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Spiral CEO Mark Meyers Talks Innovation, Creative Culture

Spiral’s CEO, Mark Meyers, sat down with TrendHunters reporter Sean Watson to answer some questions about creating a culture of creativity and innovation at Spiral.  The article also touches on Mark’s philosophy on both taking, and managing risk, as well as his plans for the future of Spiral.

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Get Started With CloudPets HowTo Videos

Already have a CloudPet? Wondering how easy they are to use? Then you might want to check out these videos that show how easy it is setup your new CloudPets Teddy and send messages.

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5 Ways You Could Use Vinyl

Vinyl stickers use Spiral technology to combine stickers with digital content. Using any compatible smartphone, you can wirelessly put photos, messages, videos and more on Vinyl stickers, and anyone with a compatible smartphone can wirelessly read them.

Vinyl stickers will be available soon, but in the meantime we thought of a few ways you might want to use them.

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