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It takes a village.

Parenting is the world’s most important job. But at the same time, it can be the most tiring, exhausting, and complicated responsibility out there as well. With all the things that go on in a person’s life, parenting can be a daunting and intimidating commitment. This is why if you’re a parent yourself, whether it’s your first time or not, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Enter ParentPal – an application that aids confused parents in navigating the complex road of child development. It comes with very little surprise that kids, first and foremost, learn from home. Kids, in their formative years, learn through simple means: the use of their five senses and playing.

Available for both Android and Apple devices, ParentPal’s priority lies in providing comprehensive support for parents who need help. Through the mobile application, experts behind the ParentPal knowledge base share valuable resources for both children and parents to both learn from and enjoy.

These resources are designed to be age-appropriate that will aid parents in making sure that kids are engaged and entertained as they learn – even when they’re away from an actual classroom setting.

ParentPal Resources

Branding itself as an all-in-one personal parenting coach, ParentPal offers resources that specifically nurture the advancement of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive facets of children’s development.

After customizing goals and specifics through a comprehensive profile creation process, ParentPal sets up a daily roadmap to follow for families daily focused on amusing and interactive activities personalized according to children’s needs.

To ensure that progress is concrete and measurable, ParentPal provides and exhibits easy-to-use tracking tools, data accumulated from each activity, and trends that develop as parents and children move from one exercise to the next.

Resources developed for the ParentPal app can be administered to learners starting from the day of birth up to pre-K and kindergarten. Rich in exercises and activities, ParentPal provides engaging drills daily that serve research-based guidance that can nurture children’s development through every milestone.

ParentPal Features

In providing age-appropriate and engaging activities for parents and children alike, ParentPal provides features that are designed to optimize learning experiences for the development of young minds.

Among the primary features that ParentPal makes use of is the provision of a daily recommended set of routines and experiences for each child paired with a daily diary that allows parents to keep track of progress and events. Another exciting feature to keep tabs on is the milestone-tracking mechanism available in the app as well. These functions allow a visible overview of the progress that you and your children are having each and every day.

To ensure that children have a healthy and balanced routine, data on sleep, health, growth tracking is also available in the platform.

Credible and reliable, the educational resources available in the application is also rich in coveted learning materials including a library of over 2000 research-based activities, milestones, and content, direct access to Mighty Minutes from The Creative Curriculum, WeeSchool™, an optional, structured curricular program, and Virtual memory books to assure a complete knowledge base that will help parents keep their children engaged as they learn.


In hindsight, the ParentPal app is a timely innovation that is rife with features that will be of significant help for parents — especially for those experiencing the nuances of parenthood for the first time.

ParentPal - SPIRAL Score



Low on STEM score, but this is primarily targeted towards infants and toddlers, so we're giving this app a 4 out of 5!

Its knowledge base, primed for use, is astonishingly broad and is augmented by world-renowned curriculums and learning mechanisms that parents and children can enjoy.

Its guidance and educational systems can support parents who have newly-born children up to age three, supplemented by content that can even keep kids at the age of five engaged and entertained. 

While there have been reports on performance issues in its Android or smartphone release, the Apple counterpart of the application is known to be efficient and easy to access. Technical support has been readily available for those who have experienced any concerns and have been visibly determined in making sure that users get the appropriate attention they need. 

Being an application, ParentPal is within every parent’s grasp and is, during this pandemic, a helpful medium of education and entertainment for children in their formative and developmental years.

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