24 Cool Robot Dog Toys (Interactive, Realistic And Techy)

Robot dog toys are often just as cute and cuddly as their real-life counterparts, but there is also a particular benefit that you can get from a robotic canine: education.

Unless your dog is a literal genius, you’re not going to get many educational lessons from Fido! That is where robot dogs come in, as they are a great way to educate kids on pet care before going ahead and getting a new canine companion.

As well as that, a fair amount of modern robot dog toys also offer other kinds of educational benefits such as STEM-related education. STEM- which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math- can be taught in a variety of different ways, including through the use of robotics. This of course includes robot dog toys!

Not only that, but a lot of these puppy robot toys are also just plain fun. This combination of pet care education, STEM education, and pure fun make for a toy that is sure to be any kid’s dream!

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at twenty-four super cool robot dog toys and their features.

We are going to be looking specifically at some of the most interactive, realistic, and technologically advanced robot dog toys that are sure to be a winner for both kids and adults! Let’s get started. 


Robot Dog Toys for Kids, DIY STEM Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls Boys, Interactive Electronic Puppy Pet with Touch Control, Educational Toys for Kids 5-7, Christmas Birthday Gifts for Kids

This robot pup is a great STEM toy- particularly for younger kids- as it needs to be properly assembled (with the help of an adult of course!).

The assembly process is a great way to challenge kids and teach them basic robotics and building skills. This robot dog toy has twenty-one parts but they are all relatively simple to construct and should be easy to build with supervision.

The recommended age is between three and twelve years old but older kids should have no problem with the building element of this robot dog.

Younger kids- around the 3 to 6 age- might struggle though, so make sure to keep an eye on them whilst constructing the dog and help them out as and when it is needed!

Once the pup has been built, it continues to aid in the development of imagination for kids as well as their understanding of technology due to the various interactive modes that the toy has.

Much like with certain dogs in real life, if you ignore this robot pup for longer than twenty seconds, it will enter sleep mode! In this mode, the robot will snore and yawn.

It can be woken up by pressing at its tail (not a method we would suggest for use on actual dogs!). 

Once awake, the robot will move forward, bark, and play music. It also waits patiently for you to interact with it. This interactivity becomes all the more prominent in the ways in which kids can attract the dog’s attention when it is in standby mode.

Sounds of a certain frequency will cause the robot to react, so clapping and talking and even the barking of an actual dog would work perfectly. This gives younger kids a wonderful opportunity to interact with the pup and promotes creativity in their methods of getting it to react to them.

Another way to attract the pup’s attention is via the accompanying induction bone. The dog will make eating noises and then jump forward if you place the bone in front of the nose.

Again, this promotes creativity when it comes to the little ones thinking of ways to get the robot puppy to interact with them.

Material-wise, the Magic Pet Dog STEM toy is made from all environmentally friendly ABS, smooth surface materials. The ABS plastic is durable, long-lasting, and non-toxic.

The pup has magnetic induction that connects to the accompanying bone as well as a simple on and off button on the chest, a manual touch tail, LED lighting in the eyes (that allows for eyes that change color), sole acoustic footpads, and a battery powered method of charging.

The pup takes two 1.5v AA batteries, which aren’t included.

This STEM robot toy is a great option for kids that are on both ends of the spectrum between three and twelve, though younger kids might benefit a little bit more in terms of creativity and imagination whilst older kids could find the DIY building element a little more useful in terms of an educational challenge.

Some of the listed educational benefits of this robot pup include aiding with spatial imagination, logical thinking, fine motor skills, and problem-solving so no matter what age, kids are sure to learn something from this little robotic pooch!


yiman Remote Control Robot Dog Toy, Programmable Interactive & Smart Dancing Robots for Kids 5 and up, RC Stunt Toy Dog with Sound LED Eyes, Electronic Pets Toys Robotic Dogs for Kids Gifts Blue

This adorable robot pup doesn’t need to be assembled like the last robot- so it is not particularly educational in terms of building and robotics- but it can be programmed on a basic level which can be useful for kids to learn the simplest kind of programming for use in the future (you will see that this programming theme is prevalent in robot toy dogs as we continue with this list!).

In this way, you could argue that this robot dog offers at least a small amount of STEM level education for kids.

This robo-pup has two different modes for kids to engage with: voice control mode and infrared remote control mode. As the name suggests, one mode allows you to control the dog with your voice whilst the other controls it via a remote that comes with the toy.

The controller has a range of up to 33ft whilst the voice control needs to be activated by clapping your hands twice directly in front of the dog’s mouth.

This robot dog ups the fun element as it can perform a variety of movements, sounds, and dances (which include three different pieces of music for the pup to boogie to!). 

These include doing push-ups, doing a dance, walking forwards, sitting down, barking, and even performing a handstand.

These movement choices are where the programming element is included as you can program the dog to perform certain movements at certain times and in a specific order. The pup will do so and then repeat your chosen commands.

The Stunt Robot Dog is made with long-lasting, non-toxic ABS plastic but it also has particularly flexible limbs for all that movement.

It has a rechargeable battery built into it which will last around two hours before needing a two-hour charge via a USB. It also goes into sleep mode after around 90 seconds of inactivity.

This robot dog is certainly an extra fun option thanks to its funky dance moves. Although the programming nature of the robot-pup is only the most basic kinds, it is still a great way to introduce young kids to the very nature of programming in a simple and easy-to-learn way.


Remote Control Robot Dog RC Smart Robot Toys for Kids, Interactive Intelligent Walking Dancing Puppy Pet with Light & Music, Programmable Electronic Robot Dog Toy for Kids, Boys and Girls

This particular robot-pup is quite similar to the previous one in that it is more of a stunt toy with commands that it can perform via programming.

As we said with the previous robot, this choice is also a great way to introduce little ones to the concept of programming whilst still being a toy that can bring hours of entertainment.

This puppy has a few different commands that it can be programmed to perform, including walking, patrolling, barking, dancing (with music) and even some more unique movements like winking, singing, and spinning its head (not in a creepy Exorcist kind of way though!).

Not only that but the doll is touch-sensitive too so if a child touches its head, it will react and encourage them to keep playing.

These various fun movements- alongside the touch sensitivity- make it a great way for kids to practice their innovation and sense of creativity too.

Easy programming is an awesome feature of this particular robot dog toy. It comes with a remote control that allows you to program the pup quickly and efficiently.

As well as this easy use, there are also elements sure to attract younger kids such as blinking eyes, a light-emitting device on the back, and music that will play when it dances.

It is also made of non-toxic ABS plastic and has a built-in 37v 600mAh rechargeable battery.

It’s also pretty sturdy too, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping from a little one’s grasp. Cute and encouraging of basic programming skills, this is a robot dog that can educate as well as entertain. 


This robot puppy is very similar to the design of the previous inclusion in this list (they are from the same manufacturers) but it is more geared towards younger kids.

Again, programming is the most educational feature that can be learned from this toy but its adorable design is also sure to make for a toy to bring tons of fun.

This robot-pup- named “Teddy”- has what is probably the cutest design that we have seen so far on this list, with a white and blue color palette, bone and lollipop motifs on the ears and legs, a black button nose and eyes, and his tongue poking out of his mouth.

It is a design that is sure to be appealing to little kids and those who are fans of adorable puppies (but in all fairness, who isn't a fan of adorable puppies??).

Teddy can bark, shake his head, walk, sing, dance, and wag his tail and is also able to be controlled via a built-in voice control sensor system.

All you have to do is applaud in front of Teddy’s nose and it will respond and react. When Teddy dances, music will also play and this is another great way to inspire creativity within younger kids. 

The programming element is also prevalent in Teddy as the user can customize his actions via a remote control (which has a reach of around three meters) in the same manner as some of the other inclusions in this list.

One of the more unique features of Teddy is his tail. Teddy’s tail can wag but it also lights up with a neon blue glow.

This allows Teddy to also act as a nightlight or nighttime companion to a child who might be afraid of the dark. Teddy requires three AA batteries to function and they are not included.

Teddys super-cute aesthetic combined with his programming features and his light-up tail make him a great robo-pet for any child, though a toddler may be more suitable. 


Fisca RC Robot Dog Toy - Voice Control Electronic Stunt Puppy for Kids 6-10 Years Old

The Fisca robot-pup is another that utilizes programming to get kids interested by allowing them to program the actions and movements of their robotic canine companions. Fisca’s robot dog toy has seven different commands that can be programmed and repeated.

The pup has a controller which is used to instruct the robot. Make sure that is pointed directly at the dog so it will perform your chosen commands!

Here are the commands that the Fisca robot dog can do: stand to attention, lie down, do push-ups (basically just crouching down and getting back up again), sing a song, do a handstand, sit down and walk forward.

These can be programmed to be performed in any order you would want and much like some of the other robot dogs mentioned here, it encourages kids to learn about programming by giving them the most basic experience.

The singing and dancing nature of this robot-pup is also sure to encourage creativity or an interest in music for the little ones.

The Fisca is also touch-sensitive. If its chin is touched, the pup will interact with the user by moving and making sounds which encourages more interaction from kids.

Made with smooth and high-quality plastic, this pup is safe for kids and also has a power-saving function that will turn the robot off after 100 seconds of inactivity.

We all know that kids can sometimes have a short attention span and can leave their toys here, there, and everywhere, so this is a nifty feature that allows for the power to be saved rather than being wasted should the user stop playing with it.

You can also remove the battery when it is not being used to save power.

The Fisca robot toy dog has a rechargeable 3.7V lithium-ion battery that is included-but it also needs two AA batteries for the remote which are not included- and is recommended to be used by kids when they have adult supervision. 


Top Race Programmable Robotic Dog Toy - Remote Control Pet with Touch Function, Voice Control for Kids 5-7 - Rechargeable Smart Animal Toy

Next, we have a robot dog toy that has a more futuristic aesthetic than some of the others on this list thanks to his visor-like eyes, his perky, robotic ears, and his wheeled feet.

Despite his different look, he is similar to the other robot dogs in that he is programmable but he has got a few, unique features that are worth mentioning!

The Top Race Robot Dog can be controlled by both a remote and by your voice and one of its most interesting features is the various noises that it can make.

For some reason, this robot pup can imitate around ten different animals with the noises it makes! That should hopefully include a dog as well!

This is an interesting addition that adds a layer of silly fun to the proceedings, which is sure to keep kids of all ages entertained. 

As well as these ten animal sounds, the robot dog also has twelve voice directives that it can follow via the remote control that comes with it.

You can also program this dog to perform the chosen commands in a particular order as well as command it to sing and dance with music that will start playing as it does so.

This robot-pup would be perfect for a child who has an interest in science fiction and futuristic styles due to its design but it would also be great as a somewhat more eccentric option when it comes to a robot dog toy.

The Top Race robot dog toy uses two AA batteries for the remote and a rechargeable 7.4v 600Mah rechargeable battery (which is included). 


Another super cute option, this robot dog also has wheels that allow for a different movement style in comparison to some of the other inclusions on this list.

It also has both infrared control and gesture control. This is a little bit different from some of the other inclusions on this list, as most tend to have infrared control and voice control.

The gesture control allows you to control the robot via your hand movements. This adds another layer of education for a child, as it can aid with motor skills as well as dexterity.

With gesture control, you can use the motion of your hands to control the movement of the robot puppy. The dog will move backward, forwards, left, and right via your hand movements, which is a super cool feature!

As well as that, the dog also has the programming features that are common with these kinds of toys but it has a wider range of commands that it can follow.

The pup can be programmed with up to fifty actions, including walking, sliding (thanks to those wheels!), cruising, twisting, and more.

It can also imitate noises such as barking as well as display various emotions via LED eyes that can change color.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a toy robot dog if it couldn’t sing and dance and the DEERC robot dog does not disappoint in this department! It sings and produces music that it can also dance to.

It has a handy head sensor too with two settings: long press and short press. 

A short press will make the dog perform random commands whilst a long press will put it into rest mode.

The robot dog also has a small sensor on its chest that can detect incoming obstacles so that if you are getting it to move around the room, you don’t run the risk of bumps and scratches as the robot pup will know to move out of the way of anything hazardous.

This particular robot dog toy has a few extra features that can be both educational and additional fun for kids, such as gesture control that could aid toddlers who are still learning to be more dexterous.

The DEERC robot dog has a built-in rechargeable battery- that can last around three hours- with a charge included. You will need two AA batteries for the controller for the robot too. 


This pup-who is called “Rick”- has some similar features to the other robot dog toys on this list but that doesn’t make him any less special!

Rick is a little bit smaller than some of the other options when it comes to toy robot dogs, so he would likely suit a small child or would work as a starter robot toy for a child who has not had any experience of one before.

Rick comes with a wireless remote control (with a control distance of 30 ft) that lets you change the volume of the robot as well as get it to turn left, turn right, move forward, move backward, dance, and- of course- perform a song for you!

These are the regular attributes for robot dog toys- as we have seen so far in this list- and it also has the other staple of being programmable.

Rick’s memory is pretty impressive as he can remember up to forty commands at a time and perform each command in order. 

He also has that odd feature of being able to imitate a wide variety of different animals! This is always a fun little addition that is sure to amuse and entertain younger kids.

Some of Rick’s other endearing features include a touch and respond sensor located on his head, a rechargeable battery that allows for 60 minutes of play, and LED eyes that can change into seven different colors.

Rick is certainly a wonderful option for younger kids who might benefit from a smaller robot dog toy. 


Zoomer Playful Pup, Responsive Robotic Dog with Voice Recognition & Realistic Motion, for Ages 5 & Up

The Zoomer robot Playful Pup has one of the most unique and adorable looks from the robot dog toys on this list.

The large blue eyes, the protruding tongue, the fluffy fabric ears and tail, and the cute, stubby paws bring this robot pup to life and make him one of the most endearing robot dogs that we have talked about so far.

In terms of what the robot can do, the Playful Pup responds to touch as well as voice commands. It can also learn various commands such as sit, lie down, play dead, and dance via your voice instruction.

It can also walk and come to you when you call him thanks to the voice acknowledgment tech. There are twenty-five tricks that the pup can learn with the voice recognition technology that it uses, making it one of the more versatile robot pups on the market.

The touch recognition technology is also a little bit different from what some robo-pups use as the sensors are located on the belly on the marked, blue areas. This gives a more realistic feeling of being able to rub the pup’s tummy.

It does also have the obligatory head sensor for those all-important head pats though.

The adorable design of the Playful Pup makes it feel more like an actual dog, especially thanks to the fluffy ears and tail, the shape of its head, and the long and short nature of its body which is indicative of actual dog breeds like the dachshund.

It’s funny how some fabric ears can make such a difference to the look of a robot dog toy!

The Zoomer Playful Pup would likely be a little more suited to an older child due to the complexity of the voice control and the commands that can be taught to the robot.

However, it would make a great educational tool to teach kids about caring for a pet. At the very least, the more authentic puppy look should encourage the little ones to be a little bit more gentle with it! 


Dimple DC13991 Interactive Robot Puppy with Wireless Remote Control Kids Robotic Toy Electronic Pet RC Animal Dog Toy #1 for Kids That Sings, Dances, Eye Mode, Speaks for Boys/Girls

The Dimple pup-robot has a ton of personality in its design, with wheeled feet, ears that can perk up and flatten down, and Dalmatian-like black spots on its white coat.

This pup is a lot of fun as it has several different modes, including one specifically intended for learning!

The alphabet/number mode of the Dimple pup robot does exactly what the name suggests; it helps little ones learn their ABCs and numbers.

The robot sings- like a lot of the other pup robots do- but the songs that it performs are related to learning too, such as B.I.N.G.O and the Alphabet song.

It also has the usual features expected with this kind of robot, such as a wireless, handheld remote control that allows you to choose from various commands (it allows you to control the dog bot from up to 6.5 feet away as well), LED color changing eyes and the ability to dance!

One particularly special feature here is that you can command the pup bot to fart on queue. Now that is certainly a marketable feature!

The Dimple is one of the more educational robot dog toys, especially when it comes to toddlers learning the alphabet and learning to count. Its quirky abilities make it stand out from the crowd as a toy robot dog. 


RACPNEL RC Robot Dog Toy: Interactive, Walking, Dancing, Programmable Puppy - Gesture Sensing, Lights, Sounds - Ages 3+, Pink

The pink style, the LED color-changing eyes, and the adorable design of this robot are sure to catch the attention of children, particularly the younger ones who might have a penchant for the color pink!

This design looks like it was created to draw in toddlers and there is a lot that they can learn from the toy thanks to its programming features.

This cute pink pup robot has a particularly interesting set of modes available that make it more of a STEM robot than just a toy.

The pup includes a gesture mode (which makes the pup’s eyes change to blue)- allowing the built-in eye sensors to track the movement of your hands. These gestures will then make the robot move left, right, forward and backward.

There is also an “Adventure Mode” (with the eyes changing to red) which makes the puppy move by itself and uses the built-in infrared sensors to detect obstacles in its path.

Finally, there is the STEM programming mode (with purple eyes) which is implemented uniquely. 

The pup bot can be programmed via the insertion of “treat keys”. These keys are-as the name suggests- made to look like dog treats and they can be stored in a toy dog bowl.

You can teach the puppy to perform a certain set of commands- up to 30 moves- and then record them on the keys to save for later.

This is a great way to implement the programming element into the toy, offering something unique that is sure to capture the attention of the kids.

The robot dog is also very safe for use, made from durable and shatter-resistant ABS plastic.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that allows for between 1.5 and 3 hours of playtime before needing two hours to be recharged. It will also need two AAA batteries for use within the remote. 


Robo Pets Robot Dog Toy for Girls and Boys - Remote Control Robot Toy Puppy with LEDs, Sound FX, Interactive Hand Motion Gestures, STEM Toy Program Treats, Dancing and Walking RC Robot for Kids (Blue)

This robot dog is pretty much exactly the same as the one we just talked about, just with a slightly different design. The toy has a white body and head with a blue tail and a blue nose as well as blue ears, legs eyes, and a blue collar.

The pup has all of the same modes as the RACPNEL: adventure mode, gesture mode, and programming mode.

If you are looking for a dog robot toy that provides everything that the RACPNEL does but has a blue color scheme rather than a pink one, this is the toy for you!


Petoi Bittle STEM Robot Dog

Somewhat different from some of the other robot dog toys on this list, the Petoi Bittle dog takes on the look and functions of a professional robot.

You can’t help but make comparisons to the Boston Dynamic robot dog with this tiny critter! 

The Petoi Bittle is a tiny robot dog toy (it fits in the palm of your hand) and due to its complexity, it would be more suitable for older children of around age twelve and over.

Don’t let its tiny stature fool you though! This is one powerful dog-bot thanks to being driven by an NYBoard V1 and a customized Arduino board (with Raspberry Pi support) that allows the bot to coordinate its sophisticated movements.

It also has a high-end servo manufacturer- the Nine P1S Servos- that actuate the bot.

The Bittle requires assembly and it would be best for an adult to be around to supervise as it can be complex and a little bit tricky. It has a frame similar to that of a puzzle, so some assistance might be required! 

Once assembled, you can fit demo codes on GitHub that can be installed on to it- thanks to the WiFi and Bluetooth dongles that come with it- that allow you to take part in community challenges to win prizes and teach your dog-bot new tricks.

As we said, this is a dog-robot toy that is not for very young kids due to its complexities. Make sure that you and the kids are careful with it to avoid any costly errors!

The Bittle has a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that will allow for around an hour of continuous walking from the pup bot. 


Zoomer Zuppies, Interactive Puppy, Zuppy Love – Sport

This puppy robot- named Sport- has got an adorable design that has a futuristic vibe thanks to the LED lights and wheels paws as well as that upturned smile that emphasizes the robotic look.

Sport is all about interactivity for kids rather than education and there's nothing wrong with that all! He would be excellent to guide kids into the realm of caring for an actual pet. 

Sport has sensors on his chest and on his head that alert him to when he is getting those ever so special pets. He’ll bark happily when you give him cuddles but this isn’t the only way he can tell you what he is feeling. 

Not only does he have tons of sounds that he can make when the sensors are interacted with, but he also has large LED eyes that will change when he reacts to his user.

One of Sport’s unique features is his activities menu, which can be accessed via his BACK button.

You can play mini-games and activities with him or choose a song to play - selected by scrolling with his head sensor and selecting with his nose- which can be a great benefit to a child’s hand-eye coordination.

He comes with an adorable, interactive chew toy too!

Sport’s unique mini-games and activities make him stand out from the crown when it comes to the robot toy dog market.


Mini AI Robot Dog with Magent Bone, Smart Interactive Puppy Pet Electronic Robotic Dogs Toy for Aged 3 4 5 6 7 8-12 Year Old Kids Boys Girls Toddlers, Birthday Gifts Walk Talk Voice Control

Another adorable and futuristic -ooking dog robot, Little Rocky is available in both blue and pink and comes with a magnetic bone that can be attached to its mouth.

Rocky has a lot of the regular features of a robot dog- such as interactivity, movement, music, and sensors- but he also has a few features that are unique, including two of the modes in particular.

Rocky has a “Bionic Mode” and a “Gymnastics Mode”, both of which allow for something a little different to play with.

The bionic mode makes Rocky more responsive. For example, if you shake him whilst in this mode, he will say that he is dizzy, and if you touch his tail, he will ask you questions related to his tail. 

He will also ask for help if he falls down which is simultaneously the cutest and saddest thing we have heard from this list of robot dog toys.

His gymnastics mode makes him roll around on his own accord which is sure to bring some joy to kids, particularly younger ones who might be convinced that he has a mind of his own!

Rocky is a slightly different take on the robot dog toy. He doesn't have a remote control or voice recognition, but that doesn't make him any less adorable or suitable for kids of all ages. 


This cute pup has a different look from some of the others we have mentioned here thanks to its plush nature, making it ideal when it comes to cuddling for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

The Marsjoy plushie robot puppy toy would be suitable for a younger child as it has fewer functions but would make for a great comfort toy to any age.

The Marsjoy plushie is available as either a bulldog, a husky, or a beagle and has eight different movements that it can perform such as moving forward, sitting, bowing, handstands, or lying down.

These movements are controlled via touch as well as sensors that will pick up on the sound of clapping, which is an action that will also control the robot's movements. Stroking the pup on the back or the tail will also result in barking too!

The volume can be adjusted by using a button located just on the outside of the left paw, making the pup-bot more accessible for kids who are hard of hearing or for kids with certain needs that make loud noises uncomfortable for them.

The cuddling possibilities are certainly strong with this particular robot toy dog! The Marsjoy needs four AA batteries and is made of soft plush, filling, and cotton.

Make sure that little ones are careful when cuddling though as the doll contains a hard cassette mechanism. 


Whilst this robot dog has the recurring programming feature, it also comes with some cute accessories that are sure to entertain smaller kids.

This stunt puppy has touch sensor interaction- which can be used by touching the robot’s chin- which will react when the user pets it.

It can also sing, make music, and dance as well as respond to the magnetic accessories that come with it. Just attach one of the accessories to the dog’s mouth and it will react with both movement and sound!

The programming element of the robot allows for up to 50 actions that can be performed with the press of a button.

The dog also has those large LED eyes- that are common with robot dog toys- to allow for a range of emotions. 


Zoomer Zupps - Tiny Pups - Pug Zuppstar - Litter 2 - Interactive Puppy

This pup has a unique design that is sure to appeal to kids who love color and cute patterns!

This robot dog- part of the Zoomper Zupps line of robot toy dogs for kids- has a light pink face and body with a dark pink tail and collar and dark pink ears.

It also has light blue and dark blue legs, a light blue nose, and a white muzzle with a white, star-shaped patch around the eyes. This is definitely for kids who want to add a splash of color to their toybox!

The Pug Zuppstar has star and musical note patterns as accents, emphasizing the colorful nature of its personality.

The Zoomer Zupp puppy bots interact with their users if you press their noses. This makes them bark or make other sounds such as kisses.

There are a few of the Zoomer Zupps to collect so they may be suited for a child who enjoys collecting toys!


This robot dog has three major features. Two of them are relatively common for these robot dogs- voice control and touch sensors- but the third feature isn't quite so frequent in these toys: Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a different method of control for a robot dog but it seems to work well as this particular toy has some stellar ratings!

The Bluetooth is used to allow the user to play their music through their dog-bot.

The dog will then dance to your chosen music. This is a great way to add an extra layer of user interaction, giving them the option of personalizing their music choices.

Watching the pup bot dance to your music is sure to be exciting for kids both young and old!

This pup has a rechargeable battery built-in and has a USB cable with which you can charge it.

He is certainly a must-have for music-loving kids as he can become a musical companion to dance to tunes with!

This could also encourage an interest in music for kids. 


A super cute and cartoon-like option for a robot dog toy, the Fisca corgi robot doll is controlled by voice as well as with a remote control.

It has eight voice commands which it can act out with voice recognition, including tail wag, walk in a circle, and dance. These are pretty versatile in comparison to some of the other voice commands that we have looked at in this list.

She can also imitate speech, another interesting and unique feature that is likely to interest kids of any age.

The remote commands are a little more standard- such as walking forwards or backward- but you can also get her to wiggle her hips with the remote to get that infamous corgi butt shuffle!

Touch interaction is also used with this doll. Touch her head to make her perform random interactions and moves.

She has the standard programming feature too, with there being a specific program key on the controller. She also sings and dances to music!

This cute corgi robot is brimming with personality and the unique additions that she has to the standard robot dog toy features allow her to stand out a little. 


WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog - Original Batteries Included Interactive Puppy Robot Harry Responds to Touch, Walking, Chasing and Fun Activities

Harry the dog has a charming aesthetic that makes him look a little different from some of the other inclusions on this list.

He has the look of an older toy rather than a futuristic robot dog, which makes him all the more charming and lovable!

Harry is a Dalmatian (you can also get Helen the Dalmation too, complete with pink spots!) who would work excellently as a toy for an autistic child due to his soothing sounds and his touch response.

He also reacts to noises- such as sounds from actual dogs- and is available as a Spanish-speaking toy too.

Harry will walk, bark, talk, and dance but there are also games you can play with him, such as the “Play and Chase” game which makes Harry keep continuously walking and avoiding obstacles as he goes.

This robot toy is very traditional in style and is perfect for younger children and those who enjoy its quirky, classical cartoon design. 


The Beefox remote control robot dog would make for a great companion to a toddler due to the cute design and the wheeled fit which could easily let the dog be used as a wheeling toy for little hands!

This cute pup bot has a very simple controller that can easily be used by young kids. The actions of the bot are pretty simple too, able to do the basic left, right, front and back movements.

Interaction is at its most basic too. Simply touch the puppy's adorable butt and it will react to the user.

It also comes with a cute bone and dog bowl toy. As long as there is adult supervision involved, this dog bot could easily become a good friend to a toddler. 


Another robot dog that would be suitable for toddlers, the FUNTECH robot dog has a sleek, futuristic design and a contemporary color palette (white, light blue, dark blue, and red).

Despite the simplicity of the dog-bot design, its appearance is another that is reminiscent of an actual dog breed: a bull terrier. Fans of that particular breed are sure to enjoy this puppy bot!

This pup has the same intelligent programming that many of the other dog bots do as well as a clear and simple remote control that allows the user to move him in the basic directions, another element that makes him suitable for younger children.

This particular dog bot is the perfect example of how sometimes, less is more and simplicity is key!


The design of this puppy bot is enough to make even the hardest of hearts melt! This tiny puppy bot is designed to look like a Daschund, with a long body and adorable tiny legs.

This unique look is not just for show though, as you can make the body of the robot shorter and longer when you so please. This is a great way to allow the pup-bot to be stored in even the tightest of spaces.

The giant LED eyes are another simple element that emphasizes the cuteness of this long-bodied pup.

The AXEMOO can sing and dance as well as shorten and lengthen its body.

It also has the basics in terms of direction and control, moving forward, backward, left, and right. It has a unique, ball-shaped controller that allows the user to control these movements. 

This ball-like control allows for an additional game mode with this dog-bot called “Follow the Remote”.

Simply hide the remote and press the “follow” button on it and the robot should be able to find it. This could lead to hours of fun hide and seek with the kids!

The interactivity comes from the “touch” button on the controller, which needs to be pressed before touching the dog's chin.

This will cause the robot to start performing random interactions. You can also program up to 50 actions for the pup to remember. 

Elena Jones

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