Toys That Start With Letter “B” (STEM Show and Tell)

STEM Toys That Start With B

These benefits include enhancing creativity, developing hand-eye coordination, promoting spatial awareness and expanding divergent thinking.

We have listed the best STEM toys that start with B for you to look and use in your show and tell classes. Show your little one this list and see what entices them for their fun and educational play time! 

STEM Toys That Start With B


Learning Resources 091 Geosafari Jr Bugnoculars

These bugnoculars will bring the inner explorer in your child to life! With a safe and secure bug container, these bugnoculars will allow any child to get up close and personal with nature.

Your little scientist can catch, and safely look at bugs, tadpoles, leaves, flowers, shells and more. The container is breathable and transparent.

It comes with a handle to safely and easily carry the container with you without losing anything inside.

With the easy carry handle, and magnification lenses, it is durable and ready for outside use. Take it to the park, woods or even the beach for endless discovery fun. It’s exciting and portable!

This toy is easy to use and provides you with endless possibilities for exploration. Your child will discover a whole new world of adventure exploring the microworld of living just at the end of the garden!

Show And Tell Ideas

  • What kind of living things can you explore with these?
  • Talk about what they look like.
  • How might you use these outside?


VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Set, Ages 3+, Interlocking Plastic Disc Toy for Creative Building, Educational STEM Learning, Construction Block Play for Kids, Teens, Adults, Boys, and Girls

Brain Flakes plastic discs set from VIAHART is a construction toy that allows children to exercise their spatial thinking skills as well as providing space for their imagination to run wild!

Each jar contains over 500 discs, providing hours and hours of endless fun. This STEM toy focuses on engineering education.

As well as brain building, Brain Flakes discs improves children’s dexterity and coordination, especially in young children, keeping their bodies and minds active!

The discs click together and apart easily making it accessible for children of all ages and levels of motor skills. They are kept in a reusable plastic jar ready to be packed and transported anywhere for unlimited fun!

Along with these discs comes an instruction booklet with step-by-step guides on how to construct varying structures.

These instructions are simple and easy to follow meaning your children will be expert builders in no time. These discs are a revolutionary addition to children’s construction toys. Enjoy your set of Brain Flakes!

Show And Tell Ideas

  • What could you build with these discs?
  • How do they fit together?
  • How else might you use these?


Creative Kids Blippi My First Science Kit: Kitchen Science Lab

The Blippi My First Science Kit is a great toy for bringing scientific concepts into your home life. This kit provides you with everything you need to create 4 various science experiments.

Your child can learn about color mixing and even watch how rainbow water moves using milk and soap. This kit provides you with many of the ingredients you need, anything else are common household items such as milk and soap.

All these experiments are safe, fun and colorful. Create patterns in milk by dropping fizzing color tablets and dish soap into it. Watch the magic unfold! Notice how the colors dance around, creating crazy movements due to the chemical reaction.

Create your very own lava lamp using vinegar & oil. Follow along with the Blippi instructions to find out all about these amazing chemical reactions that happen to form the bubbles. Your children will be mesmerized by this experiment.

Make your own yummy ice cream. Place all the ingredients into the provided bag of ice. Shake til’ you drop and watch the liquids form into a tasty solid that tastes just like ice cream! Explore the science of food.

All of these experiments can be found in the Blippi My First Science Kit. Ignite that passion for science on this experimental adventure!

Show And Tell Ideas 

  • Why does the slime look solid but feel liquid?
  • Where might you find experiments like these in real life?
  • Talk about chemical reactions.


ButterflyEdufields 20+ STEM Projects for Kids Ages 6-8-10 | Ultimate DIY Science Experiments kit for Kids| STEM Educational Engineering Toys Birthday Gift Ideas for 6 7 8 9 10 Year Old Boys Girls

The Butterfly EduFields Electric Motor kit contains 20+ STEM building toys and projects. Uncover the scientist in your child by using these learning toys. This kit is a great resource for children aged 5+.

It encourages early science, engineering, art, electronics and mechanical principles by allowing them to create their own DIY projects.

One of the many benefits of this kit is that it reduces screen time. No more arguing with the kids about when to come off screens, simply bring out the kit and work together to create these amazing projects. It is endless fun for both kids and parents alike!

This kit comes with 50 pieces that can be made into a number of different prototypes. Create a tornado mixer, a hovercraft, a static mixer, animation illusion, crazy bug and much more!

As well as containing these fun projects, you can rest easy knowing that they are made from premium quality materials. They are safe and child-friendly with a smooth surface to not cause accidental harm.

Show And Tell Ideas

  • What is your favorite prototype?
  • What does it do?
  • How might we use it? 


Brickyard Building Blocks STEM Toys - Educational Building Toys for Kids Ages 4-8 with 163 Pieces, Tools, Design Guide and Toy Storage Box, Gift for Boys & Girls

This exciting building block set focuses on young children’s engineering skills. It will help develop their hand eye coordination as well as their fine motor skills.

It features movable wheels, nuts and bolts that click into place using the provided plastic screwdriver and wrench.

Each piece in this set has rounded edges, so there are no sharp edges or corners, making this toy safe for all ages. You can also easily wash them keeping them squeaky clean for endless play.

Building blocks are not only great for engineering skills, but they also exercise your child’s imagination. Why not join in with them and see what incredible creations you can come up with?

Don’t like what you made? No problem, just dismantle and start again. There is an endless realm of possibilities with these building blocks.

This set comes with a handy building guide to inspire your little ones. They will find step-by-step instructions on how to make some incredible creations.

There are 42 designs for your child to try out, ranging in difficulty from beginner, to intermediate then advanced. Spark some creative genius by getting them started this way!

Show And Tell Ideas 

  • What can we make with these blocks? 
  • How do the tools work?
  • What do the construction tools remind you of? 


BOTZEES GO! Dinosaur Robots for Kids, Building and Electric Remote Control Toys, STEM Learning Toys for Kids Ages 3+, Boys Toys, with RC Magic Stick, Dinosaur Toys, App Based

Build your own adorable dinosaur robots using this kit. Simply follow the instructions, pop in the batteries and watch the dinosaur go!

Using the included remote, children can make their dinosaur move forwards and backwards. It also has dinosaur sound effects!

This dinosaur pack comes with 103 bright-colored and soft-textured blocks that have round edges and some amazing unique shapes.

Not only can children build their own dinosaur, but by using different building blocks each dinosaur will look unique.

As well as making the dinosaur look unique, using different blocks each time will affect the way the dinosaur moves. So, have fun experimenting with this fabulous toy.

As well as the colored blocks, the pack also contains a control block and controller. The set is made from high quality materials making it perfect for younger children.

Once the dinosaur is built you will need 2 AAA batteries. The main control block also uses batteries (AA, not included). Press the button on the magic control stick and look at your dinosaur go!

This electronic STEM toy provides children with everything they need to develop their motor skills and build logic as well as introducing colors and object recognition. Not only that but you will see an improvement in your child’s creativity and imagination.

BOTZEES GO! also have their own app where it provides you with inspiration and instructions for building unique dinosaurs that your children can follow.

Your little one is bound to jump for joy when they get their hands on this incredible dinosaur learning toy.

Show And Tell Ideas

  • What different colors can you see?
  • What directions can the dinosaurs move?
  • Talk about different species of dinosaurs.


Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set - 78 Pieces, Ages 5+, Coding Robot for Kids, STEM Toys for Kids, Early Programming and Coding Games for Kids

Say hello to Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot, one of the smartest coding robots for children. With the Botley 2.0 set, kids 5+ can begin their coding journey in just minutes. This toy is 100% screen-free and full of adventures.

Botley 2.0 is programmed with many ways to code straight from the box. Children will learn to code by color, make Botley move in six different directions and also put on a light show!

Botley has 16 different fun interactions – transform Botley into a ghost, a train, police car and more.

Children can even engage with Botley’s memory game. Botley uses lights and sounds which you must recollect in order to win the game.

This is an excellent exercise in memory and logic for children. Botley is even programmed with a game of Botley Says.

Play time with Botley 2.0 will expand on your children’s science and logic skills as well as their engineering and math. This STEM toy ticks all the boxes when it comes to the combination of education and fun.

Your mini-coders can build coding sequences of up to 150 steps. They can go on adventures with the built-in sensors that light Botley in the dark.

If you aren’t already enticed by Botley 2.0, then check out the 78-piece activity set! Kids are going to be solving their first coding and STEM challenges from the moment Botley is out of its box! 

Show And Tell Ideas

  • What can you program Botley to do?
  • Talk about the activities you can do with Botley.
  • How does the coding work?


BOTZEES Coding Train Set for Toddler Train Sets for Kids Car Train Toys Tracks Fits for Girls & Boys Ages 2+(147 Pieces)

Spark your child’s creativity and imagination with BOTZEES Coding Train set. This set used play-based activities to enhance your child's motor skills as well as their engineering.

Start programming early with this set in order to boost your child’s logical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are important to develop as they will utilize them when tackling practical problems in their lifetime.

BOTZEES Coding Train set is designed for children 2+, it is never too early to start their programming journey.

The set allows children to use provided sensor blocks in order to control the train’s actions, interact with sound effects and identify scenes.

Different colors represent various commands. The Coding Train set includes 4 levels of difficult and 11 different themed scenes which enhance gameplay.

BOTZEES Coding Train set is particularly handy for the development of your child’s hand-eye coordination as well as stimulating their creativity and interest in adventure!

This set includes 136 varous block shapes including rail cars, character pieces and induction blocks. Each kit comes with instructions to create 11 pre-designed shapes.

But, that doesn’t mean your child can’t create their own scene either, in fact that is encouraged!

All materials are safe and BPA free. Set your children on the right track with this wonderful coding train set!

Show And Tell Ideas

  • How do you program the train?
  • What scenes can you create?
  • How do you move the train?


Evidently, educational toys have developed massively over the years and with the rise in technology it’s not hard to see why. Children are starting to learn the intricacies of coding and engineering before they even hit preschool.

These skills are highly sought after and will improve your child’s learning experience over the years.

We believe that these STEM toys will be perfect for exploring science, technology, engineering and math with your little ones.

We hope you have fun with the exciting ‘B’ STEM toys!

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