Toys that Start with Letter A: 30 STEM Ideas for Show N’ Tell

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2022

Reviewed & Fact Checked by Rebecca Carlock

Have you thought about the next toy to bring for your child’s show and tell? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a tip most parents don’t think about. Your little one needs to be comfortable with what they’re going to present, so we recommend actually showing them this page (a week before their show and tell) so that they can be excited and confident about sharing it with their class.

For Show and Tell time, your kiddo can describe:
– Why they chose this toy
– Why they think it’s special
– Who bought it for them
– Where they got it

To help them tell a better story, think of fun ways to give them the toy (we’ll provide some ideas below for each toy)

Scroll down with your kiddo in your lap to find a list of exciting, enjoyable, and educational toys that they will indeed have fun showing off! Check out 30 toys that start with the letter “A” below

Animal Figurines and Sound Book


This educational learning toy, perfect for three years old and up, is perfect for Show and Tell! It comprises 13 realistic wild plastic animal figurines and a sound book. Each animal has pictures inside that you can press to hear their sound. It’s impressive, portable, and exciting!

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can name each animal before class
– Talk about where each animal lives
– Teach about the which animal kingdom each belongs to
Awesome Story:
– Do a scavenger hunt in your backyard until they find all the animals

  Animal Magnetic Puzzle


With over 60 forest animals that your child can play with and complete, this magnetic puzzle is every child’s dream! It’s perfect for kids ages 3 to 5, and it has cute backgrounds where you can put the animals into. Your child can even dress the animals up for extra fun!

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about what each animal eats
– Talk about where each animal’s habitat
– Teach about the which class of animals each belongs to
Awesome Story:
– Do a hide-n-seek search in your kitchen to find them all

Alphabet Apple


This alphabet apple from VTech is fun, educational, and easy to carry! It has a mini clock at its side so your kid can practice telling the time. The alphabets occupy its center, and when pressed, it makes the alphabet sound and mentions objects that begin with that letter. It also has some incredible music and rhymes that your child can enjoy. This one of our favorites because it easily fits in a backpack for “show-n-tell” and it gets multiple uses at home.

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– Show how they can recite their ABCs as fast as possible
– Teach them their ABCs backwards!
– Teach different kinds of apples (green vs red etc)
Awesome Story:
– Tell them the story of Johnny Appleseed

Apple Threading Toy


This apple threading toy is perfect for toddlers and kids ages 2 to 5. Your kid and his friends will surely enjoy lacing through this red apple using the cute caterpillar that comes with the toy. It’s an excellent practice for their fine motor skills and geometrical perspective.
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can show how to sew
– They can make a cool pattern in the apple
Awesome Story:
– Tell the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Armadillo Plush Toy

This armadillo-designed plush toy is 12 inches in height, so it makes a comfortable toy that your kid will surely love. It’s fun to hug and fun to play with. It is unique and very easy to bring anywhere. Finally, it also has distinctive textures that give this toy a wonderful character.
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about what armadillos eats
– Talk about how it hides from predators
– Tell how it digs it in the ground
Awesome Story:
– Put it in the back seat of your car and tell your kiddo “you saved it” from getting ran over.

Airplane Car Toy Playset


This transport cargo airplane playset is complete with parts that can be opened so that you can put inside some cars and a helicopter. It’s exciting for both boys and girls! At the same time, this playset is also very light and easy to carry.
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about trips they’ve taken in a plane
– Talk about how planes can fly being so heavy
– Teach them about jet engines vs turbines
Awesome Story:
– Make a cardboard runway in your backyard and tell them the plane flew to your house.

Aardvark Interactive Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Perfect for babies and even toddlers, this aardvark interactive plush toy is perfect for cuddling and study time. It’s soft and safe for newborns and has a beaded handle so you can easily carry it anywhere. 

It also has contrasting colors to stimulate younger kids. With this toy, your little one can explore, learn and develop motor skills, imagination, and hand-eye coordination.
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about what aardvarks eat
– Talk about where they live in the world

Awesome Story:
– Put it in the attic and let your kid see that there was an “aardvark living in the attic”

Astronaut Figure


This space shuttle playset is complete with a space shuttle that lights up and blasts off with cool sound effects. It also has an astronaut figure that your child will have fun launching! It’s a fun space toy for kids that’s perfect for space-themed Show and Tell, or maybe when you have to bring a toy that signifies what your child wants to be when he grows up! Either way, this impressive playset is interactive, fun, and portable!

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– Tell the class about your favorite planets
– Talk to the class about the first men on the moon

Awesome Story:
– Have an official “rocket launch” play date with countdown and everything

Alien Dissection Kit


This alien dissection kit is the child’s ultimate dream toy for Show and Tell! It has 26 levels composed of 14 pieces that you can disassemble and dissect to look for exciting treasures! It’s interactive and fun for all. It includes easy instructions that your child can follow for a guaranteed enjoyable playtime.
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about their favorite cartoon aliens
– Show how you dissect and learn about aliens 🙂

Awesome Story:
– Do an “alien in the attic” prank



For your child’s next Math-themed Show and Tell, this colorful abacus is the perfect toy to bring! It has 55 colorful beads and a steady and sturdy wooden base so you can have fun while learning. It teaches kids some valuable lessons on addition, subtraction, and counting!

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk what people about created the abacus
– Talk about how it was one of the first “calculators”
– Actually show how to add 10+5 = 15

Awesome Story:
– Tell a story with numbers

  Accordion Musical Instrument

This accordion will complete your child’s music collection! This is perfect for your kid’s music-themed Show and Tell! It’s kid-friendly but also functions like an accordion for adults. 

It’s fun for both beginners, and it’s also perfect for those who already have knowledge of how to play this musical instrument.
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about musical notes
– Teach how to use the accordion
– Teach them how to play something easy like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or “Twinkle Twinkle”

Awesome Story:
– Introduce “pizza night” with an accordion and sing “That’s Amore”

Alligator Teeth Game


This fun Alligator teeth game is not only for kids but is perfect for the whole family. The goal is to press on the alligator’s teeth while avoiding the alligator’s closing mouth. Whoever gets their finger trapped inside the alligator’s mouth loses the game!
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about alligators being dinosaurs
– Talk about what they eat
– Show how big alligators can grow

Awesome Story:- Capture this dinosaur in your background “Steve Irwin” style

Ambulance Rescue Game


This rescue ambulance playset from Playmobil is interactive, fun, and action-packed! It is composed of an ambulance with a siren that lights up and has warning sounds. It also has figures that can make your children’s play pretend to be exciting and very much enjoyable. 

It also has a stretcher to safely strap the patient inside the ambulance. This playset is so fantastic for your next Show and Tell!
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about a time they had to go to the doctor
– Talk about why they have sirens
– Talk about how to become an EMT

Awesome Story:
– Have one of their favorite toy characters “get sick” and you show up with the new ambulance

Aquarium Playset


This interactive toy fish tank is so cool and fun to play with! It has a fish that magically comes alive in the water, and it also swims, feeds, and splashes like a real one. It’s interactive, and it’s even light and small enough to be brought on your child’s next Show and Tell.
Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk what beta fish eat
– Talk about how they “duel”
– Name the beta fish and why

Awesome Story:
– Show that it randomly showed up in the bathtub!

Autobus Playset Series


This Tayo autobus playset is easily assembled, so you can bring it on your next Show and Tell. It is a playset designed to mimic roads and parking lots where you can park and drive special little buses. It’s complete with winding roads and a slide for an action-packed play pretend!

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk why some people call it an “autobus” vs bus
– Show how it works

Awesome Story:
– Turn on Tayo on Netflix and them surprise them during the show

Axe From Minecraft

This Minecraft-inspired axe is unique and is fun to bring! It’s light and captures kids’ hearts through a game that everyone is crazy about. It’s also a cool accessory for cosplays or even for Halloween!

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– They can talk about what axes are used for in the game
– Talk about about a story in Minecraft or something they’ve built

Awesome Story:
– Have them find it in a tree in your backyard!



Alphabots or Alphabet Robot Toys are learning transformer toys that are both enjoyable and fun! The robots transform into fun alphabets that your little one can play with. It’s perfect for toddlers, but older kids can still have fun with these cuties!

Ideas For Show And Tell:
– Show how they transform
– Talk about how robots can do things “automatically”

Awesome Story:
– Show them the Transformers movies or cartoons



This 6 inches deluxe action figure of Antman has a premium design that your child would greatly appreciate! 

A toy perfect for kids ages 4 and up, this collectible is impeccable for when your kid needs to bring their favorite superhero in school! They can play pretend with this beautiful miniature that’s also picture-perfect.

 Ariel Magnetic Dress-Up Doll


This Little Mermaid-inspired wooden dress-up doll comprises 30 dress and fashion accessories to complete Ariel’s look. Since it’s magnetic, it easily sticks, so it’s perfect for your daughter’s pretend play. 

Its material is also wood, so it doesn’t wear and tear too easily like paper or cardboard. This toy is perfect for princess-themed Show and Tell. Since all the pieces fit inside the box, it’s also portable and effortless to bring.

Anna Styling Head


Does your daughter love Frozen? If yes, this Anna styling head is the perfect toy for her! It has Anna’s face and orange hair, and it also has 14 pieces of accessories, including clips and combs, so she can have fun playing with Anna’s hair. Braid it, comb it or tie it! Your daughter can do all these with this fun toy!

Aladdin Disney Musical Jewelry Box


This shining, shimmering, splendid musical jewelry box lights up and plays A Whole New World when opened. It’s enchanting and beautiful, and it’s complete with fashionable rings to wear inside the box. 

At the top, Aladdin and Jasmine are riding a magic carpet to complete the whole captivating picture. This music box is also very portable and easy to bring. It’s not too big and not heavy at all.

Alphabet Duplo


This Lego Duplo is an educational learning toy for toddlers that’s safe for kids 1.5 years of age! It’s called “My First Alphabet Truck,” and it has all the alphabet letters. It also has other pieces such as a movable truck, people, and animals! 

What’s cool about this toy is that you can stack and use them to build fantastic figures and buildings. The sky’s the limit with this one!

Avocado Pop It


Kids these days are so engrossed with fidget toys! This avocado pop-it is so cute and perfect for a food-inspired show and tell. 

It can also be a fun game for your child’s playmates as they can compete with who can finish popping all the buttons first. It’s very affordable, easy to bring, and easy to play with!

Art Travel Easel 


Image from

This art set from Faber Castell is perfect for traveling because you can fold it into a suitcase that’s easy to carry. 

It can be a tabletop board that you can trace on, draw on, and color when expanded. The art set is also complete with colorful markers and erasers to boost your little one’s creativity!

AquaDoodle Mat


The AquaDoodle Mat is a unique toy that’s both foldable and portable. It uses hydrochromic ink that causes color change when the user draws with a water-filled pen. 

The drawings remain for several minutes until they disappear. It’s incredible and indeed enjoyable! It’s also mess-free and safe for both babies and toddlers.

Avengers Card Game


This toy from Marvel that’s Avenger-inspired is a hero-training game. It encourages kids to leap, sneak and target the villain like real Avengers do. 

It is complete with cards that kids can pick and choose from. It also has accessories like Spiderman’s web, Thor’s hammer, and Captain America’s shield to complete the whole Avengers experience.

Alice in Wonderland Bakery Playset


Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Playset comprises Alice the doll, a kitchen with an oven, and several bakeries, such as a spatula, cake tiers, and a baking pan. 

It lights up and has a sound, and it’s perfect for kids ages 3 and up! This playset is not only entertaining but is also portable as it is only small and light.

Adventure Playset


This adventure playset is the perfect gift for your little explorer. It is complete with child-friendly binoculars, a flashlight, a compass, a whistle, and a magnifying glass, which all fit inside a cool backpack. 

Your child can definitely bring this on their next camping trip, or play pretend with it. It is both exciting and educational!

Angry Birds Build and Launch Playset


The game Angry Birds was a huge hit years ago. Today, toys are still inspired by this game that you can play in real life. This playset is composed of parts that you can build. 

Once done, you can launch the angry bird for an exciting catapult game that kids and adults alike will surely love! The parts can be disassembled easily, so you can bring this anywhere too.

Army Base Playset


This military army base barrack command center has 74 intricate pieces that your child will be happy to set up. It has soldiers, ammunition, motorcycles, and ATVs to complete your child’s play pretend. 

The best aspect about this playset is that all the parts fit inside a base that can be opened and played with. It is fun, exciting, and portable!


Indeed, there are a lot of toys that begin with the letter “A”! These toys are exciting, unique, fun, portable, and some are even educational! 

We’re pretty sure that you won’t have any problem finding the perfect one for your child’s next Show and Tell or just the next playdate with the kid next door.

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