Toys That Start With Letter “H” (STEM Show and Tell)

STEM Toys That Start With H

Participating in show and tell is a great way for your child to build confidence in their speaking skills.

The task encourages them to talk about something they are passionate about and makes them feel more confident to do so in the future about a wider variety of topics.

Keep in mind before sending off their kids for show and tell is making sure their child is happy and comfortable with what they are going to show off.

This could be: How did they get the toy? What do they like about it? What makes it unique? Is it educational?

Try to make sure to set some time together to talk with your child about what they find interesting and enjoy about their toy, as well as you giving them plenty of ideas on topics they may not have considered.

Going through this list with your little one is perfect to let them find toys that will pique their interest, and they will have a natural interest in!

STEM Toys That Start With H


Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro- Red

This endlessly fun toy is a great choice for more explorative children.

The particular remote-controlled helicopter attached is made of a durable material, has an affordable price point, and with all of this still manages to have amazing performance.

This is an amazing idea for a show and tell with the spectacle of a controlled flying toy being flashy, especially for youngsters.

What They Can Talk About

  • Where they have flown it
  • How far it can fly
  • Have they flown in an aircraft in real life


Garden Buzz Cuties Plush Nana The Bee with Smile Face and Yellow Wings Bumblebee Stuffed Animal Shaped Soft Insect Toy Present for Children Easter Basket Gift

This adorable stuffed honey bee toy is the perfect toy for any young child with its cute design and soft feel.

The design is also appropriate for slightly older children and could be used as an opportunity to teach and learn about the importance of bees with concepts like pollination and honey production.

What Can They Talk About

  • Why do they like bees
  • What are bees important for
  • Why are bees different from other insects like wasps


PHOCAS Hairphocas Cute Pink Pig Money Box Plastic Piggy Bank for Kid's Xmas Christmas Birthday Gift with Box

This piggy bank resembling the ever-popular Toy Story character Hamm is a cute real-world representation of a kids-favorite movie character.

On top of this, Hamm also functions as the piggy bank he resembles, this is a perfect opportunity to teach about saving money and how essential this is to growing up.

What Can They Talk About

  • Why they like Toy Story
  • The importance of saving money
  • Something they want to buy through saving money


Dress Up America Hard Hat for Kids - Yellow Construction Helmet for Toddlers

This hard hat fancy dress is perfect for any little one interested in building or construction and wants to dress up.

The importance this piece of clothing places on safety is also important to emphasize to kids.

By using this hat as part of a show and tell, it lets kids express their interests in future careers and teach responsibility.

What Can They Talk About

  • Why they are interested in building/construction
  • Are there any inspirations behind their interests
  • The importance of health and safety


I Heart Guts Heart Plush - I Got The Beat! - 10' Stuffed Heart Plushie for Heart Surgery Recovery Gifts - Educational Cardiology Toy for Med Students, Science Teachers & Cardiac Nurses

This plush toy makes cardiology cute! The charming heart is more anatomically correct than most.

So while not super detailed, it can be a captivating first step into learning more about anatomy.

The cute, high-quality design comes with a pamphlet explaining the role of the heart within the body.

It also advertises the other body parts available within the set if you think your child is ready for the step from the heart to the kidney!

What They Can Talk About

  • What is the role of the heart within the body
  • What other organs, is the heart attached to
  • What is their favorite anatomy fact


Jumbo Dino Egg Easter Activity - Unearth 12 Unique Large Surprise Dinosaurs in One Giant Filled Egg - Discover Dinosaur Archaeology Science STEM Crafts - Dinosaur Toys Easter Gifts for Boys & Girls

This interactive toy is the perfect experiment to do in front of a class for a show and tell.

This particular hatching egg toy includes 3 digging tools and has a variety of 12 dinosaur toys included within.

The best included product for educational purposes is the information cards which gives factual information on the prehistoric beasts, a perfect inclusion for any young dinosaur fan.

What They Can Talk About

  • What is their favorite dinosaur
  • Their favorite dinosaur fact
  • What is their favorite prehistoric era


Tamagotchi x Hello Kitty - Favorite Things

This retro toy is making a resurgence in recent years, and this affordable Hello Kitty design is perfect for younger pre-teens.

It’s a perfect toy for kids to play with and share stories with friends, and this chance for stories makes it perfect for show and tell.

It might even be a good test before giving kids real responsibility like a pet.

What They Can Talk About

  • How long they have had their Tamagotchi
  • Why do they like Tamagotchi
  • If they want a real pet


Prextex Plush Farm House with Soft and Cuddly 5' Plush Horses, Farm Boy, and Farm House Barn House Carry Along Case

There is a massive range of horse-related toys, with equestrian activities being very popular for a big chunk of children.

If your kids love horse riding or are just interested in the animals, this adorable plush farmhouse holding 4 lovably unique soft horse toys inside is a charming toy for any child.

The cute barn case is my favorite feature of the set, making sense aesthetically as well as making the set portable, perfect for a show and tell.

What They Can Talk About

  • When they got the gift
  • What activities do they play with the horses
  • Do the horses have names


IKASA Giant Hippo Stuffed Animal - 30' Jumbo Plush Toy, Soft & Cute for Kids, Boys & Girls (Gray)

Arguably the cutest animal beginning with H, this extra-large Hippo stuffed toy is the perfect toy for a child of any age.

The soft-touch of the fur on the toy gives it an irresistibly comforting feeling, making the plush animal the perfect companion.

With how easy it is for children to give stuffed animals character and personality, they are a perfect choice for show and tell.

What They Can Talk About

  • When they got the toy
  • What do they call it
  • Do they have any favorite memories with it


Barbie Tie-Dye Deluxe 21-Piece Styling Head, Black Hair, Includes 2 Non-Toxic Dye Colors, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up by Just Play

This classic toy is just as popular as it has always been. Recently the heads have gotten more stylized and less ‘realistic’ avoiding the uncanny appearance of some older varieties.

Another great recent development is the wider range of hair choices, meaning that all kids have their hair type represented.

These are perfect toys for kids interested in hairstyling!

What They Can Talk About

  • Why they are interested in hairstyling
  • What their favorite hairstyles they have created are
  • What hairstyle would they like to try


Fisher-Price Little People Toddler Playhouse, Big Helpers Home, Electronic Musical Playset with 3 Figures and 4 Accessories

Toy house sets are a classic toy and come in a variety of designs and price ranges.

While the classic wooden sets are beautiful, they are incredibly expensive and usually not very portable.

So this fisher-price set is a great alternative for a show and tell. These sets are perfect for playing with other toys and friends, amazing for imaginative play.

What They Can Talk About

  • What is their favorite room in the house is
  • What characters do they play with in the house
  • What stories do they come up with friends


2 Pack Glow Toy Color Hoop for Kids, Detachable Length Kids Size Adjustable Hoop Plastic Toys for Kids Adults Night Party Games, Gymnastics, Dog Agility Equipment, Christmas Wreath

This simple toy is a great way to get kids moving and to learn another skill.

These hula-hoops I’ve selected have LEDs built in to make playing with them extra fun, especially after dark.

This toy is amazing for getting all that extra energy out of your kids and the light-up feature makes them perfect for showing off at a show and tell.

What They Can Talk About

  • How many rotations they can do without falling
  • The longest they have hula-hooped for
  • How tiring do they find it


NKOK Sonic The Hedgehog All Stars Racing Pull Back Action, Video Game Legend, Speed Star by Tails, No Batteries Required, Pull Back – Release - and Watch it go, Great Gift

Maybe a bit of a stretch, but the classic video-game hedgehog is just as popular with kids as ever.

This pull back car is great for fans of the video-game franchise featuring the blue hedgehog in a cool blue car.

The toy is perfect for racing with friends, especially used as a break from the excessive amounts of screen-time that can come with video games.

What They Can Talk About

  • Why do they like Sonic
  • How fast can the car go
  • What video games do they like


Melissa & Doug Giant Siberian Husky - Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog (over 2 feet tall)

This life-size husky toy is another great plush toy, but this time with a more realistic design. While it isn’t hyperrealistic, the toy is a great representation of a real Husky.

The toy is perfect for imaginative kids who can come up with lots of adventures to have with their new doggy friend, and its comfy, soft design makes it very durable.

What They Can Talk About

  • What they call their husky
  • What do they know about real-life huskies
  • What other types of dogs do they like


Hape Blues Harmonica | 10 Hole Wooden Musical Instrument Toy for Kids, Blue (E8915)

For the more musically inclined children, this is a perfect toy for a show and tell.

The harmonica is one of the easiest instruments to pick up and play, and learning it isn’t that hard for children to grasp, either.

The adorable blue harmonica linked avoids the often harsh design of metal harmonicas and makes it much safer for children to play with.

What They Can Talk About

  • How long they have been playing the harmonica
  • What their favorite song to play is
  • What other musical instruments do they enjoy or want to learn to play


Hasbro Gaming Hungry Hungry Hippos

The classic board game is a perfect toy for show and tell. The rules of the game are simple and easy to pick up for any children.

The colorful design of the game makes the game visually appealing for all children.

While the game can seem simple on the face of it, the game can be played in a variety of ways, for example, kids can team up together and add together their marbles to encourage teamwork and simple math.

What They Can Talk About

  • What their favorite color hippo is
  • How many marbles they have gotten in one game
  • Who do they like playing it with


GETMOVIN SPORTS Hopscotch Squares Set with 2 Premium Beanbags Giant Sized 15 Inch Squares with 15 Connectors for Indoor/Outdoor Portable Fun Conditioning Agility Training (Multicolored)

This game is perfect for active kids and this easy portable set up makes the classically chalk game playable anywhere.

This playground game being simplified with this toy makes it easy to store and set up anywhere.

This particular product comes with bonus bean bags giving the opportunity for creativity in coming up with games that can be played with both of the toys.

What They Can Talk About

  • What type of hopscotch do they like to play best
  • Which of their friends is best at hopscotch
  • What games do they play with the bean bags with hopscotch


TeeTurtle - The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie - Pink + Aqua - Cute Sensory Fidget Stuffed Animals That Show Your Mood, 4 inch

This adorable plush toy has become massively popular! It is available in an innumerable amount of color combinations, making it perfect for any kid.

The toy was originally designed for children who struggle to express their emotions to switch when they are feeling a certain way.

But now they are used by a massive array of children and even some adults to help with emotional expression or even as a fidget toy.

What They Can Talk About

  • What they call their octopus
  • What kind of feelings can make them switch the face of the jellyfish
  • Does the toy help them understand their feelings better


That’s more toys beginning with H than even I expected! So with this massive array of different options, hopefully, you can find something which fits what your child is looking for!

And if this isn’t the case, then I hope there are some ideas in here that can be used as a jumping-off point!

Elena Jones

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