18 Age-Appropriate Toddler Tablets For 2 Year Olds For Learning

Toddlers and technology might be a controversial subject, but there are some great tablets out there for two year olds. Tablets can teach kids a whole bunch of skills. They can help them along with their colors, alphabet, counting, and more.

This review piece looks at 18 of the best age-appropriate toddler tablets for two year olds. The tablets have been selected on their ability to help two year old learning development.

First, we will take a look at the products and all of their pros and cons. Then we will follow up with a buyer’s guide and some FAQs.

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The Products

Here is the selection of 18 learning focused tablets for two year olds. 


Kids Tablet 7inch Toddler Tablet 32GB Google Play Android Tablet for Kids APP Preinstalled Learning Education Tablet WiFi Camera Tablet with Case Included, Netflix YouTube Tablet for Toddlers

Key Features

This is a tablet from Topletok. It has preinstalled apps, including Netflix and YouTube. There is an option to download more apps from the Google store.

It is wifi enabled, with an android operating system.

There’s a camera, a 7 inch screen, and Bluetooth. Handy parental controls and an even handier kid mode are included as standard.

The tablet has 1GB RAM and 32GB ROM.


  • Kid-mode: Kids only mode makes this tablet user friendly for children. It also blocks adult content alongside the parental controls.
  • Google Play Store: If you want more than the pre-installed apps, you can access Google Play easily and download whatever you want.
  • SD Card Available: If the storage capacity isn’t enough, you can buy additional memory with the affiliated SD card, up to 64GB.
  • Case With Stand: Not only does the case come with two color options, it also has a stand. So kids can watch without having to hold on. It also minimizes the risk of breakage through dropping!


  • Small Storage: Though you can purchase an additional SD memory card, the storage on the tablet itself is not that great. This is also an extra cost. 


Fire 7 tablet, 7' display, 16 GB, (2019 release), Plum

Key Features

This is a 7 inch screen, fire tablet made by Amazon. It has preinstalled apps. You can download more apps from the Amazon Apps store.

The tablet connects to WiFi and you can also download content onto it, to watch or use later. There are a large number of educational apps for 2 year olds available.

It comes with a built-in camera and a case. The tablet is fully controllable from a parent account, and you can limit content and access directly on the tablet.

With a cartridge16GB storage capacity, there’s more than enough space for plenty of learning apps, books, and music. You can even buy an additional SD card and get 512GB more.


  • 1 year Amazon Kids subscription: Amazon Kids has a big range of content. There are educational programs to watch and educational songs to listen to and learn from.
  • 2 year guarantee replacement: This is a big bonus. If your child happens to break the tablet, Amazon will replace it for free. You just have to send the tablet back and wait for the replacement.


  • Shorter Battery Life: When fully charged, the tablet can hold around 7 hours of charge. However, it goes down a lot faster while using apps. 


7 inch Kids Tablet iWawa APP Pre-Installed Android 10 Go Tablets for Kids, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Child Tablet, 360° Adjustable Kid-Proof Case, Parent Control, 2.4G WiFi only, 1024x600 IPS, Active Pen

Key Features

This tablet is from AWOW. It has a 7 inch screen, is wifi enabled, and even comes with a cute stylus pen for your 2 year old to learn how to use.

There are around 3,000 preinstalled apps for learning and playing. They are highly geared towards educating.

The tablet is an Android operating system. It has 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM.


  • 12 month warranty: A warranty is always a blessing when it comes to small children and technology.
  • Strong case: A strong case seems necessary to keep the tablet protected from the inevitable drops and bashes. 
  • Micro SD 512 GB: If the storage on the tablet is not enough, you can easily add more with the addition of an SD card.


  • One Design: There is only one design choice, unlike other tablets on the market. 


PRITOM Kids Tablet, 32 GB ROM, Quad Core Processor, HD IPS Display, WiFi 7 inch Android Tablet, Kid-Proof with Kids Tablet Case

Key Features

This tablet is made by Pritom and is the p7 model. It has an HD display, 7 inch screen, and a dual camera.

There are pre-installed educational apps geared for 2 years and older. There is also an option to download more apps from the Google Play Store.


  • Age Filters: This tablet allows you to set the age of the user. This makes sure it’s always age appropriate.
  • Parental Controls: Alongside the age filter, you also get parental controls. This tablet is very safe, especially for younger children. 
  • Case plus Stand: The durable case comes with a handy stand for hands free entertainment and learning.


  • Storage: This tablet doesn’t have a large virtual storage capacity and you may need to purchase an additional memory card. 


PRITOM 7 inch Kids Tablet | Quad Core Android 10.0, 32GB ROM | WiFi,Bluetooth,Dual Camera | Educationl,Games,Parental Control,Kids Software Pre-Installed with Kids-Tablet Case (Green)

Key Features

This is another tablet from Pritom. It’s the K7 model. It has a 7 inch screen and an Android operating system.

It is wifi enabled with parental controls. Its preinstalled apps are largely learning centric. It has 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM.


  • Child Proof: There are many perks to having a child proof case. This one is made with safe silicone material and provides hardy protection from bumps and scratches.
  • Parental Controls: The parental controls on this tablet let you choose screen time allowances, which apps can be accessed, and age appropriate content. 


WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Tablet - Educational Preschool Toy

Key Features

This tablet is from WowWee. It is the ever popular Baby Shark themed. It is battery powered with four different learning modes.

The focus is on learning through play and interaction. It is bright colored and full of songs and sounds.


  • Interactive: This tablet is for young ones. It has four modes; letters, words, spelling, and a where is? Mode. 
  • No need for Parental Controls: This tablet is not wifi enabled, instead all the learning games are completely pre-programmed. Therefore, there is no need to restrict content.


  • Breakable: Unlike other tablets out there, this is plastic and completely breakable. That makes it not toddler proof. 


VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black

Key Features

This is a V-Tech tablet. It has a piano keyboard, letter buttons, and 12 pre-programmed learning activities.

It is battery powered, and not wifi enabled. This eliminates the need for parental controls.


  • Progression: This tablet progresses with your child. They can go through the educational programs stage by stage. 
  • Fun: There’s a lot of focus on making the educational games good fun.


  • Limited: The tablet is limited to what is pre-installed. 


BEST LEARNING INNO PAD Smart Fun Lessons - Educational Tablet Toy to Learn Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Animals, Transportation for Toddlers Ages 2 to 5 Years Old | Boy or Girl Birthday Gift

Key Features

This tablet is made by Best Learning. It is called an Inno Pad. It has a 10 inch screen and its sole focus is education.

It comes with 16 different activity pages and can be used for interactive learning. It is battery powered.


  • Educational: The activity pages teach colors, numbers, alphabet, words, animals, music. You name it, they’ve thought of it. 
  • Varied: There are 16 different activity programs to learn from. It provides a lot of variety.


  • Battery Powered: This tablet is powered by batteries. Batteries are not environmentally friendly and can run out without warning. 


6-in-1 Kids Phone Toy: Educational Toys for Toddlers 1-3, Learning Toys for 4 Year Old Boys & Girls, Kids Laptop, Kids Tablet for Toddlers - Ideal Educational Toys for 4+ Years (White/Blue)

Key Features

This is a tablet from Boxiki Kids. It comes with six educational games and is battery powered.

It is small and can be carried anywhere with ease. Though it doesn’t come with a case, it is made from plastic so not as easy to smash as a standard tablet.

There are over 100 songs to learn with!


  • Looks like a Grown Ups: This little tablet mimics adult technology in its appearance. Children love playing with their grown up’s tech! 
  • Versatile: There is a lot of different games and educational programs to choose from with this tablet.


  • Plastic: Plastic is becoming less and less popular. It is not very durable or environmentally friendly.


Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet

Key Features

Kids Delight brings a battery powered, educational tablet to the list. The tablet comes with a keyboard that can be taken off and put on for a more interactive learning experience.

The big draw is that it looks just like a grown up laptop.


  • Bilingual: Spanish and English are popular languages. This tablet is bilingual. 
  • Lots to Choose From: There are a lot of different learning apps to play around with. This provides a wider learning experience.


  • One Trick: Unlike other tablets, you cannot download additional content. 


Fisher-Price Pretend Tablet Learning Toy with Lights Music and Smart Stages Educational Content for Baby and Toddler, Blue​

Key Features

This is a learning tablet from Fisher Price. It has 28 different app games on the interface. These include learning about words, animals, and colors.

All bases are covered! It even progresses as your child progresses. They can learn at whatever stage they feel comfortable.

It is battery powered with fully adjustable volume controls.


  • Reliable Brand: Fisher Price has been making toys for decades. They provide a high quality service for educational technology.
  • Range of Topics: There is a wide focus on lots of different aspects of toddler education. It focuses on fun ways of learning.


  • One Color: This tablet only comes in blue. That might not be to everyone’s taste! 


Number 1 in Gadgets Kids Learning Tablet Toy Learn ABCs Sounds Letters Shapes Music & Words 2 Year Old Interactive Toy Smart Alphabet Educational Toddler Learning Tablet

Key Features

This tablet is from Number 1 in Gadgets. The company has made a touchpad type tablet for younger children, specifically from around 12 months old.

It is multilingual, with a whole range of educative games and songs. The different buttons provide a different app game.


  • Stage Progression: The tablet can be set at different learning levels. It is led by your child’s abilities. 
  • Different Languages: There are different language settings to choose from, which is great for bilingual kids.


  • Limited Apps: This tablet, though educational, doesn’t have the range of apps that other tablets have. 


Gift for 2 3 4 Year Old Girl Toddler, Kids Educational Tablet Toys for Girls Age 1 2 3 Kid Birthday Gift for 12 24 36 Months Baby Preschool Learning Computer Toy for 2-5 Year Old Boys Girls Kids

Key Features

Matricey has made an educational tablet with a piano style virtual keyboard integrated into it. The tablet is brightly colored and mimics the laptop style in its design.

There is music, alphabet learning, maths, and animals. There are different buttons to press for different educational experiences. The focus is on interaction and engagement.


  • Auto Shut Down: There’s nothing worse than something being left on while not in use. Thankfully, this tablet comes with auto shut down technology to preserve battery life.
  • Different Learning Styles: Learning needs to be multifaceted. There are different styles of learning whether that is repetition or through song, something to suit every child.


  • Lack of Design: This tablet only comes in 2 colors, pink or blue.


Dragon Touch Kids Tablets with 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM, 7 inch IPS HD Display, Android 12, Quad Core Processor, Kidoz Pre Installed with Kid-Proof Case, Wi-Fi only - Pink

Key Features

This tablet is from Dragon Touch. It has a 7-inch screen which is HD. It has 32GB ROM.

The tablet is Android technology. So, alongside the apps built in, you can access more through the Play Store.


  • Disney Content: This tablet is in partnership with Disney. It comes with pre-made content from Disney including games and books. 
  • 1000’s of Apps: There are over 1000 different educational apps and programs to choose from. Fun for days.


  • Overwhelming: Sometimes, with 2 year olds, less is more. They can become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice.


LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School Tablet, Pink

Key Features

LeapPad is another trusted provider of young children’s educational devices. This tablet comes in 2 colors, with a 7 inch screen.

There are well over 100 apps, and all of them provide a different immersive learning experience. The screen is built to deflect shattering and other breakages. It has a camera on the front and the back.


  • EBooks: There is a big library of children focussed ebooks available. Reading with children is an integral part of their education. 
  • Kid-Friendly Web Browser: The web browser has pre blocked everything inappropriate for a child’s eyes. It is entirely child centred.


  • Purchase Necessary for Additional Content: You can buy extra games and books, but they are in the form of cartridges that insert into the LeapPad. 


Oangcc Kids Tablet Android 11 7 inch Tablet for Kids HD Display, Toddler Tablets with Dual Camera 2GB RAM+32GB ROM(TF 128G), Parental Control Kid-Proof Case Kids Edition WiFi Tablets (Blue)

Key Features

This tablet is from Oangcc. It has a 7 inch screen and two cameras front and back.

It is wifi ready with preinstalled apps and apps you can download from the Google Play Store.


  • 1 Year Warranty: A warranty provides peace of mind to any parent when it comes to their children’s technology. 
  • Case Included: Not having to purchase a case is a big tick in the advantages column!


  • Low Memory: This tablet has a limited storage capacity.


Contixo 7' Android Kids Tablet 32GB, Includes 50+ Disney Storybooks & Stickers (Value $200), Protective Case with Kickstand, (2023 Model) - Green

Key Features

Made by Contixo, this is a 7-inch screen tablet with a camera and built in apps. It has a 32 GB storage capacity and supports almost 200 languages.

The battery can last up to 10 hours, with careful use.


  • Big Memory: A large storage is something you don’t come across often with children’s tablets. 
  • Good Camera: A good camera is an added, fun bonus.


  • Long Charging Time: The battery can last 10 hours however, it takes an overnight charge to yield this. 


Key Features

This tablet is made by Topelotek. It has 16GB ROM and runs on an Android platform.

There are a lot of available parental controls which come in handy as you can download additional content from the Google Play Store.


  • Bluetooth and Wifi: This tablet is equipped to connect with Bluetooth and WiFi. 
  • Cute Case: The case is not only super durable but is also shaped like a cute rabbit.


  • Not to Everyone’s Taste: The case might be cute, but not every child likes rabbits! You may have to purchase a different style case. 

Age-Appropriate Toddler Tablets For 2 Year Olds For Learning Buying Guide

Age-Appropriate Toddler Tablets for 2 Year Olds for Learning


One of the biggest draws to choosing a tablet for your two year old is the features. What features are important and what features might you have forgotten about? We will take a look at some selling points below.


Apps are the thing of the era. There is, quite literally, an app for everything. Children’s learning is no exception. Most tablets provide access to a wide range of apps from virtual stores. However, some only provide pre-installed apps on their tablet platform. It is worth researching the different apps available on the tablet in question.

If you are looking for something mainstream, we advise looking for a mainstream operating system such as android or apple.

Though, there are some great options available from individual tablet companies that are tailored specifically for children and their learning.


Learning should be fun. There are a lot of advantages to engaging with educational games. They are a great method for learning. A child learns better when they are engaged and having fun.

So, finding a tablet that encompasses the fun learning ideals is a must for any parent. Especially when it comes to two year olds, who are all about fun!


Reading with kids is an integral part of their learning experience.

There’s so much evidence that points to this. Tablet companies know this and they adapt the theory within their tablets.

There are several different tablets that offer story apps whether that is reading or audio versions.

Night Screen

It’s a well known fact that screen light interferes with the body’s ability to fall asleep. There is a handy feature becoming widely available.

It’s called night mode. Night mode changes the hue of the screen and removes the blue light so that it doesn’t interfere with your eyes and ability to fall asleep.

Battery Life

Charging Time

How long does the tablet take to charge? Some tablets are fast charging, some might need to be plugged in overnight. This is something to consider before buying.

How Long Does The Battery Last

Tablets for two year olds are used for many different things. Sometimes the activity is learning focussed, sometimes it’s just for entertainment.

Though you need to think about limiting screen time, you also need to consider how long the battery will last.

The last thing you need is the tablet battery running out halfway through an activity. Tablets are much easier to use when not attached to a charging socket.



A case is an essential accessory for any breakable device a child uses. Children drop things, they break things, it’s just a fact of life. With a strong, durable case, you should be able to avoid any major disasters. Some tablet companies even offer a return and replacement warranty service.

If your child manages to break the tablet, you can return it to them and receive a speedy replacement free of charge.


Chargers are an essential part of technology. You need a reliable one. Some tablets come equipped with fast charging technology. This can be a real perk. This is because the wait time for a full charge reduces rapidly with a speed charger.

Car Holder

Every parent knows that there is nothing more stressful than a screaming child while trying to focus on driving.

A car holder for a tablet is an attractive accessory for those long, boring car journeys. With a car holder, you can attach the tablet to the back of the front seat.

Meaning that children can watch educational programs to keep them entertained and distracted while you drive.

Parental Controls

Parental controls are a necessary feature for any device your child uses. It’s important to ascertain what you can and cannot control content wise on the tablet.

Many tablets geared towards children offer parental controls. You can control external connections, internal content, app downloads,e and even screen time.

Perhaps more relevant for older children, it’s still good to be able to keep the little ones safe as well.

Age-Appropriate Toddler Tablets For 2 Year Olds For Learning - FAQ's

How Much Screen Time Is Appropriate For A 2 Year Old?

Generally speaking, kids under 5 shouldn’t really have more than an hour’s screen time during the day and night. However, this isn’t always realistic.

With learning tablets, screen time doubles up as an educational activity. Therefore, extending the recommended hour is not a bad thing.

How Much Can A Two Year Old Learn From A Tablet?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the apps being used with the tablets. There is a whole selection of educational apps that can be downloaded for free or purchased for a small fee.

These apps focus on enhancing your child’s skills and pushing them in the right direction to learn new things. With that in mind, your two year old has the potential to actually learn quite a lot from tablets with the right direction and focus.

Do Parental Controls Really Work?

Children’s internet safety is a major concern for parents. As a parent, you need assurances that your child isn’t being exposed to anything inappropriate.

This is where parental controls come into play. The degree to which you can control content varies from tablet to tablet.

However, a pretty universal theme is that you can choose what your child has access to. Ultimately with supervision, your child can be as safe as you need them to be.

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