years old, whilst they also offer Chemistry and Physics subscriptions for older students.

With over thirty different STEM projects to choose from, kids are guaranteed to find numerous activities and experiments that captivate their attention.

The projects are well-structured, detailed, and safe for kids to use (though in some cases supervision is advised). The company also provides online resources and activities as well as a mobile app.


  • Subscription Options - As well as MEL Science STEM for ages 5-9+, they also do 
  • Chemistry and Physics for older kids
  • Experiments - Structured, detailed, and safe for kids
  • Diverse - Over 30 different STEM projects 
  • Connectivity - Online resources and mobile app


  • Additional Supplies - Not each box contains all the required materials


Groovy Lab in a Box

This subscription box places a strong focus on teaching kids about engineering and the engineering design process.

The STEMist Series allows buyers to choose from numerous focused themes including robotics, coding, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering.

The lab notebook provides instructions and has journal space to encourage the kids to note down their progress, and findings. Tiered STEM learning will help encourage independent thinking and problem-solving.

The kids must demonstrate an understanding of the scientific concepts to move through the tiers and partake in the more advanced activities and challenges.

When kids have completed all but the final task, they will take on the Engineering Design Challenge.


  • STEMist Series - Choose from robotics, coding, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Tiered STEM Learning - Encourages independence and clear understanding of each tier
  • Lab Notebook - Instructions and illustrations as well as journal space for recording progress
  • Engineering Design Challenge - Activity to complete after learning and understanding the other activities


  • Resource Access - Online resources are only available to subscribers 


Little Passports Expeditions

Little Passports offer a wide range of different subjects, topics, and action-packed content.

As well as subscription boxes for science, they also have boxes focused on geography and cultures around the world. The Science boxes are Science Junior for ages 5 to 8 and Science Expeditions for 8 years and above. 

Each box is stuffed with a variety of activities and resources, with a comic book, science experiment, project, and a mystery to solve.

This is fantastic for engaging kids’ critical thinking skills. There are detailed instructions via printable sheets or video tutorials to help the kids with the incredible array of activities.

The company also sells numerous games and toys that are STEM-related on its website.


  • Variety - Wide range of boxes covering numerous topics of interest
  • Comic Book - Activities, instructions, and glossary of keywords
  • Tutorials - Printable and video instructions for each activity 
  • Experiments - Varied and fascinating experiments each month
  • Additional Content - Games, toys, and activities available from the company website


  • Materials - Cheap materials



Introduce your kids to the world of computer programming with the monthly computer science project from BitsBox.

Kids don’t need any previous coding experience to get started and engage with these interesting activities. The coding is done in a browser, so it's compatible with any computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

Worrying about screen time? Parents can manage the screen time of their kids in the settings. Each box comes with a selection of projects with a variety of difficulty levels.

Kids will be able to build their own apps, test them for free, and then share them with their friends.


  • Programming for Kids - Introduce kids to programming
  • Compatibility - Can be used on any computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Great Introduction - No prior coding experience is necessary 
  • Parental Controls - Parents can decide the amount of screen time
  • Creation - Create an app, then share it with friends and family


  • JavaScript Only - Although this is still an industry standard, more people are moving across to Python for their coding needs 


Club SciKidz Labz

For budding scientists, there may not be a better subscription box than Club SciKidz Labz. They will be provided with lab equipment so that they can set up their own lab space for experiments and activities.

Speaking of activities, each box contains up to a whopping 25 micro activities. All the required materials are included, which are of a higher quality than some competitor boxes.

The varied content is sure to keep kids interested through the month, with all kinds of experiments, projects, an activity booklet, and insights into inspiring scientists.

Club SciKidz also offers further studying opportunities, with classes and specialized camps running across the country.


  • Depth - Each box contains up to 25 micro activities per month
  • Varied Content - Science experiments, lab equipment, nature crafts, engineering projects, and more
  • Further Study - The company run classes and specialized camps for kids at locations across the country
  • Materials - All the required materials are provided, and they are of a higher quality than some other options


  • Pre-School Age - The company don’t make boxes for younger kids


Spangler Science Club

Spangler Science Club have been “on a mission to inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers” with their monthly science kits for kids since 1995.

Each monthly box comes with up to eight science projects, as well as lab equipment that will eventually see a whole lab built over 12 months.

The experiments are research-based, which encourages kids to think independently and encourages them to delve deeper into each project. Those who subscribe to the Deluxe Box will find science fair-ready experiments are included.


  • Content - Each month, there are up to eight science projects for the theme 
  • Research-Based - Research-based experiments to encourage independence and critical thinking
  • Build a Lab - Over a 12-month subscription, kids will be able to build their own lab
  • Deluxe Box - Those who subscribe to the deluxe box receive science fair ready projects 
  • History - Providing monthly science kits for kids since 1995


  • Materials - Includes a lot of plastic


The Young Scientist Club

With almost twenty years of experience providing monthly science subscriptions to kids,

The Young Scientist Club has amassed numerous awards and industry recognition. Praise from such organizations as the Learning Magazine, National Parenting Center, and the Learning Research Institute shows how highly regarded the company is.

Aimed at kids from 5-12 years old, these boxes will introduce newbies to the world of science and encourage a hands-on and inquisitive nature. With thirty-six topics to choose from, the diversity of the activities is impressive.

The Magic School Bus branding and theme will entice the kids in and provide a colorful and diverse learning experience.


  • Award-Winning - Numerous awards and strong reputation amongst educational organizations 
  • Ages - Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12
  • Diversity - 36 different topics included over the year
  • Magic School Bus- Fun and vibrant theme to encourage kids
  • Experience - Almost twenty years of monthly science subscriptions for kids


  • Materials - Some pieces of the kit may not be particularly durable 



An exciting introduction to robotics and coding that's sure to keep kids hooked all month long.

Kids will be taught how to build and program a new robot each month, with exciting missions to undertake and test their programming abilities.

Kids are taught to program in both Python and Bloxter. Bloxter is a visual drag-and-drop method that's great for kids taking their first steps into coding.

Each month, new updates for the robot arrive that tie in with the new monthly missions and challenges. It comes with an instruction manual, although online video tutorials are also available.


  • Topics - Focus on all four STEM subjects
  • GoPiGo Robot - Build and program a robot each month
  • Coding - Learn to code with Bloxter and Python
  • Content - Monthly robot updates, mission and instruction manual


  • Cost - The higher end of the price spectrum for subscription boxes


Creation Crate

Creation Crate is aimed at kids aged 12 years and above, with a focus on circuitry, electronics, and Arduino coding (C and C++ coding languages).

The Newsweek publication included it in the Best in Stem 2021, and it’s easy to see why.

Kids start out building the circuit board and then program it as per the monthly projects. Kids will feel a real sense of achievement when they undertake the monthly projects, as the difficulty increases each month. 

Customer support is of the highest caliber, with instruction manuals, video tutorials, and phone support, all available.


  • Award-Winning - Best in STEM 2021 by Newsweek 
  • Electronics and Coding - Electronics, circuitry, and Arduino coding
  • Content - Instruction manuals and video tutorials each month
  • Engaging - Teaches kids about the engineering design process


  • Age Range - Don’t cater to younger kids


STEM Discovery Boxes

STEM Discovery Boxes are sure to captivate your kid's interest with their fun and intriguing projects. There is a focus on all four STEM subjects including topics such as electronics, chemistry, physics, coding, and hydraulics. 

These award-winning boxes provide three fascinating projects each month, whilst they come with all the required materials included. Parents are also able to order custom kits to fit in with their kid’s interests.


  • Topics - Focus on all four STEM subjects
  • Contents - All equipment for the projects is included 
  • Award-Winning - Parents’ Choice Award for Subscription Boxes and STEM Toy Expert “Best for Family Projects”
  • Projects - 3 engaging projects each month 
  • Customization - Parents can order custom kits to fit the interests of the kids


  • Age Range - Limited to 7-12 years (although kids of other ages can still enjoy the activities) 

Awesome STEM Subscription Boxes For Kids - FAQ's

12 Awesome STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids

What Is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is designed to encourage kids’ interests in these areas, as well as learning applicable skills for both their educational and real-world experiences.

Why Is STEM Important For Kids?

STEM education does more than teach kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

There is a strong focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications which helps kids develop a variety of skills, whilst encouraging them to think for themselves.

How Does STEM Help My Kid’s Future Career Prospects?

Students who study and specialize in STEM subjects have an ever-increasing range of further studies and career options. The speed at which developments in STEM fields are advancing is going to open up an even wider range of careers for STEM students.

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