19 Of The Best Robot Toys For Toddlers With Helpful Guide

There is no better feeling than being a toddler and being granted with an endless amount of toys. There is also no better feeling than being the parent of that toddler and watching their eyes light up at their toys, watching how they interact with it and use their imagination. 

What many tend to forget is how toys for a toddler is much more than a fun activity. It is a very important stage in their lives as it is essential to the enhancement of their development.

Learn the importance of a child’s toy and its link to development. A child’s development is a vital part of their growth, especially in their toddler years where they are still young. 

Adults are in charge of setting a toddler up for life, allowing them to learn, grow, and achieve great things. It all starts with the purchase of a toy.

Best Robot Toys For Toddlers With Helpful Guide

A Toddler’s Development

With life comes several stages of development; these narrow down to early childhood (birth to 8 years), middle childhood (8 to 12 years), and adolescence (12 to 18 years).

After this comes adulthood. However, we will only be looking at the developmental stages of early childhood in which the child is in their toddler years.

Your child hits their toddler age when they are between the ages of 2 years and 3 years, at which point their development is vital.

Although development in a child happens naturally, it is also important for the adult in their life (whether that be parent, guardian, caregiver) to move them in the right direction.

Milestones are important and are a way of acknowledging whether the toddler is developing at the correct speed. They reach milestones in how they play, how they speak, through their behaviors, interactions, and how they move.

These milestones are things that most toddlers will be able to do; if they are not developing at the same speed as other toddlers, that is when you should see if there are any deeper underlying issues.

At this stage of their lives, emotional development is a core aspect. They learn what it means to feel happy, sad, embarrassed, frustrated – all of this contributes to why the toddler is prone to tantrums.

By 2 years old, you’ll find the toddler is learning to form words, consistently using ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘you.

At 3 years old, the child will be able to form simple sentences, typically of up to 5 words. This is also a time for them to develop on their thinking. They will understand more things such as day versus night, or that a banana is yellow and curved.

It is the little things that make a big difference for their development.

Most importantly, a toddler is learning the ways of playing. As previously mentioned, playtime is so important for a toddler’s development, whether that be with or without toys.

This is the stage in which a toddler can explore their imagination as well as learning how to play with other children (this is great for their social skills and for activating their ability to share).

The Importance Of Toys

For any kid, toys are heaven. It’s the first thing they pick up in the morning, the thing you can’t peel them away from when it’s their bedtime, and what they sleep with at night. It is clear that the toy is a necessary attachment for all young children.

But Why Is It That Kids Gravitate Towards Toys?

Toys, to simply put it, are the child’s favorite form of entertainment. Perhaps it is the bright colors which hypnotize them, or the flashing lights, maybe it’s the sounds their toy makes or the feel of the object itself. In the age of a child, the toy is a prized possession.

Some parents worry about the dependency of toys for a child, some children going into fits and tantrums if a toy is taken away from them, but it should be known that the toy is not just a distraction but a big help to their development.

Toys are brilliant for a child’s motor skills, both fine and gross. Fine motor skills are using the smaller muscles in your hands such as grasping onto a toy truck.

Gross motor skills are using the larger muscles such as using the legs to push themselves on a push trike. With the use of motor skills, children are able to refine their abilities and work on exercising their muscles.

It is important to remember that at a young age such as toddler years, this is when children are learning to walk, to hold objects. Toys are a great resource for enhancing these capabilities.

Aside from the fun factor and motor skill development, toys also contribute towards the education of a child.

There are toys made specifically for educational purposes such as colorful blocks for building and balancing, and the abacus for counting. These are made as a way of incorporating the fun of playtime with the importance of education.

Every toddler loves toys, and what better way to treat them than giving them a robot toy!

Robots have always been a popular choice and there are robots made for all ages, whether that be for a toddler to have fun with or for a pubescent teenager wanting to create one for themselves. However, as a buyer you want to know that you are choosing wisely.

Toy robots come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors, and you want to know that you are buying something great for your toddler.

There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration, however this list will help to narrow down your search.

Below is listed the 19 best robot toys for your toddler, with pros and cons to help you to come to a final decision.

Best Robot Toys For Toddlers


Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot Take Apart Toy, 23-Pieces, Preschool STEM Toy, Gift for Kids Ages 3+

Your toddler will be thrilled to receive this Design & Drill robot. This is appropriate for kids aged 3 years and over and comes in green & blue and pink & purple, giving a range to choose from.

With this toy, your toddler will be busy drilling away with their kid-friendly screwdriver and 15 multicolored screws. Allow them to use their imagination to become a crazy scientist building a robot, or a handy builder.

This also comes with a collection of stickers to stick onto the robot, allowing their creativity to run wild. This is the perfect toy for any toddler.


  • Fine motor skills – this toy is great for focusing on fine motor skills and will help your toddler to improve in those areas.
  • STEM – your toddler will be introduced to STEM learning with this robot toy.
  • Good quality – this is a good quality product with no sharp edges and is lightweight, perfectly suitable for a toddler.


  • Stickers – the given stickers do not align well to all the robot’s body parts (e.g., sticker too big to lay flat onto leg).
  • Lack of disassembly – only the arms can be disassembled, given less building work to do.


Tuko Remote Conctrol Dinosaur Toys LED Light Up Walking and Roaring Realistic Dinosaur Toys for 3-12 Years Old Boys and Girls (RC Dino)

The Tuko Remote Control Dinosaur is perfect for those dinosaur loving toddlers! We all know how much kids love dinosaurs, no matter what kind, so what better than to gift them with a robot dinosaur.

This product is operated by a prehistoric themed remote which lets the dinosaur walk, fight, dance, and of course, roar. This is a great educational and fun robot choice for your toddler.


  • Remote control – the remote control is simple for a toddler to use; with four large buttons your child will have no trouble learning.
  • Lights up – this product has an added light up feature which makes the robot’s eyes and opened mouth light up.


  • Roar – if you’re a parent buying this for your kid, you may find the loud roar a little too much at times.


Has your child been non-stop begging you for a new dog? Well, with the Top Race Remote Control Dog, they will be getting just that.

This robot dog is the perfect imitation of a real dog who will respond to your toddler’s voice commands; he sits, crawls, spins, walks, and dances.

This is the perfect toy to enhance your toddler’s knowledge on vocabulary and confidence in communicating.

With wheels for feet and an electronic remote control, this clever dog will have your toddler excited to take it for a spin.


  • Unique – this is a unique product with its numerous abilities and futuristic robotic look – this is perfect for any age, adult or child.
  • Interactive – this is a very interactive toy which will be sure to keep your toddler occupied.


  • Remote control – the remote control may be hard for your toddler to understand due to the number of buttons and words they will not be able to read at this age.


Fisher-Price Learning Toy Dance & Groove Rockit with Interactive Music Lights and Phrases for Infants and Toddlers

Here is an educational toy by Fisher-Price, made to incorporate fun into learning. What is great about this product is that it is suitable for all ages, whether your child is a 6 month old or 3 years old – depending on their age, this can be adjusted.

Your toddler can either dance along with the music, learn using the spinning and flipping hands on feature, or record sounds for Rockit to repeat them back.

This is great for educating your child from the comfort of your home, allowing them to develop their motor skills, their use of words and numbers, and even learn some French.


  • Well built – this robot is well built, with a variety of different functions and a sturdy high quality exterior.
  • Engaging – it will be sure to keep your toddler engaged, learning new things and participating in activities.
  • Your toddler will never be bored – there are so many functions to play around with that your child will never get bored and will enjoy learning.


  • Too much for a baby – if you are wanting to gift this toy to a toddler and a baby, the toddler will get more out of it. The lights and loud noises may be too much for a young baby.


WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog - Original Batteries Included Interactive Puppy Robot Harry Responds to Touch, Walking, Chasing and Fun Activities

This robot dalmatian is a great choice for your toddler. Teach Robot Harry to walk, bark, talk, and sing and watch as his sensors respond to your touch.

This is great fun to play with for both boys and girls. If you are wanting this electronic pet dog with a girly twist, Robot Helen is available too.


  • Engaging – this is an engaging toy and reacts to being stroked just like a real pet.
  • Well made – the toy is well made and very strong.
  • Variety of features – there are a number of options to choose from with the features, giving your toddler plenty to enjoy.


  • Loud – the toy is loud and does not come with an adjustable volume function.
  • Not versatile – Robot Henry does not move smoothly on certain types of carpet.


The Learning Journey Touch & Learn - AlphaBot - Interactive Alphabet, Spelling, & Phonics Robot Toy with LED Face and Three Quiz Modes - Preschool Toys & Gifts for Boys & Girls Ages 3 and Up

This toy is a brilliant solution to helping your child learn the alphabet, spelling, and phonics. This robot includes a touchpad as well as fun games which will aid your toddler in the learning process.

With over 350 questions from this bot, you toddler will be hooked on this toy. This is the perfect way to bring a fun learning environment to the home.


  • Quizzes – this bot quizzes your toddler with a variety of questions so that they are able to get the most out of what they have been learning.
  • Attractive – its bright yellow color is attractive, immediately gaining the attention of any toddler.
  • Improves fine motor skills – this product is great for improving your toddler’s fine motor skills by using the touchpad sensor panel.


  • Volume – the volume isn’t loud enough to the point of grabbing a toddler’s attention.


Learning Resources Tock The Learning Clock - 1 Piece, Ages 3+ Educational Talking & Teaching Clock, Toy Clock for Toddlers, Educational Toys for Kids

Tock The Learning Clock is a cute little robot with big eyes and a clock for a body. This is a great educational product which teaches children to tell the time and maneuver the time correctly.

There are two modes; question mode in which Tock asks you to change the analog clock to match the digital time (located on its foot), musical mode in which Tock The Learning Clock plays fun song snippets when your toddler has set the hands on the clock correctly.

This also works to help your toddler out of bed in the morning with an efficient light function


  • Made to last – this product is made from durable materials making it strong and long lasting.
  • Visually appealing – Tock The Clock is visually appealing with its animated face and vibrant colors.
  • Night light feature – this comes with a night light feature, good for children who need to be comforted by light.


  • Analog clock not accurate – the hands of the analog clock is for educational use only, meaning that it does not move in real time. Only the digital clock does this.


Aeromax Robot Helmet

Treat your toddler to this Aeromax Robot Helmet and allow them to explore their imagination. This is a fun accessory for your toddler to play with and this educational roleplay promotes STEM.

The visor is movable meaning your child will not be confined, and the antennae on either side of the helmet allow them to interact during play.


  • Imagination – this is great for allowing your toddler to explore their imagination.
  • Security – the helmet has inner padded ridges to keep the helmet in place on the head.


  • Not hard plastic – the helmet is not made from hard plastic making it less indestructible.


STAR WARS BB-8 Plush: The Rise of Skywalker – Small – 10''

If your kid is a huge fan of Star Wars or you are wanting to introduce them to the franchise, treat them to this Star Wars BB-8 plush!

Robots do not always have to be electronic devices. Why not give them a plush robot which they can cuddle at night and have close to them.

It is filled with foam for that added softness and its head can manually rotate just like the real thing! This is a great alternative toy which toddlers will adore.


  • Accurate design – the design of the plush is very accurate to the true Star Wars design.
  • Stays in shape – its shape is guaranteed to stay, even after washing.
  • Quality – the plush toy’s quality is high.


  • Small – the product is small, not suitable for all depending on preference.


Fisher-Price Bright Beats BeatBelle DLX

This toy is appropriate for ages 9 months to 36 months and is great fun to use. This is the perfect interactive toy with 120 songs, sounds, and phrases to help your toddler with the alphabet and counting.

As well as this toy being great for education, it also has many features to get your toddler dancing and singing along.


  • Non-stop fun – this toy provides non-stop fun with BeatBelle spinning, playing music, and encouraging you toddler to join in.
  • Durable – the toy is durable with a strong exterior.


  • Limited songs – there are only a selected amount of songs which don’t last too long.


ALEX Toys ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot, Multi (0Z14001)

Introduce your toddler to the world of robotics with this beginner’s building course. This is a fun activity which can be done together as a family. Allow your toddler to build the ZOOB bot and entertain their curious mind.


  • Movable – when fitting the pieces together, this can be done in a variety of ways and you are able to move the structure into different positions due to its ball and joint pieces.
  • Versatile – you can make more things other than a robot - you are able to take pieces apart and create whatever you want to.


  • Health and safety – make sure to keep an eye on your toddler so they don’t pinch their fingers whilst snapping pieces together.


The Learning Journey Early Learning - Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino - Toddler Toys & Gifts for Boys & Girls Ages 2+ years and Up - Award Winning Toys

This Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino is a great way to get your kid interactive. It works to stimulate a child’s cognitive learning skills with active play, perfect for a toddler’s development.

Watch your toddler answer questions and dance whilst doing so! This has many educational benefits, helping with motor skills as well as self-confidence.


  • Guaranteed safety – this toddler’s toy has been tested safe.
  • Remote control – the remote is very simple to use, great for a toddler.
  • Relatable voice – the dinosaur talks with a child’s voice which is positive for the toddler to hear something they can relate to.


  • Limited – you are limited for learning games – there are only three choices for letters and six choices for colors.


The Learning Journey Play & Learn - Infrared Remote Control Dancing Unicorn - Unicorn Toys for Girls - Toddler Toys for Girls Ages 2 Years and Up - Award Winning Toys

If your toddler isn’t into the Dancing Dinosaur, treat them with the Dancing Unicorn. Featuring flashing lights and amazing sound effects, this magical unicorn will ask your toddler questions about their ABCs, colors, numbers and shapes.

This unicorn also knows how to have fun – simply use the remote to make it dance! This is a great robotic toy for your toddler, both fun and educational.


  • Remote control – it comes with a controller which is easy to use with its big, colorful buttons.
  • Builds skills – this toy not only helps with motor skills, however, is also great for developing action/reaction skills.


  • Durability – can be damaged.


Sikaye RC Robot for Kids Intelligent Programmable Robot with Infrared Controller Toys, Dancing, Singing, Led Eyes, Gesture Sensing Robot Kit, Blue

Choose from blue, yellow, or red when getting this amazing, active robot. This robot can make 50 actions and comes with a remote to control its movements.

This has an amazing sensing control mode, great for getting your toddler to interact.


  • Activities – there are plenty of options to explore which will keep your toddler occupied.
  • Volume control – this robot comes with volume control which is ideal in a family setting.
  • Knowledge mode – the robot has a knowledge mode, adding education to fun as it shares its knowledge on astronomy.


  • Manual – the instruction manual is complicated to understand.


Force1 Ditto Smart Mini Voice Changer Robot Toy for Kids - Talking Mini Robot Voice Recorder Desk Toy with LED Eyes, Posable Flexible Metal Body, and 3 Learning Toy Robot Batteries (Blue)

Ditto is the smart talking robot any kid will instantly love. Perfect for toddlers, interact with Ditto by simply tapping its head twice.

Talk to Ditto and he will talk back. This is brilliant for enhancing a child’s conversation abilities and communication. What is better is that Ditto can speak a variety of languages, so you are not limited at all.

Ditto’s flexible legs means he can stand, sit, and morph into any poses you desire. This is definitely a great option for growing toddlers.


  • Size – Ditto is a small robot, perfect for toddlers who want to keep it by their side while they’re on the go as a backpack buddy.
  • Clear – the robot’s voice is loud and clear, easy for your toddler to understand.


  • Microphone – in order for Ditto to hear you, you have to be at an appropriate distance for it to work.


Just Play Hobby Kids Plush - Robot

Not all robots have to be made out of metal. Your toddler will love this plush robot, the perfect toy to sleep with at night and hold close to them.

Made with super soft materials, this plush robot will become your toddler’s buddy.


  • Size – this plush robot is a great size, perfect for holding.
  • Soft – the plush is lovely and soft.


  • Quality – the quality could be better for its price.


BESTING Balancing Stacking Blocks Robot Parent-Child Children's Educational Wooden Toy Acrobatic Troupe Interlock Decompression Preschool Toys Balancing Games (HJ014)

Here is a unique and fun activity for your toddler to do. The wooden robot building blocks come with 12 different character models with different clothes and looks.

This is great for your toddler to do by themselves or with a partner – simply interlock the hands in hands and legs in legs, allowing the robots to stack upwards into this great stacking tower.

Your toddler will be fascinated seeing the robot blocks grow.


  • Will keep your toddler occupied – this is a fun activity which will keep your toddler interested and productive.
  • Improves your toddler’s core skills – this toy will help improve your child’s concentration, patience, and hands on skills.


  • Guidance – your toddler may need some support in understanding the stacking game.


REMOKING Magic Inductive Robot Toys,Creative Track Puzzle Race Game,Learning and Educational Toys for Boys & Girls 3 Years and Up,Party and Birthday Gifts

Watch your mini robot follow the route created by using the magic pen. This is a great way for your toddler to explore new abilities and something that can be done with a friend.

Allow your toddler to challenge their friend to a robot race and have plenty of fun with the Magic Inductive Robot Puzzle.


  • Interactive – this is a great toy for your toddler to interact with, putting the puzzle together, creating magic lines, and watching the robots whiz away.
  • Works off the puzzle board – this robot is multifunctional, being able to follow the lines on both the board and a random piece of paper.


  • Puzzle pieces – it can be hard to put the puzzle pieces together accordingly and can be tedious.


Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi, 3 - 6 years

Teach ‘n Tag Movi has 360 degrees of mobility as well as over 60 different changing facial expressions.

This is a great robot toy to teach your toddler critical thinking skills and to follow directions. This comes with three modes: Alpha Fun Actions, Think & Move Shapes, Learn & Play Games.


  • Durable – this is a high-quality and strong toy.
  • Rolls on carpet – unlike other wheeled toys, this one has no limits as it is able to roll on wood, laminate, and carpet.


  • Adult guidance – may be challenging for some children so adult guidance is needed.

Best Robot Toys For Toddlers Buying Guide

There are a variety of robot toys to choose from, whether that be electronic, stuffed, or themed. It can be difficult to know what the best choice for your toddler will be, and there are many things to consider before purchasing.

With this buyer’s guide, it will give you key points to think about when buying a robot toy for your toddler. With this newfound knowledge, you will be sure to have an efficient and effective shopping spree.

19 Of The Best Robot Toys For Toddlers With Helpful Guide

Age Appropriate

It is important to know if the toy robot is age appropriate for a toddler. There may be some instances where the toy is too difficult for them to follow on their own so need the help of an adult.

There may be other cases where your toddler is too old for the toy and becomes uninterested and easily bored.

You want to purchase a product that will get your toddler’s attention and something they can happily use with no trouble.


Do you want this toy to be educational? Education is vital for a toddler as this is the stage in their life where they are learning new skills and understanding the world.

Many toys come with educational abilities such as learning about shapes, colors, and the alphabet.

Look for a toy that is educational but has that added fun factor to keep your toddler engaged.


Any parent knows the pain of those toys that won’t stop playing songs on repeat every hour of the day.

Make sure that before you purchase, you see if there is a volume setting. You’d be surprised to know that many of these toys do not have that function, causing many to end up disliking having this toy in their home.


Toddlers are great but it is also known that they are prone to not knowing their own strength.

On many occasions they may knock over an item or handle to a toy too carelessly. Buy a toy for them which you know is strong enough for them to handle. 

The worst thing that can happen is to waste your money on an item just for it to be fragile enough to break. Depending on brands, toys will be more durable than others.

Health And Safety

Is this toy safe? It is important to keep your toddler safe and buy items for them that will ensure their safety.

In particularly with robot toys, many of them are made from hard plastics. You want to ensure that those plastics do not have sharp edges which your child could easily cut themselves on. 

There are many robot toys which are tested safe for toddlers, but if you are wanting to stay extra cautious, there are many plush robot options or robot themed games for your toddler to engage in.

Best Robot Toys For Toddlers - FAQ's

What Toys Should Every Toddler Have?

There are certain toys that every toddler should have, and this is because it allows them to develop.

Toys include blocks, balls, puzzles, musical instruments, dolls and action figures, dress up clothes, and much more. 

These are only a few examples, however, are all important to the growth of a child’s imagination and development of their personality.

What Is The Most Appropriate Toy For A Toddler?

The most appropriate toy for a toddler is STEM toys. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math and is a way of incorporating fun into learning.

These toys allow a child to use their brain whether that be through building, understanding colors, or counting. These are great toys to supply your toddler with and essential for their development.

How Do I Stimulate My 2 Year Old’s Brain?

Stimulating your toddler’s brain is important for their health and development and there are a variety of ways to do this. You can stimulate their brain by supplying them with STEM toys or reading to them at night.

Another positive way of stimulating their brain is by displaying emotions, such as showing them comfort when your toddler is stressed or sad.

Final Thoughts

The toddler stage of your child’s life is one of the most important. It is the age where they develop as an individual, learn new things, grow their imagination and explore, and toys are a huge factor in this.

We have listed 19 of the best robot toys for toddlers, each recommendation being both fun and educational.

Your toddler will be fascinated exploring the world of robots, learning how to control robots with remotes, learning new phrases, colors, and shapes from its teachings, and being able to interact.

This is not only great for themselves but is great for understanding the importance of playtime.

Your toddler, with these toys, have the option to play by themselves, with siblings, with friends, or with their parents, teaching them the importance of social interaction.

The list has provided a number of options for you to choose from but just know that as long as you take the proper precautions (such as acknowledging size, durability, and health and safety) then you can’t go wrong.

Elena Jones