Show and Tell Toys That Start With M (STEM Edition)

If you've ever sat intently and watched your child play - you'll know that children are natural-born engineers. What better way to feed into that curiosity, creativity, and talent than by gifting them a new set of STEM toys?

STEM toys are more than just 'toys.' STEM toys are all about having fun while learning and being creative - and trust us; your kids will have SO much fun, they won't even know they're learning!

You can think of STEM toys as the toy equivalent of smuggling broccoli on your kid’s plate via mashed potatoes, but instead of hearty vegetables, they’re getting some handy knowledge!

STEM Toys That Start With M

Looking to get started with a new set of STEM toys? Keep reading to discover some of the best STEM toys beginning with M.

STEM Toys That Start With M



First on our list is the Magnetic Human Body Anatomy. This magnetic anatomy model features over 17 different parts and organs for your little one to explore.

The kit includes everything needed to build this amazing structure, including a base, magnets, and instructions. Your kid can then use their imagination to create whatever they want!

If you want your kids to learn more about human anatomy, this is an amazing way to do it.

This detailed body is more than three feet in height, and your kids can take this body apart, and put it back together in the correct way.

If you're trying to teach them which body parts go where this is the ideal way to do it!

The Magnetic Human Body Anatomy also comes in various colors, so it's perfect for any occasion.

It's an ideal gift for birthdays or holidays or even just as a well-earned treat, and although it's designed for kids, we're sure it'll be a hit with the adults, too! 

We love this Magnetic Human Body Anatomy set because...

  • It's a great educational resource
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fun for all the family 


MAGNA-TILES Classic 100-Piece Magnetic Construction Set, The ORIGINAL Magnetic Building Brand

Next up, we have the infamous magna-tiles! If you haven't heard about these, we'll get you up to speed. Magna-tiles are a hugely popular resource in the STEM toy world, and they've become incredibly popular with kids of all ages!

It's no surprise, really - just look at those colors! Magna-tiles are essentially a more educational form of Lego (not that Lego isn't educational, of course).

Magna-tiles are suitable for kids aged three and up, and they combine math, creativity, and science all in one toy!

Magna-tiles are 3D magnetic building sets that feature around 100 colorful and translucent shapes that can be pieced together.

Your kid can either make their own architectural creation, or you can buy them a designated kit (such as the building kit), to give them an end goal to work towards!

These tiles focus on building skills such as spatial and tactile skills and even science and mathematics skills. Magna-tiles encourage free play too, so it's an excellent way to get your kids using their brains without knowing it!

Each magna-tile is ultra-sonic welded, boasts a unique design, and features a safe material that's non-toxic, BPA-free, and phthalate-free.

We love manga-tiles because...

  • They encourage free play
  • Develops skills in math, science, and spatial and tactile skills
  • Magnetic and safe material 


Marble-Powered Computer

If you're really looking to wow your kids, look no further than this incredible marble-powered computer. There's so much enjoyment to be had from this product - we're convinced you may even have a hard time sharing it with your kids!

The marble-powered computer is a truly unique STEM toy. If you have tech-savvy kids who want to learn more about computers (but you want to reduce their screen time while you're at it), this is PERFECT.

This marble-powered computer from Turing Tumble encourages players to build a mechanical computer completely powered by marbles - yes, really! Once you've learned how to build a computer, you can learn how to solve logic puzzles.

This kit comes with the computer board and various other pieces such as ramps, crossovers, interceptors, and gears and gear bits.

These represent the insides of a computer system, and your child can learn how to build a computer by placing these parts onto the computer board.

The puzzles that come with this kit are super fun, too. You can choose a puzzle to complete, and the goal of each puzzle is to make only the blue balls reach the end.

So you'll have to place the computer components in the right position on the board to achieve this, and the ramp will have to be placed in the correct position that completes the computer pathways.

It's fun, educational, and very addictive!

We love the marble-powered computer because...

  • Fun and addictive
  • Teaches kids how to build computers without being in front of a screen
  • Multiple puzzles to choose from (decreases their chances of getting bored!)


Mattel Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game - Discontinued from Manufacturer

For all of our tech-savvy STEM-loving kids, here's another one - build your own video game with Mattel Bloxels!

As you've probably guessed, the aim of this game is to create your own video game using a mix of both physical and digital tools (so it's not just sitting in front of a computer for hours on end!).

If you're thinking about building your own video game, the possibilities are endless. In fact, for kids, it can be tough to know where to start!

That's why Mattel Bloxels has included comprehensive designs to give you all a well-needed boost of inspiration.

You can create your own game rooms, with each physical color representing a different element in your video game. For example, green represents terrain, and blue represents water.

Your kids will use the physical game board and its colorful blocks to design their video game, and the Bloxel Builder app will allow them to play it for free once it's completed!

Simply build your design, snap a few pictures through the app, and your game will be ready to go. With the Mattel Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game kit, your child will become a programmer, designer, and player!

We love the Mattel Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game Kit because...

  • Tech-focused with minimal screen-time
  • Great for kids of all ages (and adults!)
  • Easy to use, fun, and educational


Clementoni- Science and Game-Maker Lab-Animals Moving, Multi-Colour, 19098

Looking for something less tech-focused? Check out these moving animals from Clementonin Science Museum Mechanics!

This hands-on building set allows your kids to create their own moving animals from scratch!

Each kit contains around 120 building parts, including flexible parts such as nails, beams, plates, pulleys, and other unique pieces such as arcs and ellipses.

What's more, your child can choose from some of the coolest animals out there, including a gorilla, a seal, a lion, insects, and even sharks!

Once the model is assembled, your child can then build the motor that powers the animal. This brings each animal to life and provides endless fun!

With so many animals to choose from, your child can even create one of each and have a fully-animated set of moving animals! 

This super-fun kit helps develop your child's creativity, intelligence, and manual skills. They can choose to follow the given instructions or play around on their own and see what they can create!

This is ideal for kids who get bored easily, as they can choose between structured or free play!

We love the Moving Animals Set from Clementoni Science Museum Mechanics because...

  • Develops creativity, as well as intelligence and manual skills
  • Can be free play or structured play
  • Kids can build the models as well as the motors that power them
  • Plenty of animal designs to choose from


Thames & Kosmos Massive Erupting Volcano STEM Kit | DIY Giant Volcano Model, 1-Foot Tall | Includes Materials for Multiple Eruptions | Explore Volcanoes, Geology, Earth Science | Science Fair Project

It wouldn't be a STEM toy roundup without a massive erupting volcano, right? This toy is suitable for kids aged six and up, and if your kids love all things hands-on, fun, and a little messy, they'll LOVE the massive erupting volcano!

This kit by Thames & Kosmos allows your kids to build their own giant volcano out of plaster. They can even choose from two types of volcanoes to decorate!

Once they've picked their design, it'll be down to your kids to bring it to life. They can use a variety of cardboard cutouts (provided), such as dinosaurs and boulders, and decorate their volcano with paint to make it stand out!

Now for the fun part - this kit includes all the (safe) chemicals you need to trigger an explosion from the volcano!

So, once it's kitted out with all the bells and whistles, your kids can go ahead and trigger an epic eruption that's fun to watch and incredibly educational.

This kit also includes a volcano poster and a comprehensive instruction sheet to get them started! If your kids love all things prehistoric, they'll absolutely love the massive erupting volcano! 

We love the Massive Erupting Volcano by Thames & Kosmos because...

  • Hands-on and completely customizable
  • Includes all the necessary equipment to get started
  • Educational with the help of posters, paint, and cutouts
  • Fun for all the family


Learning Resources 5-in-1 Outdoor Measure-Mate

In need of some more fun learning resources to add to your arsenal? Take a look at the 5 in 1 Measure Mate!

This is suitable for kids aged four and up, and it's designed to help introduce the concept of measuring in a super fun way.

This toy is perfect for use outdoors, so if you want to get out of the classroom and into the real world, take this into your own backyard when you have the time and let your kids learn and play!

Essentially, the measure mate can be used as a vertical measurer, calipers, a trundle wheel, spirit level, and even a measuring stick!

This toy is designed to hold up well when used frequently on rough terrain, so if you want to get your kids learning outside, this is a great way to do it. They can take this out and learn to measure all the features of your backyard and have fun while doing it!

The measure mate is so much fun for kids because it can be used in SO many ways. For example, if you asked your kids to go outside with a ruler and measure up objects, let's face it, they probably wouldn't be interested.

The measure mate adds a more versatile approach to measuring, making it fun and educational.

It helps to teach kids valuable math skills in an exciting way, and the kit also includes a fun variety of stickers so they can customize their measure mate and make it their own!

We love the 5 in 1 Measure Mate because...

  • It's a valuable learning resource that can also be used as a toy
  • Variety of ways to measure, making it more exciting for children to learn
  • Budget-friendly
  • Designed for use outdoors - ideal if you want your kids to take a break away from the textbooks and learn some practical skills!

STEM Toys - The Bottom Line

Education is the cornerstone of success. However, childhood is fleeting, and we all want our kids to have as much fun as possible while learning valuable skills to take into adulthood. This is where STEM toys and resources come in.

STEM toys are a fantastic way for parents to encourage their kids to explore the world around them through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

These activities allow kids to develop important life skills such as problem-solving and confidence. They're also a lot of fun!

Our comprehensive list of STEM toys starting with the letter M provides a wide variety of resources for kids interested in tech, history, practical skills, and building games.

Whether you want your child to enjoy a structured play session or a fun free play session, both are achievable with our selection of STEM toys!

Whether you need a new STEM toy for a show and tell session, or as an exciting way to encourage your kids away from their screens and into the big wide world, investing in educational toys and resources is a fun and enriching way to do it.

We hope you've enjoyed our selection of toys, and we can't wait for you and your kids to get stuck into the world of STEM! 

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