Toys That Start With Letter “V” (STEM Show and Tell)

To make sure that our children are prepared for the future, parents should encourage them to play with toys related to science, technology, engineering and math.

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The benefits of having such toys include learning valuable skills and helping kids develop creativity.

It's important for children to start learning as much as they can about science, technology, engineering, and math from an early age so that they can get a good start and find school easier.

STEM Toys That Start With V

STEM subjects are very important and can give your child the best start in life. There are many different STEM toys available on the market to help learning about these difficult subject areas easier and more fun for the whole family.

This article takes a look at the pros and cons of various educational toys beginning with the letter V, specifically ones that promote STEM skills.

STEM Toys That Start With V


JoyGrow Take Apart Toys,4 pcs DIY Truck Car Toys Set for 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Boys Girls, Construction Engineering STEM Learning Toys Building Play Set for Kids Children with Carry Case

Vehicle STEM toys can be used in many ways. They can teach your child about physics by letting him or her build their own model car using blocks.

These types of toys also help improve hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. 

Building models is an excellent way to foster creative thinking and imagination.

It’s important to note that these toys usually come with detailed instructions so you don't have to worry about making any mistakes.

The JoyGrow Take Apart Toys are a great choice for learning about vehicles!

Ideas For Playing With Vehicle STEM Toys

  • Use vehicle STEM toys to learn how objects move. Encourage your child to use the toy to create different vehicles. You can then take it outside and let it go down the driveway.
  • Help your child understand basic concepts like gravity and momentum. Place the toy on a table and watch what happens when he or she pushes one side of the vehicle.
  • Let your child experiment with the toy's steering wheel. He or she might want to try turning left or right while moving forward.


Casdon Dyson Toys - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Purple & Orange Interactive Toy Replica with Real Function & Attachments - Kids Cleaning Set - For Children Aged 3+

Vacuum STEM toys are great for encouraging your child to explore his or her environment. Your child will love playing with this type of toy because it allows him or her to vacuum up small items around the house. 

Some vacuum STEM toys even allow your child to vacuum up real dust and dirt!

Try the Cadson Dyson Cord-Free vacuum for a realistic vacuuming experience!

Ideas For Playing With Vacuum Stem Toys

  • Help your child explore the world around him or her. Take turns vacuuming each other's rooms.
  • Teach your child about the importance of cleaning. Show him or her how to clean the toys and the floor.


nutty toys 8pk Pop Tubes Sensory Toys (Large) Fine Motor Skills Learning Toddler Toy for Kids Top ADHD Autism Fidget 2024 Best Valentines Day Gift Idea Unique Toddler Boy & Girl Easter Basket Stuffers

Ventilation STEM toys are perfect for teaching your child about air pressure. If you place two containers next to each other, they will begin to fill with air until they reach equilibrium.

This process is called ventilation. Ventilation STEM toys work in much the same way. When you open the lid, air rushes into the container. As the air leaves the container, it creates a vacuum inside.

This ventilation decompression toy is a great way to learn about ventilation, whilst also being a sensory tool.

Ideas For Playing With Ventilation STEM Toys

  • Help your child become familiar with the concept of air pressure. Open the lid and see if your child noticed anything unusual.


Telescope for Kids – Children's Telescopes and Projector with 24 Space Images, Educational Insights Book Included, Great STEM Activity and Space Toys, Gifts for Boys & Girls Ages 6-7 8-12+ Year Old

Visualization STEM toys can be used to help your child learn more about space exploration. A good example of this would be a telescope. Telescopes help people see things that are far away. Space telescopes help us view distant stars and planets.

Try out the Little Experimenter Telescope to get kids started with space exploration!

Ideas For Using Visualization STEM Toys

  • Help your child learn about astronomy. Point out constellations and show him or her where certain stars are located.


Professor Maxwell's VR Atlas - Virtual Reality Kids Science Kit, Book and Interactive Geography STEM Learning Activity Set (Full Version - Includes Goggles)

Virtual reality (VR) STEM toys simulate experiences that could only happen in outer space and other environments. VR STEM toys are similar to video games and can help your child learn lots about the world around them.

Professor Maxwell’s VR Atlas is a fun learning activity set to help kids learn about science.

Ideas For Using Virtual Reality STEM Toys

  • Help children develop spatial awareness. Point out different things in the virtual environment and explain how they work to your child.
  • Play games using VR STEM toys to turn a learning experience into a fun one!


ViewMaster Boxed Set

View Master boxed sets are a great way to introduce your child to STEM toys. These boxes contain a variety of educational materials that teach kids about science, technology, engineering and math. 

Each box contains a set of four cards that feature an image from the View Master universe. The cards have information about the topic covered by the card.

Ideas For Using View Master Boxed Set

  • Use these STEM toys as a formative assessment tool. Ask your child questions like "What do you think is happening in this picture?" or "How does this card relate to what we know about science?"


HEXBUG Flash Nano Single - Interactive Sensory Vibration Toy for Kids - Assorted Colors

Vibrating toys are great for young learners. It helps children understand the relationship between sound and vibration. 

Children use their ears to hear sounds and their hands to feel vibrations. They then compare the two sensations to determine whether they match up.

The HEXBUG Flash Nano is a fun way to learn about vibrations! 

Ideas For Learning About Sound And Vibration Through Vibrating STEM Toys

  • Help your child explore the difference between hearing and feeling. Have him or her touch objects that vibrate and listen to them.


VTech Learning Lab

The VTech Learning Lab offers a wide range of STEM toys designed to encourage your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Many of these STEM toys include apps that allow children to create projects and play games.

Ideas For Using The VTech Learning Lab

  • Use the VTech Learning Lab to expand your child's knowledge about science. Create experiments and tests to test hypotheses.


Vision STEM toys help children learn about light and color. Some vision STEM toys also offer motion control features. This lets children move images on the screen to make patterns appear.

Try the Brainstorm Outdoor Adventure Night Vision Torch and explore your garden at night!

Ideas For Playing With Vision STEM Toys

  • Help kids become better observers. Show them pictures of animals and ask them to identify which animal is depicted. Ask children questions about colors and how light works.


Dr. STEM Toys Volcano Making Experiment Science Lab Kit

Volcano STEM toys help children learn more about volcanoes. These STEM toys come in many shapes and sizes. Some volcano STEM toys even let children build their own volcanoes.

Why not try the Dr.STEM Toys Volcano Making Experiment Science Lab Kit?

Ideas For Exploring Volcanoes Through STEM Toys

  • Encourage your child to observe volcanic eruptions. Ask him or her to describe the activity and tell you if it looks dangerous.


Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Toss & Catch (Hook & Loop) Tropical Colors Paddle Game Set with 4 Paddles, 3 Balls & Storage Bag - Classic Outdoor Game, Perfect for The Beach, Backyard or in The House!

Velcro paddle balls are a great way to get your child interested in STEM toys. These balls can be used indoors or outdoors. Your child will enjoy playing with these balls because he or she gets to interact with other people while doing so.

Pick up Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Toss And Catch set and have fun with friends outside!

Ideas For Playing With Velcro Paddle Balls

  • Play velcro paddle ball with friends and talk about how force and motion work. 


WOOD CITY Cutting Play Food Sets for Kids Kitchen, Wooden Pretend Fruit & Vegetables with Storage Basket, Fake Food with Extra Dishes & Knives & Apron, Educational Toy for Toddlers Boys & Girls Gift

Vision STEM toys help children learn about light and color. Some vision STEM toys also offer motion control features. This lets children move images on the screen to make patterns appear.

Try the Brainstorm Outdoor Adventure Night Vision Torch and explore your garden at night!

Ideas For Playing With Vegetable Playsets

  • Help kids become better observers. Show them pictures of animals and ask them to identify which animal is depicted. Ask children questions about colors and how light works.


B. toys- Critter Clinic- Pretend Play Toy Vet Set For Toddlers, Kids – Pet Care Set- Vet Clinic – 2 Years +

Vet clinic STEM toys teach children about medicine. These STEM toys are perfect for helping children develop an understanding of anatomy and physiology.

The B.Critter vet set is a great toy for getting started with vet STEM toys.

Ideas For Understanding Anatomy Through Vet Clinic STEM Toys

  • Explore animals' bodies and their parts. Look at diagrams of various organs and bones. Talk to your child about what each part does.


Cargo Van - 104 Pcs STEM Toys Take Apart Toy with Drill Tool, Push & Go Friction Power Lights & Sounds for Kids- Construction Vehicle Idea for Boys & Girls Ages 4 5 6 7 8 Years Old

Van STEM toys provide children with an opportunity to see things from another perspective. Children can use van STEM toys to look inside vehicles and trucks.

Why not try this Cargo Van set which comes with a drill and cool sounds?

Ideas For Playing With Van STEM Toys

  • Let your child play with a van toy then ride in a car or truck and explain what happens when they drive.


Game Builder Garage - Nintendo Switch

Video games are a popular form of entertainment for children today. There are many video game STEM toys available, including ones that teach about math, physics, biology, chemistry, and more.

The Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch console is an awesome way to introduce kids to programming.

STEM Video Game Ideas

  • Teach your child about science concepts such as gravity and magnets using educational video games.


Charlie McCarthy Dummy Ventriloquist Doll, Famous Celebrity Radio Personality Created by Edgar Bergen. Comes with E-Book 'How to Be a Ventriloquist'

Even if your youngster is unable to speak fluently, they can still have fun pretending to speak for their new acquaintance.

 A hand puppet allows your child to engage their creativity and fine motor abilities by encouraging them to use their hands. These puppets also teach shy children that having a sophisticated conversation can be enjoyable.

Ideas For Playing With Ventriloquist Puppet

• Your child can put on a show for their friends and family with a cool ventriloquist puppet!


VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Track Set, First Kid's Car Set, Cars for Boys and Girls, Suitable for Kids Aged 1 to 5 Years Old, Multicolor, Box Size: 30 x 24.1 x 13.3 cm

This set includes a track, cars, ramps, and a driver's seat. It teaches kids about driving and safety. This set encourages children to think about how objects move and how forces affect them.

Ideas For Playing With The VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Track Set

  • Encourage your child to build models of the tracks and cars.


V-Opitos Rocket Launch Toys for Kids Age of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Year Old Boys & Girls, 2 Pack Rocket Launchers with 8 Colorful Foam Rockets, Top Outdoor Game, Ideal Christmas & Birthday Gift

These rockets launch into the air and shoot across the room. They are perfect for teaching children about flight.

Ideas For Using V-Opitos Rockets To Teach About Flight

  • Build a model rocket and let your child fly it around the house.


V-Express Steam Train

This train has three levels of difficulty and features a variety of exciting scenarios. Your child will love playing with this steam engine toy.

Ideas For Exploring With The V-Express Steam Train

  • Have your child learn about the different parts of the train and tell you how the train moves around the track.


Leasuntree 206 Pieces Magnetic Building Sticks Blocks Toys, Magnet Educational Toys STEM Toys for Kids and Adult, 3D Non-Toxic Building Toy with Storage Bag

These magnetic building sticks come in sets of 10 pieces. Each piece contains a magnet on one end and a peg on the other. Kids can create shapes and structures with these blocks and learn about geometry.

Ideas For Creating Artistic Structures Using Veatree Magnetic Building Blocks

  • Create a tower out of the blocks. Place the blocks together to make a pyramid shape.


Children can take pictures, record videos, and playback their creations. These cameras are easy to use and fun to watch.

Your kids will have loads of fun taking photos and recording with the AILEHO Kids Video Camera.

Ideas For Using Video Cameras To Promote Learning

  • Let your child take photos of his favorite things. Then, have him print them onto cards or frame them. Learn by naming the different parts in a photo.


United States Puzzle for Kids - 70 Piece - USA Map Puzzle 50 States with Capitals - Childrens Jigsaw Geography Puzzles Ages 4-8, 5-7, 4-6 - US Puzzle Maps for Kids Learning & Educational Toys Gifts

Your child can practice fine motor skills as he plays with these puzzles. He'll be able to manipulate the puzzle pieces and put them back together again.

The United States Puzzle for kids will help them learn about U.S Geography!

Ideas For Playing With Vinyl Rubber Puzzles

  • Use the puzzle pieces to create a picture, then talk about the different parts of the picture.

Show N Tell With STEM Toys Beginning With V

These STEM toys are perfect for Show N Tell! Show N tell is a wonderful method to integrate school and home experiences and help students grasp how they are intimately connected.

It is entirely driven by the child, who is given the opportunity to come in and discuss something meaningful to them.

It also provides a child a meaningful purpose in their speech and allows teachers to examine language and show what a great question looks like to the class.

These toys will help your child showcase and improve their STEM skills, and they get to show off their favorite toy to the whole class!


STEM toys are great ways to encourage creativity and foster curiosity in young children. Whether your child is just starting to explore the world around her or already loves to tinker, there are lots of STEM toys to choose from.

If you want to give your child a head start in life and improve their school performance, pick up some STEM toys and make learning fun!

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