10 Best Science Kits For Kids For Every Age

Reviewed & Fact Checked by Rebecca Carlock

It is very important for kids to have the chance to experiment and play around with science, in a safe environment, from a young age. This is what helps brains to develop!

As kids get older, they want to see what makes things tick and how they work, so they start doing experiments with real-life applications. This is why we realize the significance of being able to grow with the STEM tools you are surrounded by.

Here, we have collated a list of the best science kits for kids of every age, so that they will always be challenged and learning something new - no matter how old they are! 


Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit, 20 Non-Hazardous Experiments Including Safe Slime, Chromatography, Acids, Bases & More, Multi-Color

Recommended Age: 6 years and up

This brilliant science kit comes with 57 pieces for children to experiment with, including test tubes, flasks, non-hazardous chemicals, and more!

The chemistry station is built as one ‘lab’, so it is all connected. There are plenty of holes and trays for your child’s experiment to sit and bubble away, and the kit also comes with printed experiment cards that can be clipped to the lab station for easy reading. Every scientific experiment is explained in a clear, colorful manual.

This Ooze Lab is a Parents’ Choice Silver Honour award winner, so you can trust that this will be brilliant for your child. 


4M Toysmith: Bubble Science, Bubble Making Science Kit, Includes Recipes to Make Your Own Bubble Mixture, For Boys & Girls, Ages 5 and up

Recommended Age: 5 years and up

If you’re looking for a uniquely fun science kit, then you have to look at this Bubble Science Lab!

With a variety of experiments included in the set, such as making the unbreakable bubble and giant bubbles, your child is bound to love this selection included in this weird and wonderful kit.

This set also comes with a selection of bubble-making frames in different 3D shapes, so not only is your kid learning about chemistry but physics and math too. This set will be perfect for introducing young children to science. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Science Magic Kit – Science Kit for Kids with 50 Unique Experiments and Magic Tricks, Chemistry Set and STEM Project, A Great Gift for Boys and Girls (Amazon Exclusive)

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

This Science Magic Kit combines two loves into one - performing magic tricks, using the amazing properties of chemistry and physics!

Kids are going to absolutely adore this set, which includes bending metal with water, making a coin float, vanishing a test tube and so much more.

Your child will get the chance to perform these magic tricks for you, complete with a magic wand and white gloves to fully become immersed in their science show.

The instructions come with clear illustrations and an explanation for why all of these ‘magic tricks’ work.

As well as this, the kit includes the instructions for 30 more bonus experiments that your child can perform with everyday household items, ensuring that the fun doesn’t stop. 


Science Kit for Kids - 21 Experiments Science Set, Great Gifts for Kids Ages 4-8

Recommended Age: 5 years and up

The Science Kit for Kids includes a 24-piece set of test tubes, pipettes, non-hazardous chemicals, and more. While you will have to supply common household items to help these experiments, such as oil and water, this kit will do everything else!

Its clear instruction manual contains illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and a link to online demonstration videos that will guide your child through these exciting experiments.

They will be able to create their own lava lamp, make a volcano, and grow crystals by the time they’ve finished this kit! 


Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit, 11 Mind Blowing Science Activities and Experiments (Ages 6+)

Recommended Age: 6 years and up

Does your child crave knowledge about how the universe works? This varied science kit will encourage your child to think about why gas doesn’t hold its shape, why chemical reactions work the way they do, and so much more.

With instructions for 11 different experiments (including making colored crystals from cabbage and writing secret messages), your kid will soon become the best young scientist around after using this kit. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Kit for Kids- Grow 6 Crystals with Light-Up Stand, Science Gifts for Kids 8-12, Crystal Making Experiment, Science Kit for Girls and Boys (Amazon Exclusive)

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

There’s nothing more exciting than starting a crystal collection - especially one that you’ve grown yourself!

This wonderful kit comes with four real gemstones to help your kid start their analysis of crystals, which are rose quartz, blue calcite, fluorite, and a quartz geode.

Then comes the fun part - six packets of crystal grower, all in different colors! There’s even a glow-in-the-dark crystal.

Your child will have silicone growing chambers and crystal seed rock to help these crystals grow, and it also comes with a light-up display base to place the crystals on once they’re finished growing. 


4M 7 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit with Display Cases - Easy DIY STEM Toy Lab Experiment Specimens, Educational Gift for Kids, Teens, Boys & Girls

Recommended Age: 10 years and up

This crystal growing kit is aimed at slightly older children, and will definitely help to further their interest in hands-on experiments and geology.

It comes with all of the materials needed to grow seven different types of crystals (in different colors and sizes), and a fantastic display case to admire them in! 

The 4M crystal growing kit is sure to keep your child invested in chemistry, and the magic that it involves. 


Butterfly Garden: Original Habitat and Live Cup of Caterpillars with STEM Butterfly Journal – Life Science & STEM Education – Butterfly Science Kit

Recommended Age: 4 years and up (but will need adult supervision)

It is rare to find a science kit for kids that comes with live insects - but this one does just that!

This beautiful butterfly garden set encourages your child to take an interest in biology, and watch 5 baby caterpillars grow into Painted Lady Butterflies.

It comes with a reusable, 12-inch mesh habitat to grow the caterpillars in, and a chrysalis holding log to watch your caterpillars change into chrysalids. 

It also has all of the food the caterpillars need, as well as a butterfly feeder, sugar packets, and a STEM journal with learning activities (including life cycle learning) for your child to document their progress!

This STEM.org Authenticated Educational Product is definitely a science kit your child would be obsessed with. 


4M Solar System Planetarium - DIY Glow In The Dark Astronomy Planet Model Stem Toys Gift for Kids & Teens, Girls & Boys, Model:3427

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

There’s something magical about the solar system - its vast, unexplored, and wondrous appeal is especially not lost on kids. That’s why this Solar System Planetarium will be the perfect science kit for your child. 

They will be able to assemble and paint the planets (with glow paint), as well as research facts about the solar system on a fact-based wall chart. They can then test themselves with Kidz Quiz questions to see how much they’ve learned!

So if you’re after a full science kit that includes learning physics, engineering, and creativity, this planetarium is a brilliant choice. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit - Over 15 Science Experiments for Kids, Crystal Growing Kit, Volcano Science Kit, Dig Kits & Gemstones, STEM Project Toy for Boys and Girls (Amazon Exclusive)

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

This Earth Science Kit is a great introduction to physics, chemistry, and geography. It has more than 15 experiments for kids to try out, one of which is building an erupting volcano - the ultimate, exciting science experiment!

As there are so many different things to learn and try out in the kit, the lab is brilliant to share with others, so children won’t be alone in exploring their creative and scientific sides.

It comes with very clear instructions, so kids will be able to learn quickly and build their confidence in STEM research easily. 

Elena Jones